[[WMG:Fridge Brilliance]]
* Why do Ducky and Petrie's speech patterns sound like borderline baby-talk while Littlefoot, Cera and Spike (presumably) talk normally? Because they are of different types of dinosaur. Ducky, unlike the other three is a bipedal dinosaur, so her dialogue is more childish but still pretty understandable. Petrie is further removed being a 'flyer', primarily a flying dinosaur in a group of land-dwellers, so his dialogue would be more strange and out-there. For those of you who say this makes no sense in terms of realistic language barriers, keep in mind that the movie is already farfetched for having all of these species alive at once anyway, and that this addresses the issue of different dino-languages while still being able to be enjoyed by younger viewers. As for there parents and other dinosaurs, all of those cases are in the sequels and may not be what Bluth intended. The only adults to speak in the first movie were Littlefoot's mother, Cera's father and Rooter, all fellow quadrupeds.
** I'd hate to edit someone else's addition, but as a nerd it annoys me to death; flying dinosaurs?
** If you want to get technical, Littlefoot's species is actually more closely related to Chomper's than to any of the other main cast. He's a lizard hipped dinosaur like Chomper and the rest are bird hipped dinosaurs (except Petrie obviously, who isn't a dinosaur)
*** Actually, I thought they were intended to be the youngest ones, explaining why they sound borderline like babies.
* Why is Spike immediately accepted and adopted into Ducky's family at the end of the first movie, despite how most adult dinosaurs we see at the beginning firmly believe they should all keep to their own kind? Because her family doesn't hold any such racist attitudes. When Ducky first meets Littlefoot, she cheerfully greets him and doesn't seem at all aware that they're not "supposed" to talk to each other for being different. She's also notably the only (talking) member of the group who doesn't make ''any'' racist comments about the others. (Even [[InnocentBigot Petrie]] makes a well-meaning "flathead" comment to Littlefoot.) It's likely that her parents never taught her any FantasticRacism because they don't feel it themselves, so it makes sense that they would instantly accept an orphaned baby spike-tail that she brought home.
* Pterano from the 7th movie. His mood flip-flops all over the place from scene to scene, he's prone to little outbursts of anger (namely towards his lackeys when they mess up/push his buttons), is mostly incredibly averse to violence (save for little dope slaps on Rinkus and Sierra, again), never mentions or acknowledges the massacre he led his followers into, and appears to have a full-fledged flashback when Ducky is in danger of falling off the mountain. Any of these symptoms sound familiar? They should. Pterano potentially has ''PTSD''.
* Also from the 7th movie the Stone of Cold Fire itself. How did the Rainbow Faces know that the flying rock wasn't a Stone of Cold Fire? Because the flame was ''blue!'' Blue fire is hot while cold fire is red. If the stone was really a Stone of Cold Fire it would be ''blood red'' in a sorcerous manner. Aliens like the Rainbow Faces would ''know'' that!
* The series became LighterAndSofter after the first film...which makes perfect sense when you consider the characters now live in a virtual paradise with lots of food and no predators!
[[WMG: FridgeHorror]]
* May not be fridge, since i have realized this as a child, but consider the fact that their dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are extinct. That means that no matter [[Main/LongRunner how long]] the series goes, how many sequels are made, and how many times they defeat the sharpteeth, these characters are [[Main/DoomedProtagonist Doomed Protagonists.]]
** Actually, at the end of the first movie, the narrator stated that their descendants would talk about their journey. So Littlefoot and his friends won't die of whatever caused the dinosaurs to go extinct.
* The Pachycephalosaurs. The alleged portrayal of these dinosaurs as "carnivores" in the film is often regarded as a research flub, but it's actually a case of FridgeBrilliance and FridgeHorror. There is a deleted scene from the film (which was included in the {{novelization}}) where Littlefoot and his friends meet a herd of Pachecyphalosaurs (identified as "[[CallARabbitASmeerp Crown Heads]]") who refuse to share their food with them because [[FantasticRacism they're not of their kind]]. This establishes the Crown Heads as herbivores and as racists. This is where the FridgeHorror comes in; the Crown Heads that attack Cera were most likely not motivated by hunger, but by racial hatred. They were terrorizing her ForTheEvulz, as seen when they loom over her menacingly when they have her surrounded just to savour her fear, instead of immediately tearing her to peices as a pack of starving predators would do in this situation.
** They may have even been the same Crown Heads, since Cera insulted them in the aforementioned deleted scene, and may have gone after her for payback.
* Take a look at EverybodyIsJesusInPurgatory in the YMMV section or the WMG section for even more FridgeHorror.
%%* Cera was right about Doc in VI
* Remember the "water" in ''III''? Everybody drank some of that. Some of them drank a lot of that. That wasn't water. [[OhCrap It was tar.]] ''Tar is extremely toxic if ingested.''
** I don't remember anyone other than Hip drinking from the tar pit. Little Foot recognized it for what it was immediately. Little Foot and pals should be fine. Hip, not so much.
*** Actually, this movie had a fairly realistic depiction of how tar pits work and Hyp is going to be fine. Tar is quite dense, so water simply sits on top of it. Animals go to drink the water and, sometimes, wade in to cool off, not realizing there's a tar pit underneath until it's too late.
* In the original film, a big part of Cera's character is that she wants to get back to her family, noting her sisters in particular. At the end, we only see her with her father while her mother and sisters are nowhere to be seen and never appear in the sequels. Topsy's grouchiness and overprotectiveness makes a lot more sense now.
** "Invasion of the Tinysauruses" never touches on this topic, despite dealing with the issue of Topps taking a new mate. But in a way, this is our strongest indicator that Cera's biological mother and siblings are alive...neither she nor her father do any mourning whatsoever.
*** Or they just mourned offscreen because the sequels are LighterAndSofter and the issue wasn't dealt with in the original either.
* Is Chomper gonna lose is ability to speak with the gang when he grows up, given that NO adult Sharptooth in the entire franchise, can speak English, and just growl?
** Or, it could be that it's like a second language- he knows Herbivore Language because he learned it at a young age, and practices speaking both Carnivore and Herbivore. It's unlikely that other sharptooths of other varieties learned to speak the language of their prey.
* In the first film, the kids are separated from their parents because of an earthquake. Petrie's mum can fly. But then some modern day birds abandon their nests if the offspring won't survive. And considering she had other kids and Petrie didn't learn to fly until near the end of the film...
* In the first film, Littlefoot talks to a elderly dinosaur after his mother dies and said dinosaur gives some words of wisdom to help him go on. He then proceeds to wander away, leaving a freshly orphaned child all alone to fend for himself. Is it because [[FantasticRacism Littlefoot is a different species,]] or does he just not want to deal with the "burden" of helping Littlefoot in any meaningful way other then giving advice, such as raising him? Maybe he knew food is scarce, and didn't want to share any food he might come across and so decided to leave Littlefoot to die?
** Or, think of it this way. Rooter is an old dinosaur, traveling (or, when we meet him, sleeping) alone in a barren wilderness with carnivorous dinosaurs on the prowl. Seriously, he's nowhere remotely near any other herds, and the narrator made a point of explaining that the sharp toothed dinosaurs like to pick off loners. He didn't leave Littlefoot to die, he left Littlefoot so the poor kid wouldn't die WITH him.

[[WMG: FridgeLogic]]
* Why is ducky named "ducky"? The movie never shows birds existing at the same time as the dinosaurs. Although in retrospect it becomes accidental FridgeBrilliance as the earliest waterfowl already existed when Ducky's species was alive.
** It's a kid's movie, not a palaeontology lecture. It's just playing on the fact that the kind of dinosaur that Ducky is had a mouth like a duck's bill.
** It could also be playing on the use of the word "ducky" to mean things are fine, i.e., "everything's just ducky."
** Maybe her name just happens to sound like the word "ducky" and she is not named after ducks at all in-universe.
* Cera's father kind of owes Littlefoot an apology. If he'd noticed Cera had wandered off sooner, either they both could have been rounded home before the Sharptooth ever showed, or could have helped protect the kids - maybe the Sharptooth wouldn't have wanted to take on two adult dinosaurs and Littlefoot would have a mother.
* What is up with the fourth episode of the series? Cera asks if Petrie has ever been to the smoking mountain, to which he replies that no, he hasn't... while standing next to Chomper. The whole group went to the Smoking Mountain in the second film, where they MET Chomper. In fact, the reason they were on the Smoking Mountain was because Chomper was chasing bugs there and they didn't want him to get hurt! Especially egregious since that movie is the sole reason that Chomper is in the valley to begin with- he was hatched there and made friends with the locals, who proved capable of defending themselves against sharptooths (like Redclaw).
* In the tenth movie, what exactly did the longnecks save the world from?
** Honestly? [[ShaggyDogStory Nothing.]] They ''thought'' they were preventing the sun from falling out of the sky when in reality, it was just an eclipse that resolved itself. Although that doesn't explain where the shard prophetic dreams came from...
* In ''The Journey of the Brave'', Topsy and Grandpa Longneck cower in fear behind a group of rocks from a single Sharptooth, despite both of them having fought off Sharpteeth on their own multiple times in the past.