This page relates to [[Film/TheFantasticFour the Roger Corman film]]. Other iteration of the franchise have [[Fridge/FantasticFour a separate Fridge page]].

!! '''FridgeLogic'''

* Ben thinks it's a good idea to have Reed take some kids they used to know for an experimental flight into space. Reed objects at first... [[ShesAllGrownUp until he sees Sue as an adult.]] Then he starts thinking with the wrong organ. As for Johnny and Sue's mother, she shrugs and smiles when Ben tells her they're going to take the kids into space.
* At the beginning of the movie, Reed and Victor sneak into the lab in order to harness cosmic energies without anyone knowing. It's even implied that they are doing this without permission from the school. While they argue about calculations, neither of them bring up the ethical or legal ramifications of what they were doing. Not surprisingly, Victor ends up fried.
* The university and the science community in general were apparently quick to forgive Reed for the dangerous experiment he conducted while in college to the point where he gets his own science center and spaceship.
* No charges were ever filed for Reed's actions, [[HeroInsurance apparently]].
* The university didn't think to lock the doors to a lab with dangerous equipment that had to be worth several million dollars.
* Their spaceship ends up blowing up in space. Reed briefly remarks that NoOneCouldSurviveThat but their powers do not explain how they could have lived through such a dangerous ordeal: one guy stretches, one guy makes fire, the woman turns invisible, and the last one doesn't spawn powers until later.
* Even if they did survive the explosion and the vaccum of space, how did they and the debris of the ship fall to Earth? They should have all drifted away.
* Doom's armor lets him stand up to machinegun fire with no problem. Wouldn't he have some degree of SuperStrength or at least be able to take punches from a stretchy scientist?
* Alicia touches Ben for all of two seconds and can instantly sculpt his face (see Stalker With A Crush). Later, she is in charge of sculpting a memorial statue of the Fantastic Four (they were believed dead). She touches a mold of Ben's face and is instantly shocked to know that Ben died. She frantically checks the name and indeed finds out that Ben Grimm was on that shuttle. The space flight was in the news as was the disaster; since she was in charge of sculpting the memorial, wouldn't she know that he was dead already? On top of that, she never learned Ben's name, nor that he was going on the flight.
** Pretty sure the last sentence explains the issue. If she knew nothing about Ben besides his face, her first indication that Ben Grimm and the man she loves are one and the same would be when she touches the mold.