[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Why did Link get imprisoned in the mirror? He didn't have the COURAGE to face Ganon by himself! Because Harkinian took the TRIFORCE OF COURAGE.
** Perhaps the King was so easily defeated and captured because the Triforce of Courage wasn't his to take.
** One could argue that the Triforce of Courage in fact did protect him. Without it, he might have perished in battle, and being captured for being a bearer of a Artifact of the Hylian Gods is something Zelda has endured in the official games often.
* The TRIFORCE OF WISDOM said the King would safely return. Nothing was said about "when" or "with whom".
* Eating an Octorok wouldn't really be that bad. If you think of it, Octoroks are just Hyrule version of octopuses, and octopus is a delicacy in some countries.
* Only Link can defeat Ganon... Except Gwonam was talking about ''the Island of Koridai''. AintNoRule saying Zelda couldn't go defeat him in Tolemac or in Gamelon.
* King Harkinian setencing the traitorous Duke Onkled to "scrubbing all the floors in Hyrule" seems like CoolAndUnusualPunishment at best...until you consider that Hyrule is also home to many dungeons full of deadly creatures, and Onkled would have to scrub the floors of those dungeons. In other words, it's a death sentence in disguise!


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Why does the General Store guy act so suspicious? When you don't have enough rubies, he says, "You'll have to wipe out a few more Goriyas to get that." Considering that in ''Faces of Evil'' every Goriya WasOnceAMan, this may mean that the shopkeeper is aware of it and still encourages Zelda to kill the transformed citizens for their money.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* If "Only Link can defeat Ganon", how come Zelda does it in ''Wand of Gamelon'' and ''Zelda's Adventure''? Perhaps the prophecy was only in reference to that one event?
** Considering that the scroll used by Gwonam only has gibberish on it, and he doesn't even look at it while he's reading, one could assume that was made up.
** In ''Faces of Evil'', Ganon kidnaps Zelda without anybody knowing about it. It's only revealed later on with a cutscene. Yet at the end of the Tutorial, Link says "Let's find Zelda!" [[FlatWhat What.]]
*** Gwonam does say "See what has happened!", so perhaps he's showing the cutscene to Link.
** If the Shrine of Koridai lies through Glutko's eye, why does Link kill him? [[WhatTheHellHero Wouldn't killing Glutko destroy the Shrine of Koridai as well?]]
*** Gwonam wasn't being literal when he said that, he just meant that Glutko was guarding the way to the shrine.
** How come Zelda does it in Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure? Easy - the prophecy was only in reference to that one particular event. As it was written, Link would have to save Koredai, but only he could do that because it predicted that Zelda would be kidnapped. AintNoRule saying that, if Ganon decided to attack Duke Onkled, that someone could gather up weapons and take him on. AintNoRule saying that he couldn't be killed while in Tolemac by Link - maybe Ganon ''thought'' only Link could kill him but as it turns out, it's not.
* "I'll grab my stuff!" "There is no time! Your sword is enough!" So what, the kingdom of Koridai can't wait thirty seconds for Link to run up to his room and throw all his weapons into his "Magic Pouch"? He's not exactly planning out a wardrobe for a luxury vacation.
* How come Link's Power Glove is dyed fabric and Zelda's is plated armor? And why does the upgrade that lets Zelda's sword shoot beams turn the whole blade gold, while Link's upgrade gives him a tiny red decoration on the blade?
** In both cases, said items were created using different items and different methods(Link's Power Glove was created using a potion while Zelda's was forged like a gauntlet. Link's sword had the fire diamond hammered into it while the fire diamond Zelda had was used to coat the blade). They have roughly the same functions, but look different because of it.