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* In the season 2 premier, it is discovered that accounting has one more employee than is needed and in "Scott's Tots" it is revealed that Kevin originally applied for a warehouse job but Michael had a "good feeling" about him and gave him an accounting job.
* Why would Dwight have Meredith, of all people, help him put the raccoon in Holly's car during Toby's good-bye party? He insisted it wasn't rabid, but he had no way of knowing for sure - and since Meredith had already been exposed to rabies earlier in the season, [[FridgeHorror he probably thought she wouldn't die if she was bitten!]]
* It has been a long time since Angela had interacted with Andy at all, so why did she suddenly go tell him not to let pride get in the way on his last day of Dunder Mifflin? Let's backtrack here. Angela wasn't talking about her recent scandal with the senator, she was actually talking about her life for the past 9 years. She was also apologizing to Andy for using him to get revenge on Dwight, which caused a chain reaction that lead to her downfall.
* During the episode "Casino Night", Oscar is the one who is opposed to giving the money to the Boy Scouts. Not only because of the reason stated, but because Oscar is gay and the Boy Scouts are homophobic.
* During the Pilot, Dwight unlocks one of his desk drawers and pulls out his telephone handset. Cut to end of season 2, Conflict Resolution, where we learn of a prank Jim pulled involving adding nickels to the handset to make it heavier.
* How has pretty much everyone in the Office managed to become a KarmaHoudini by not being fired? Let us count the ways:
** The major reason implied in series is that Scranton is the best selling branch of the company. The higher ups are clearly impressed with this fact, going so far as to try and discover the secret of how this is from Michael and he was able to threaten David Wallace into getting him and his associates hired back to the company by bringing up the fact that the best branch suffering a drop in profits would bring heat on him, implying that corporate would be reluctant to do anything to damage that capability which is further supported by the gradual loss of business the company suffers throughout the series.
* Speaking of the tension between Michael and David, it seems there's more than meets the eye to the situation, specifically how it was started. Michael quitting wasn't just him being a diva again. He had gone above and beyond the call of duty by firing a "rival" company that had posed no threat to them, something he clearly didn't want to do. David sending some jerk to chew him out after that on top of all his years of loyalty and services clearly pushed him over the edge.
** "Did I Stutter?" implies Michael, who genuinely cares for the office workers and dislikes playing the bad guy, hides certain indiscretions from corporate or is otherwise able to convince Toby that things aren't as severe as they really are. The fact that Toby doesn't take his job too seriously likely means that there is almost no line of communication with corporate so they probably aren't aware of ''everything'' that goes on in Scranton, with only major acts of policy violation within the company being addressed.
** One episode shows Michael refusing to help Darryl receive a raise with the motivation that he only makes slightly more than Darryl. The fact that Michael has worked at the company for over a decade and is a manager makes this perplexing but given David Wallace has shown a few CorruptCorporateExecutive traits he probably led Michael into thinking that everyone pretty much makes the same amount to keep payrolls to a minimum while retaining the service of incredibly skilled salespeople. Corporate probably doesn't want to take action against Scranton unless it has to so they can avoid the employees taking them to court over technically withholding pay.
* As of "Business Ethics" in Season 5, we see that the company simply doesn't care.
* On the episode "Lecture Circuit" in season 5, Michael asks a very pregnant Karen if she had a man or if it was a non-conventional method. At first, it might appear that he is just being his usual tactless self, but it makes ALOT more sense once you realize that Michael had a very similar situation happen with Jan, and that he now sees this as a distinct possibility.
* By the time Michael resigned for good, he had 8 men and 6 women under his management (not counting Toby or Darryl, since they don't directly work for Michael). The next two new employees were both female (Jordan and Nellie, with Cathy as a temp). This was most likely due to Sabre's policy that stated no male applicants could be considered until the manager had an even number of men and women working for them. Once David Wallace reclaimed the business, he probably scrapped that policy, allowing Pete and Clark to be hired.
* Andy's "Threat Level Midnight" rap over the end credits of the episode of the same name seems to throw out references to [[UsefulNotes/TheApartheidEra apartheid]] and "free Nelson Mandela" for no reason, until you consider that this could possibly indicate [[DevelopmentHell how long Michael's film has been in production]].'
* Michael being a ShipperOnDeck for Jim and Pam may have more motivation then just wanting his friends together. 1) Michael has shown some friction with the warehouse workers and add in Roy's {{Jerkass}} tendencies, especially towards Pam, you get a solid reason for him not wanting her with Roy, 2) Michael is shown as desperately wanting to get married and have kids while Roy and Pam had a long engagement which given his affection for Pam probably led Michael to think Roy wasn't the right guy for her, 3) One of Michael's earliest good moments with Jim came when he opened up about his feelings for Pam so Michael could have been touched enough by anyone from the office actually approaching him as something other than the boss that he dedicated himself to supporting them.
* In Season 8's "Trivia" episode, Meredith correctly answers the question of what is the most common learning disability among high school students. (Dyslexia, not ADHD). At first, you think it might be because Jakey's got a learning disability. In the finale, we find out she's been working on a [=PhD=] in "school psychology," so she would know.
* How did Ryan, who clearly has no idea what he's talking about, get Jan's job at corporate in Season 3? The glass ceiling. During "The Deposition," Jan states that corporate is a "boys' club," which explains why Ryan (who has an MBA but has never made a sale) got the job over Karen (who has a stronger track record).
* Why is Angela so weird about her initial relationship with Dwight and keep it a secret? She says doesn't "want people in her business" - not necessarily her coworkers, but ''the documentary crew''. She's uptight, and I'm sure she realizes that they're looking for a story and didn't want to be it (as they say near the end of the show, the crew really stuck so long to follow Jim and Pam). And once Jim and Pam become the clear focus of the documentary, she's more comfortable being open with Andy, the Senator, and eventually Dwight.
* In one of "The Accountants" webisodes, Kevin correctly guesses that Angela has a crush on Roy when she defends him against the theft accusation because of his "good character". Angela had before done the same for Dwight and his "integrity", but the guys don't think much of it beyond looking weirded out. If the guys had just applied to same logic to Dwight, his and Angela's relationship could have been outed much sooner.
* In Last Day in Florida, why would Robert, the CEO, tell Jim, a salesmen he's never really bonded with, that he had planned all along to kill the Sabre store? Because he knows that Jim will stop Dwight from taking the VP position. Robert can't fire Nellie because she's Jo's best friend, and Dwight has the best sales record of anyone in the company. If Dwight's fired, he's just going to take his talents to a competitor. Todd Packer is an easy token firing. Since Robert intended to veto the Sabre store all along, he probably invited Jim to Florida specifically so he could tell Dwight not to take the VP job while saving face.
* Why does Bob Vance mention his business name as many times as possible? Simple - he's GenreSaavy, and has likely figured out that it's a hidden camera show; he's advertising his own business.


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* In the DietEpisode, Creed sells Kelly a tapeworm from Mexico. She explains that in a few weeks, she'll take medicine and get rid of it, then Creed states "That wasn't a tapeworm." What did he sell her?
** This is pretty clearly a reference to drugs.
*** Likely, but it could also be some other parasite that won't die when Kelly takes "tapeworm medicine."
* Dwight's fire drill. WhatAnIdiot, right? But...the office did not follow any safety procedures and started panicking. It was 2009 and not one of them had the idea to use their cell phones to call for help. Despite his insane line of thinking, Dwight was right all along. What would happened if the staff was trapped in a real burning building?
--> '''Lawyer''': Did you shout "fire", causing a panic?
--> '''Dwight''': Yes I shouted "fire"! I shouted many things. I also shouted instructions on ''how to get out of the building''...
** Hell, they even forget to pull the fire alarm. Dwight does so while the others frantically try to escape, ''several minutes'' after the "fire" starts and a decent amount of time after they've seemingly exhausted their escape routes.
* In universe, after Michael hits Meredith with his car, Jim starts to wonder about the time Michael came into work complaining about hitting a "speed bump" on the freeway.
* In the episode "Dinner Party" Michael mentions having three vasectomies, which sounds bad enough, and after the third one he can't have kids. But it's said he has kids with Holly in the finale. So Michael most likely had another reverse vasectomy!
** In which case, it would be an "Artistic License." More likely, they adopted.
*** Or the sperm was extracted surgically and Holly had IVF. Michael is aware of the method by virtue of Jan.
* One of the warehouse employees, Hide, is claims to be heart surgeon from Japan who his hiding from the Yakuza after deliberately botching the surgery on a high-ranking member. He isn't seen in the series finale, which is set one year after the documentary had aired around the world.
* One year after the documentary aired, Dwight is still manager. Did David not see footage of him fire a gun at work? If he did, why has he not reprimanded him? Firing a gun in the office has got to be a third strike for Dwight.
** He seems to be aware of the incident, and its why he is so apprehensive to instate Dwight in the first place. Jim tells him to triple his liability insurance, but that Dwight is the guy.