!! FridgeHorror:
* Drake's intentions with Marina. He's not the first villain [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty to attempt to force the heroine to marry him]], but listen to the things he says. Watch them together. It's unsettlingly clear that he would have beaten and raped her without hesitation.
** Really hammered in in the climax of the movie...Drake drags/carries Marina down the stairs of his lair before Hubie shows up to save her. Marina cries for him to let her go, and "You're hurting me!" Drake's response is a nasty laugh, a leer, and ''"Get used to it."''
*** It does not help that he is sometimes compared to ''[[Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast Gaston]]'' of all people.
** ''[[VillainSong Don't Make Me Laugh]]'' takes it a step further by having him physically threatening her at points and warning her that if she doesn't marry him, he'll feed her to the sharks...while holding her nearly over a cliff at the time!

!! FridgeLogic:
* Just what is Drake's cape attached to anyway?
** ...How do penguins get capes?
*** ...Or make clothes for that matter?
*** Some human explorers died and the penguins stole the clothes.
** Forget the clothes! Why would a penguin have so much muscle? Is that some kind of weird experiment?
* Okay, I'll forget about the clothes if you can tell me how Rocko flew. Can't answer it? Didn't think so.
** He's actually a puffin, and just doesn't know it.