[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* The entire thing is a(n unintentional) dark and uncomfortable commentary on life around the holidays, save the brief moment of actual plot when the Imperial Soldiers search the house.
** Leia appeared drunk (because Carrie Fisher was, or stoned, or both). A lot of people drink heavily over the holidays to stave off the stress and high emotions.
*** Carrie Fisher herself has [[WordOfGod confirmed she was high on coke during the filming.]] It's not a high leap of logic to conclude that this holiday special is the reason she started.
** Han and Chewie took forever to get there as anyone caught in holiday traffic would.
** Lots of people watch cooking shows to help prepare meals. Some of these shows are legitimately as annoying and unhelpful as the sketch.
** Variety shows themselves can be pretty common during that time of year because they're cheap and quick to make.
** The special is incredibly dull and so is a lot of the last few days leading up to a big holiday for the average family.
*** I could go on, but I think the connections are probably coming to anyone reading this as well.
* The WMG labeled "Imagine the special had come out before VHS tapes or other home recording happened..."
* It makes perfect sense that the band would play the song without lyrics when Ackmina's not around.
* For a long time, I thought absolutely nothing was accomplished by this special in terms of progressing the story. Then I thought about Boba Fett's role in it. He is working directly with Darth Vader and pretends to be allies with Luke for a while. When he hears Luke's name and then reports it to Darth Vader later, the latter would then realize that this individual (the one who destroyed the Death Star) was his long-lost son! Since that event had to take place before the rest of the special, Vader's mission on Kashyyyk is to draw out Luke. And that sets into motion all of ESB!
* While an imperial officer is going through Saun Dann's store, Saun Dann has a wallscreen conversation with Malla. Saun explains the shaggy carpet Malla ordered was made by a woman living four planets away, and that she made it all by herself. She made it by hand, solo. Why would Saun Dann make such an inane pun in the first place? Is he aware he's making a pun? Is it for the audience's benefit? Or does he just happen to say something that refers to a notorious smuggler? Notice his voice. He's not making light of this. It's not funny to him. He is dead serious, but what he says informs Malla of something. "Han Solo is coming, and he will help get you out of this situation, but I can't talk right now because there is an Imperial officer right behind me." The looming threat of imperial occupation runs deeply throughout the story, as it does in Ackmena's scene -- No one is having fun here.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* The show ends with the Wookiees using magic crystal balls to don red Snuggies and travel to where all the other Wookiees are gathered for Life Day. That by itself is relatively acceptable, but how did the rest of the ''StarWars'' cast manage to get there (especially Han, to whom they'd just said goodbye not two minutes earlier)? If he was going to go to the same place, why didn't he just go ''with'' them?
** You're trying to apply logic to this special?
*** If I don't at least make an attempt, my brain tries to turn itself inside out.
*** Watching this special is enough to make my brain try to turn itself inside out.
*** That whole scene is weird. Do they grab magic balls and end up in space and walk into a star and....The folks who wrote this must've been even more stoned than Carrie Fisher!
* One of the stormtroopers stumbled onto the railing and fell through it. This is the same railing that's supposed to prevent the Wookies (who are clearly larger and heavier) from falling out of their tree homes to the distant ground. Exactly what kind of engineering went into this? Was it all a plot by Mala to [[FridgeHorror kill her irritating child]]?
** Wookies are naturally tree dwelling, they likely need less safety rails than non-tree dwelling species would.
*** That doesn't explain the flimsiness. If they have a railing, presumably they ''need'' it.
* Seems strange that Han doesn't recognize Boba Fett, seeing as how Fett is supposedly the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter (according to Wookieepedia).
** FridgeBrilliance: Anyone that's ''seen'' Mr Fett in full armor probably isn't going to live long enough to give a detailed description later. Secondly, his armor is iconic to us, and probably incredibly unique to any ''Mando'ad'' who sees him. Non-Mandalorians, however, probably wouldn't be able to tell one suit from another without extensive experience.
*** This is later more or less confirmed when, after Boba's apparent "death", someone impersonates him using one of the few remaining other sets of Mandalorian armor. (That might not be canon anymore, but neither is this.)