[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* At the end, when Squeaks, the elusive caterpillar that Dinky and Boomer chase throughout the film, turns into a butterfly, it's a reflection on the larger plot where the hunters and prey reconcile.
* When Copper starts leaving his barrel to go play with Tod, Chief makes a point to tell him how upset Amos Slade will be about it. True to this prediction, Copper is put on a leash for his misbehavior. Before Copper started wandering off, what was the biggest difference in how Amos Slade treated Chief and Copper? Chief was always kept on a leash. He had been trying to warn Copper about losing his privileges the same way that he did when he was younger.
* Chief is ''dramatically'' outshone in tracking abilities once Copper shows up. Old age? Not likely. Chief looks like a shaggy greyhound-esque breed or mix--lean, tall, long thin muzzle, small ears, no wrinkles. In other words, he's a ''sighthound.'' Sighthounds are bred for just that--flushing and chasing prey based on line-of-sight, working in tandem with the handler. ''Scenthounds'' like Copper have been designed through thousands of years of breeding to locate prey by smell alone. They're just built for different styles of hunting. Copper was always going to be better at the kind of tracking-heavy hunting style his master prefers.
* Slade is completely taken aback when Tod and Vixey jump through the burning grass blocking their escape from the foxhole. Any wild animal would instinctively flee fire, but Tod was semi-domesticated, and had been by Widow Tweed's fireplace before.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Why did Amos Slade keep Chief on a leash but let Copper go unrestrained? It's all well and good to teach your dog to stay near your house on its own accord while it's still young, but shouldn't Slade have been personally watching him during this learning period? There are wild animals all around their house! [[FridgeHorror A puppy Copper's size could get]] ''[[FridgeHorror eaten]]'' [[FridgeHorror if it wanders too far.]]
* Is Slade going to be arrested for trespassing onto a game preserve? Hunting license or not, Slade was ''poaching'' all because of a petty vendetta.
* When Tod is getting to know Vixey, Dinky and Boomer suddenly show up out of nowhere to watch them.
* During the bear attack, Amos Slade struggles to reach for his gun since his foot is caught in one of his traps. The trap is clearly seen being held down by a post; it would probably take less effort to pull it out of the ground and go for the gun rather than try to pry the trap open.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* The movie begins with the baby fox's mother hiding him and sacrificing her own life for his, [[Disney/Bambi]]-style. However, foxes almost never have a single cub. This mother wasn't just carrying her baby to safety. She was carrying to safety the only baby of the litter who survived the hunt.
** The fox's father isn't seen despite foxes being monogamous and the fox fathers helping to raise the cubs. Shouldn't he have been helping to defend his mate and cub against the hunters unless..[[TearJerker ooh.]] It's likely the reason why Tod's mom was able to get her cub away safely for a while was probably because [[HeroicSacrifice her mate stayed behind to fend off the hounds or at least serve as a distraction.]] [[HarsherInHindsight In hindsight, this makes the scene where Tod confronts Copper so Vixey can get away even harder to watch.]]
* Although it's more like Fridge Sadness: The end of the film pans out on Tod watching Copper from a hill. It was earlier shown that the widow drove what was possibly hours getting Tod to the reservation, meaning he traveled a long while to look at Copper and his old home one last time.