!![[WesternAnimation/TheLastUnicorn The film]]

* For many, ''many'' viewers, Molly's rant when she first meets the unicorn flew over their heads as kids. Coming back to it after having learned [[NatureAdoresAVirgin the mythology of unicorns]], though, can break someone into tears quite quickly (as evidenced by its presence on the [[TearJerker/TheLastUnicorn Tearjerker]] page).
* The book never makes it explicit, but Hagsgate "sharing Haggard's feast and sharing his fall" meant the unicorns. The townspeople didn't try to stop the Red Bull from driving the unicorns to Haggard because every time the Bull caught one they were able to see it pass through their town. Is it any surprise that the unicorns trampled Hagsgate on their way out?
* The reason Haggard's land was so barren was because there were no unicorns to keep it verdant; they were all trapped in the sea.

* The Harpy's cage was hardly sturdy. Just imagine her getting prematurely released and killing all the helpless people in the Midnight Carnival.
** Actually, it was probably a perfectly good cage before the harpy started working her magic on it; by the time the unicorn came, the only thing keeping the cage together was Mommy Fortuna's magic and [[ColdIron the fact that it was iron.]]
* Also, Lir always talked to Molly and Schmendrick about his feelings for Amalthea, but he [[CannotSpitItOut never told Amalthea]] ''herself.'' It's a [[FridgeBrilliance brilliant]] and utterly depressing instance of FridgeHorror, and it makes everything that much worse.
** To be fair though, their duet and his HeroicSacrifice to save her probably made that pretty clear. Actions speak louder than words, after all.
* "[[WesternAnimation/PeaceOnEarth She will remember your heart when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits.]]"