[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In "The Fridge" why does Nicole try so hard at making Gumball into a winner? Because throughout her childhood and adolescence she has always been called a loser (mostly by Miss Simian, who made fun of her from her first steps to her wedding day). So once you think about it, she just wants Gumball to not suffer the same thing she suffered from back then.
* Why was Gumball so caring towards Kenneth in "The Microwave", even though he was a repulsive monster? Because ''he'' was an ugly baby! He knew exactly what it felt like to be ridiculed for being born odd-looking, and so he wanted to keep Kenneth from experiencing the same thing.
** Or, that could be the way that parents always see their babies as beautiful because they're their babies, no matter what they look like.
* It seems weird that Clayton (the red ball of clay) would be a bad liar who only does it to make his life more interesting, but it actually makes sense when you realize that clay can be molded into whatever the sculptor wants it to be, but it's still clay no matter what.
* In "The Flower" during one of Gumball's tirades about Leslie he calls him a "Self Pollinator." If you know anything about repdouction in flowers and plants, he basically just called Leslie a jack- (or jerk-) off.
* When Darwin completely owns Gumball in an exhaling contest by releasing a constant, endless stream of air, why wouldn't he need to stop exhaling? He's a fish! The air was just continually flowing through his gills, so he would only need to breathe normally to continue breathing out.
* Nicole is at home by herself, Richard having gone to work and the kids to school. She cleans the entire house, waxes the car, 'bleached the fruit', all 5 hours before everyone gets home. Bored and frustrated, she pushes over a vase in order to have something to clean. Nicole is a [[http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/19/jerk-cats-love-knocking-sht-over_n_3942685.html cat]].
** In the same episode, why does Richard have such a hard time getting to his job? Because as seen in "The Job", if Richard were to get a job, the universe would collapse on itself. It doesn't just ''seem'' like the universe wants him to be late-it actually does/
* In the music video for the Japanese theme of the show called "Yes/No Continue?" by Moumoon, We see the female member of Moumoon Yuka as a marionette performing the song while Gumball and Darwin dance. Why she's portrayed as a marionette? Well one reason is because she's a performer, and second because at the release of the music video, humans did not exist in Elmore until the season 2 episode "The Sweaters".
* If ElmoreStream and ElmorePlus are their versions of Youtube and Facebook, shouldn't they be global websites? So why are they named to imply that they're just for Elmore? Because as shown in "The Internet", The Internet lives in Elmore. Seeing as he's incredibly narcissistic, he probably has extreme CreatorProvincialism.
* Remember in "The Tape" when Gumball tells Darwin that all he needs to do is be cute? What's the #1 thing people love most about kittens?
* In "The Joy," Miss Simian mistakenly thought Tobias was one of the infected, since he was so colorful. This is probably why he wasn't jumped by the other infected earlier in the episode. They also thought he was one of them.
* Lots of Fridge Brilliance about Penny comes into play once you learn that [[spoiler:she's actually an EmpathicShapeshifter encased in a peanut shell.]] First, that you get a glimpse of her true form early in "The Shell" ([[spoiler:she'd obviously get self-conscious about herself as soon as she sees her "scar" and promptly change form]]) and it also makes a lot of sense that she'd admire Gumball for daring to be himself in "The Gi".
* Why was Darwin immune to Jealousy in "The Flower" and yet was jealous in "The Burden" over Gumball [[spoiler:dating Penny]]? It's because he already has Gumball as both a brother and best friend who's always around and is enough to make him happy. Judging from his behavior in "The Burden", this will escalate in "The Bros" because he feels nothing without Gumball.
** In fact, this may be why in "The Sidekick" he's always feels that his sidekick and in his shadow. Gumball did asked him if he did this to himself, well subconsciously... he ''might have''.
** Then his fear of abandonment makes sense that Darwin was a pet before he was adopted into the family. He might have feared that if Gumball pays more attention to Penny... he would be abandoned by him like how a family gives away their pet out of loss of interest. That means Darwin might still think of himself as a pet and not as a welcomed family member. [[FridgeHorror Maybe he might have experienced or see something like this before as a pet fish.]]
* So we know Richard has been raised by his mother into what he is now as shown in "The Authority". So, where was his father? Jojo is 63 years old and that Richard's father left them 42 years ago and Richard didn't realize he might never come back. Which means once you subtract from her age and that event and compare to Richard's age who's in his 40s, it means that all this time... Richard ''grew up without a father''. No wonder Jojo thought it was best to shield him from all danger despite making him what he is today because she was young and actually inexperienced as a mother back then!


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Ben Bocquelet originally pitched this series as an AdultSwim show. Given all the cynical, horrifying and depressing content that is in turn played for laughs and drama, as well as the several [[BlackComedyBurst bursts of dark humor]] that plays out in its current TV-Y7 form, can you image what the AdultSwim version would be like?
* In "The Phone", Mr. Small fell asleep in his office while meditating and the candle he left burning set the room on fire. He most definitely would have '''''died horribly in a fiery blaze''''' if Gumball hadn't been there with the fire extinguisher.
* In "The Mustache", Gumball and Darwin get rid of their black hairs they begin sprouting by removing all of their fur with tape. Sure, it doesn't sound so bad with Gumball, but ''Darwin is a fish, and he does the same thing''.
* All those times Gumball has popped Alan? Sure, it's funny until you realize this means Gumball has been trying to '''murder''' Alan for being "too perfect".
* In the beginning of "The Fan" Gumball and Darwin are running to stop the Rainbow Factory from exploding... which is where ''their mother works''.
* In "The Limit" Nicole's rage was obviously nightmare fuel. But while watching the episode this thought wandered into my head. Gumball is a blue cat just like Nicole and he's her son. So there's a strong possibility he inherited that ability... Yeah.
** Though "The Vacation" shows that if anyone inherited her UnstoppableRage, it's probably ''Anais''.
* In one episode it's revealed that the reason Anton is MadeOfIron is that his parents keep remaking him in a toaster. So... what happens to the ''original'' Anton?
* The events of "The Void": now that Molly is freed from that world, where will she live since her house and locker were folded into space? And how would we know she wouldn't be erased again? Oh and if Sussie doesn't do anything interesting or have a episode to herself she might be next!
** Adding onto that, remember Rachel, Tobias' older sister? Considering that the staff of the show hated her and that she hasn't been seen at all since her first appearance, there could be a possibility that she's in that world as well..
* At the end of "The Bros" we see the Fitzgerald house was caught on fire, but the family members managed to get out. So where's Mr. Cuddles?
* Richard finds the Anton clones in "The Recipe" and prepares to eat them without even knowing anything about their [[ExpendableClone origin]]. This basically implies Richard is so gluttonous that he would cannibalize ''children'' if he thought they tasted good.
* The fact that Larry the rockhead clerk quitting his many jobs in "The Pizza" would send Elmore into an economic slump of (literal) apocalyptic porportions, yet the worst that happened when the Doughnut Sheriff was fired was the Orange Woman (the one with the blue kid who sometimes appears as a background character) hijacking the ice cream truck and speeding through town to kill the Chief of Police. What does that say about the town?
** Well Doughnut Sheriff only works one job and there are presumably other cops, whereas Larry works almost every job in the city and given what happened when he was fired it's clear that he's the only person in town who does at least a few of these jobs.