!!Fridge Horror
* Knowing the back story of the Blair witch legend and before watching the movie opens possibilities. Remember the students finding three odd, innocuous piles of stones around their tent? They signify the imminent murder of certain individuals, hence their position around their tent.
* Who is that guy in the corner? What happened? If you recall the beginning of the movie, a man told the story of the child murderer who lived in the woods in the '40s, and how he would take children by pairs into his basement and make one face the corner while he tortured and murdered the other before killing them.
** It gets even worse when you read the [[AllThereInTheManual book covering the 'investigation']] of Heather's disappearance. Remember that wall covered with weird writing inside the old house that she runs past close to the end of the film. That was the wall of [[SerialKiller child killer Rustin Parr's]] house, as photographed in crime scene photos taken after his arrest. As the investigator is told:
--> ''"It's the same writing."''
--> ''"It's the same wall."''
--> ''"It's the same house. And that is ''completely impossible'', because [[EldritchLocation that house]] burned to the ground in 1947."''
--> ''"Just what is going on up there?''"
** And then there's the account of the search party sent out to look for the missing kids. Based on the footage, they were in the same place at the same time as Heather and Mike, but never saw them.