[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* I always wondered why Zelda's Lullaby is played [[spoiler: in the ending to send Link back to being a kid. Then I realized that Zelda talks about "returning to the way you were supposed to be" and such - playing Zelda's Lullaby by a shattered sign restores it to normal, so why can't Zelda's copious magic power do the same for Link himself?]] Talk about hiding your {{Foreshadowing}} well!
** Zelda's Lullaby is also [[spoiler:Sheik's theme arranged slightly differently and at a different speed. The music was also in disguise]].
* This may be unintentional, but the third magic circle of Mars from the "Key of Solomon" looks somewhat like the Triforce. Its purpose is to cause discord that ensures the fall of one's enemy. When Ganondorf tried to take the Triforce, it split apart, and the separate pieces going to Link and Zelda is what led to his defeat.
* Kasuto is the only town from ''Zelda II'' not to have a Sage named after it, it is also the only one that has been explicitly stated to be destroyed in the past, and had been rebuilt and hidden as New Kasuto.
** Not exactly. There's also a town in ''Zelda II'' named Mido, who though a character in ''Ocarina of Time'', is most definitely ''not'' a sage.
* Playing ''The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'' as a child, I always found it {{badass}} how Sheik could just disappear in a flash of light. Not until later did it hit me that [[spoiler: she's actually throwing a Deku Nut - and then she disappears while Link is paralyzed.]]
** It could also be considered a "Crowning Moment of Funny" if you think about it. While Link, the invinicible, ultimate hero, is paralyzed, Sheik could very easily just walk away nonchalantly, make a funny face at Link or something on her way out. - Shradow
* When I first played ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'', I noticed that Navi's description of the Beamos was very unhelpful. She says, more or less, "I bet it doesn't like smoke to get in its eye!" Beamos can only be killed by bombs. For the longest time, I just thought Navi's description was a really unclear way to say you needed to use bombs. Years later, I realized the description was probably intentionally bad and phrased that way as a MythologyGag to the very first game's [[FeedItABomb Dodongo Dislikes Smoke]], which also refers to "smoke" when you're supposed to use bombs. -Tropers/{{Epiblast}}
* Many a player has got frustrated with Navi's apparently completely useless advice in the Great Deku Tree - "Yes, Navi, we know how to open a damn door!" Except that there aren't any buildings that ''have'' doors in Kokiri Forest...and if Link was left there as an infant, then he's never actually ''seen'' a door before, thus making Navi's advice...completely relevant and useful for him.
** That theory is possibly backed up by the fact that Mido keeps you from seeing the Deku Tree by standing in your way. He doesn't even get that he could just put up a door to keep you out.
* I've always thought that the rating E for everyone is little off since lets be honest, there are things in this game that still can give a grown man a pretty good scare. Then it hit, Link is the holder of the Triforce of Courage, and true courage is only achieved when one conquers his own fears. So for a little kid playing this, he would be scared out his mind while playing this game to such an extent that he doesn't dare to keep playing any more, because [[NightmareFuel/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime it is so freaking scary at some parts]]. But daring to picking up that controller and meeting your fears head on is truly courageous, and makes a worthy holder of the Triforce of Courage.
** Given the 3DS remake is rated E10+, which didn't exist when the original game was released, it's entirely possible that the E rating is simply the closest they had.
* "Sheik" is an Arabic word for a tribal leader. Zelda (and by extension, Sheik) is the the ruler of the Sages. Sheik also claimed to be a member of the Sheikah tribe.
* The cuccos are obviously chickens by [[CallARabbitASmeerp another name]] and they act like chickens do. It also makes sense that if you attack a cucco enough, that it will eventually start flying erratically and attack you. This game couldn't get away with much and still keep an "E" rating. Link is actually cutting off the heads of the cuccos when they get angry. The game just doesn't show it. In short, [[StealthPun the cuccos are losing their heads.]]
* The "official" timeline released for the series indicates that all the games that were released before Ocarina of Time took place in a timeline where the Hero of Time was defeated by Ganon...but after Ocarina of Time, we have games based on the two timelines where the Hero won the fight. The previous games were based on Link losing the final boss fight because you, the player, weren't there to guide him to victory! Winning the last boss fight in Ocarina of Time is actually the player ''themselves'' being able to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong for the entire series!
** This makes more sense in the opening cutscene: Link had a dream of Impa riding away from Ganondorf with Zelda. Later on, Zelda thought Link's name sounded familiar. This means, after Link's defeat and Ganon's sealing, Zelda went back in time with the Ocarina of Time to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, but in the process, she may not remember everything due to the Triforce's completion (while she possesses Wisdom, she no longer has its possession). This also means due to Link having the Triforce of Courage, he was able to remember everything when he finally won his final battle with Ganon. This would also explain why Zelda was ProperlyParanoid.
* The King of Hyrule trusting Ganondorf is generally accepted (understandably so) as an [[IdiotBall Idiot Ball]] moment, but there is a kernel of justification for it: the Gerudo are a tribe of thieves (and kidnappers, at least in the future). It makes sense that the King would jump at the chance to have Ganondorf swear allegiance to him - an alliance with a king of thieves would potentially allow Hyrule to avoid becoming a victim of their crimes.
* The existence of the 3D remake itself is fridge brilliance. Imagine yourself as a kid, playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time on a classic Nintendo 64. As a kid, games can be pretty hard, mostly because you're inexperienced and new to the activity. Now you're grown up and playing through it again on the 3DS. The game is easier than you remember, but also presents entirely new challenges in Master Quest. The whole concept mirrors Link in the story. He starts off young and inexperienced, but grows into his position and becomes an adult, solving problems that stumped him as a kid, but also overcoming new problems of his own along the way. In a way, the game itself went to sleep and awoke several years later.
* Speaking of the 3D remake, one of the complaints with the game's first person aiming is that it's annoying having to turn the 3D off every time you use it if you want to use the rather accurate gyro controls without losing your viewing sweet spot. Until you realise that closing one eye, which is exactly what someone using a slingshot or bow would do in real life, achieves the same effect with much less effort.
* Whenever Link defeats a boss as an adult, he is transported via being encased in a transparent blue gemstone to the Sacred Realm so he can meet with the awakened Sage. Those same blue gemstones were used again by Agahnim to imprison the seven maidens in the Dark World (the corrupted Sacred Realm) in Link to the Past. No doubt he learned to use that same spell, long after the events of [=OoT=] took place.
* The Water Temple has received much criticism froms fans claiming it to be confusing. One of the mini-bosses there is Shadow Link. This troper believes Shadow Link is the developers way of saying that we are our own worst enemy. That it is not the dungeon which is hard, but it is our own mental shadow hindering us.
* The same fish that wins you the heart piece as a child will win you the Golden Scale seven years later. Same spot and everything.
* Why does Link not understand Ruto's proposal to him? Because he grew up in the forest with a bunch of kids! He has no concept of "marriage"!
* When I first heard about Dark Link doing a BladeWalk on Link's sword should he attempt to crouch-stab, I was curious: why counter this one move so specifically? And then I saw the FearfulSymmetry page, which puts the fight with Dark Link...alongside the one from ''Adventure of Link''! It doesn't make sense from a chronological standpoint, but it looks like the game developers caught on to [[GameBreaker the crouch-stab trick]] from Adventure of Link, and explicitly [[TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything punished any veteran to Zelda who would think to try the same trick again here]]!
* As soon as you get the Fairy Ocarina, you can play every single song in the game and then some, but [[YouShouldntKnowThisAlready they won't have any effect until you've "officially" learned the song]]. Why? Whenever Link completes a song, he plays a few notes ''past'' the ones you played on the controller. You can play the first few notes all you want, but it won't be the same song until Link learns the rest of it.
* Given that they referred to Ganondorf as "great" and there didn't seem to be any particular difference made when to their lives when you clear the Spirit temple, why do the Gerudo celebrate the fall of their king with all the other races? Well it's mentioned by the Gerudo themselves that there were rumors of brainwashing experiments in the Spirit temple which turn out to be true. The problem that was afflicting the Gerudo was a climate of fear, they had to voice their support of Ganondorf, a single word of dissent could mean being dragged off and forcibly converted into a mindless slave (i.e. Iron Knuckles) and would likely never regain their free will like Nabooru did.
* Farore's Wind is the Goddess Spell that a lot of players don't end up using - it's just a quick teleportation that may or may not save you a couple seconds, compared to Din's Fire saving you [[ZergRush a lot of trash mobs]] and Nayru's Love saving you [[NighInvulnerable a lot of hearts]]. Then you realize: Link, as the bearer of the Triforce of Courage, isn't going to back down. He's not going to run. Farore's Wind is the Goddess of Courage telling him to ''stop pushing himself''.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* After you finish Dampé's grave race, you enter the room with the [[spoiler:Hookshot]] chest in it. Then he commends you and disappears. After opening the chest, Link is to leave the grave through the back door, since the race entrance has been sealed off. Blocking the back door is a block that requires the Song of Time to be played for it to move so Link can escape (iirc). The thing is... Dampe, who invited you in, had no way of knowing that the person who raced him would know the Song of Time. He would've ''trapped someone forever in his grave'' until they starve to death.
** Not necessarily. If you lose to Dampé, he warps you back to the entrance to his tomb, from which you can leave. Any other winner would be doomed, but a loser can get out without a problem.
** Why don't I feel any better...?
** Given that you are technically [[DueToTheDead disturbing his grave]], it's probably a good thing that he just wants to mess with intruders. It's also possible that he's intentionally trying to ensure that only the Hero of Time would be able to acquire the hookshot and leave alive.
* When you are sealed for 7 years as kid Link and Ganondorf takes over the world, this would mean by the time of ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]]'', Termina is destroyed by the Moon caused by the possessed Skull Kid in the game.
* The mini-dungeon "The Bottom of the Well", it is [[spoiler:filled with decomposing human bodies, torture chambers, jail cells, [[EldritchAbomination Dead Hand]], and even the [[SealedEvilInACan sealed evil]] (that later serves as the boss of the Shadow Temple), Bongo Bongo]]. Think of everything that water is used for. Yeah. [[ImAHumanitarian This technically make Kakariko Village a community of CANNIBALS.]]
* FridgeHorror: Or is it Fridge {{Squick}}? The Gerudo race is comprised solely of females, save a single male born every hundred years. This means that male Gerudo have minimal dating competition, but unless or even if female Gerudo can produce offspring with outsiders, those females are, more often than not, that "lucky" male's ''sisters.''
** The Gossip Stones outright say that the Gerudo go into towns to find "boyfriends," i.e., mates.
*** Although there is FridgeHorror to be found there too - Namely, what exactly were they planning to do to those captured carpenters?
*** Rape them to death, I supose, but given how the Gerudo look like, those guys would end up thinking they were very, very lucky...
*** As far as raping them to death goes, {{Jossed}}, since Nabooru was scared that Ganondorf would go as far as kill people, and about the rape part, considering the four of them were very CampGay even in the original, and even the Gerudo downplayed their importance when speaking to Link, it just seems like they arrested them for trespassing, and only that.
* The Deku Tree Sprout revealing to Link his origins. Sure, it might sound like a motivation or destiny, but it could be a lot for Link to take in, seeing how he believed he was a Kokiri all his life. Here's [[https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/7453_461140357310337_1875230151_n.jpg an exaggerated version]] of this.
* Why would the [=NPCs=] have HEARTS of all things in their pots/chests? Think about it.
* Talon delivered two crates of milk, then fell asleep. It's at least a day later before you can wake him, because the cucco doesn't hatch until dawn. The crates are still there, just sitting outside... Hopefully, nobody drinks that milk.
** The milk may have been pre-frozen (some people do sell their milk that way), or there could be ice in those crates. They just probably figured out how to keep the milk cold, however it may be.
*** You can keep milk in your bottle from the first point when you can get it to the end, drink it, and gain health. Clearly, spoilage is not an issue, even with milk straight from the magical cows that talk to you and fill and label your bottle.
* Stay in Hyrule Field during the night, and wherever you go, an infinite amount of Stalchildren start clawing their way out of the ground to attack you. So apparently, most of Hyrule is actually a mass grave where the angry dead are just waiting for a chance to get ahold of anyone wandering around. Worse yet, a mass grave of ''children''.
** Then you remember there was a civil war just 10 year prior.
* One possible translation of "Kokiri" from Japanese to English is "child killer" - it fits with the Hylian fear of the Kokiri Forest, but what does that say about the Kokiri children themselves?


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Exactly ''how the hell'' did Malon (or at least a deliveryman) get a ''cow'' in Link's treehouse? Another one: How does she even know where he lives in the first place? Being a "Fairy Boy" implies she knows who the Kokiri are, but to deliver a cow into his treehouse looks nigh-impossible when you think about it.
** If she knows who the Kokiri are, then she knows they come from the forest. Kokiri Forest isn't a particularly large place compared to other areas in Hyrule. Link probably told her his name at some point, so all she'd have to do is go to the forest, pull aside some random Kokiri and ask "Hey, do you know where Link lives? I have a delivery for him." As for how she got it up the ladder...uh, I've got nothing.
** Like this: http://rah-bop.deviantart.com/art/How-did-they-6973673
** Also, there's a sign outside his treehouse saying 'Link's House'
*** Don't most of the Kokiri think Link killed the Deku Tree by then?
*** None of the Kokiri ever say that, to my knowledge.
*** Only Mido really thinks so and no one else seems to agree. Even if they did, none of them are {{Jerkass}} enough to take it out on an innocent deliveryperson who's just doing their job. (Or Malon if she delivered it personally).
* In the MQ version, in Lord Jabu Jabu's belly, there are cows in place of the switches on the walls and in certain parts of there. A Zora will mention Princess Ruto's in charge of feeding him, but how did Ruto, who was a child at the time, get cows in there?
** She bought a cow, walked it up in front of Jabu Jabu, and let him eat.
*** But then how do they deliver the cows to Zora's Domain in the first place? The only way to part the waterfall blocking the entrance is to play Zelda's Lullaby, and than they have to get the cow through the small hole into the domain. What most people don't know about this area is that playing Zelda's Lullaby parts the waterfall for a few minutes, after which it will close again, meaning that the deliveryman had to bring a cow all the way up the river (which would be a task in itself), then play Zelda's Lullaby (which is supposedly only know to the royal family and its emissaries), then get the cow through a small, square hole in a few minutes.
**** Maybe they used the warp in Lake Hylia, which goes directly into Zora's Domain. (How long can a cow hold its breath, anyway?)
**** On a related note, what exactly is it grazing on...?
* If they guy who buys bottle items from you is a beggar (as he looks and sounds like), then why is ''he'' giving ''you'' money? If I had enough Rupees to afford Link's [[GoodBadBugs infinitely-reproducing bugs]] for 50 a pop, I'd open a bank...[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask wait a minute...]]