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* Left with only two accounts, Love Machine still has control of the satellite. One of the two accounts he holds is Kenji's, but the other is the account of the civil administrator who controls the satellite. The implication is that Kenji's ''was'' his original account--Love Machine is an AI, not an avatar. This is also why Kenji was the only one blamed for disrupting OZ--It was traced back to his Love Machine-controlled account.
* Both occasions of SpannerInTheWorks and the subsequent triumphant victory could easily fit into the theme of family. Once or twice they're going to screw you over, but in the end they'll stand with you and you will be unstoppable.
* It may seem strange that at the climax of the movie Love Machine chooses to drop the satellite on a rural country estate owned by a single family instead of following through on its original plan to hit a nuclear reactor somewhere in Japan... But think of it this way. If you're a virus whose mission is to collect accounts, cause general chaos, and play games and the only consistent threat you've seen from the outside world involves a math genius breaking through your encryptions, a gamer whose avatar repeatedly beats the snot out of you, a school girl whose gambling ability costs you to lose millions of the accounts you've gained, your ''own creator'' who's working to decompile you in real time, and various others who pooled their resources to mitigate the fallout from the trouble you caused and very nearly locked you inside a trap of their own design... and all of these people happen to belong to the same family? Who would you view as the most important target to annihilate? If it could have found a way to take out Sakuma too, it probably would have tried to.
* Your opponent has millions of accounts. You have 20. You need to gain control of as many of your opponent's accounts as possible as efficiently as possible. How do you do it?. Gambling. Use the winnings from your last hand to raise the stakes on the next one.
* A mix of FridgeBrilliance HarsherInHindsight is take a look at both cover images [[http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ElkePST93v0/SxEuO2HIsSI/AAAAAAAABOk/zSQQFoe02ZM/s1600/summer+cover.jpg]] and [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_uzqF4sxcW3c/TJxwoVswpBI/AAAAAAAABgQ/n6vA7dSyr7M/s1600/summer_wars.jpeg]]. Is someone missing? Sakae isn't there... in either of the images. Though there someone else there, it's Wabisuke. Now, who arrived in Shota's car, the one you see in the former picture, and this image is a clunked up version of how chaotic each of the family members minds were- see Shota holding onto the ice, or how Katsuhiko's holding his son, and many others. Then in the latter image, they're all together to fight Love Machine- see how orderly it looks, and looking like how a 'warrior' family would look when heading off against their foes (i.e. their expressions) with Natsuki holding on the family symbol in front. You can actually pinpoint the moments that these two were representing.
* Shortly after Love Machine starts to wreak havoc in Oz, Takashi tells Kenji that there's a rumor going around Oz that the culprit is an AI called Love Machine released from an American university that hijacks accounts and treats its attacks like a game. The question is, who would actually know all that, right down to the AI's name and how it thinks? Wabisuke would. The scene right before this has Wabisuke checking his cell phone and reading the very same email from the Pentagon that he shows Sakae later, the one telling him that the test run was successful and that they'll buy Love Machine. Apparently Wabisuke responded by starting the online rumor we hear about in the next scene. Was he just gloating a bit, since his creation was so successful and he'd made a fortune? Or did he feel guilty and was trying to help out by anonymously tipping Oz off about what it's up against? Knowing [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Wabisuke]], probably a little bit of both.
* At first, it seems to be a remarkable coincidence that [[spoiler: the rogue AI that steals Kenji's avatar in its initial attack on Oz was written by the black sheep of the family he's staying with]]. Of course, since Kenji became involved in the entire mess by responding to an e-mail via cell-phone, [[spoiler: Love Machine almost certainly knew Kenji's physical location, was likely able to correlate it with the location of Wabisuke's home, and probably picked that particular avatar just to screw with its creator.]] Another reason Kenji was chosen in particular is that [[spoiler:he would have been the fastest person to have solved Love Machine's first encryption, even having mistyped the last letter, and so Love Machine logically chose him to be the scapegoat. Even if it would ultimately have been demonstrable that there was no way Kenji could have wrecked and hijacked Oz, he "won" by being the most efficient and therefore (to Love Machine) most plausible person to frame.]]
* At first, it might seem like just something pretty when [[spoiler: Natsuki gets the blessing from the guardian whales]] and it's completely pointless. But then you think a little more and realize that [[spoiler: she didn't lose after getting the new clothes.]] What do fancy new clothes typically do in [=MMORPGs=]? They increase stats, such as luck. The movie wasn't being metaphorical when she got clothes "for luck".
* More of a Meta Example, but if you were to listen closely, Sakae was born on August 1st, 1920, while this movie is set in 2010. If you think about it, the movie was released on August 1st 2009, which was the exact same date as the ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' anniversary date, the Odaiba Memorial Day. Coincidence? Hosoda worked on the ''Digimon Adventure'' Pilot Movie and ''Our War Game'', he must have planned before that time.
* "Keep the lines of communication open". Sakae says this during her MissionControl scene and it explains away two events that otherwise look like {{Idiot Ball}}s. When the two little kids interrupt Kazuma's first battle with Love Machine, they think it is a harmless game instead of detaining a dangerous hacker. Later, when Shota removes the ice from the super computer to keep Sakae cool [[spoiler: and from decomposing]], he doesn't realize the damage he did because no one told him. It's only after a strategy session over a meal that involves the entire family, do they stop sabotaging each other and pool their resources.
* When Natsuki shows up in the opening, she acts like a stereotypical {{Moe}} girl in a largely realistic-seeming anime. This may seem odd, until you realize she's being deliberately cute in order to charm one of the boys into helping her.
* Love Machine's ultimate avatar having King Kazuma's rabbit motif makes a lot of sense, not only as a petty demonstration of how it beat the "King" but also because of a saying that "Rabbits can die from loneliness". As a virus Love Machine needs to be able to spread to other accounts to survive and thrive, and denying it this ability would essentially kill it.
* Kazama's avatar is essentially [[VideoGame/FatalFury Terry Bogard]], in rabbit form:
** First, is his avatar's design: a white rabbit [[EagleLand with blonde hair, blue jeans and a red vest.]] And his signature attack happens to be [[PowerFist a Ki powered punch.]]
** He's even called "King" Kazuma, due to winning several major online fighting competitions within Oz. Just as Terry's gained recognition due to repeat showings in ''[[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters The King of Fighters]]'' tournament.

[[WMG: FridgeHorror]]
* Real World: Think about how much stuff is going online every day...and now how websites like Google are encouraging you to link your other web accounts through them....what's to stop something like the Oz crash if developers aren't careful?
* At two points during the movie, reporters claim there are "miraculously" no deaths because of the Oz situation. That sounds suspiciously unlikely - emergency services receive hundreds of fake calls, traffic lights have been hacked, causing massive traffic jams all across Japan, slowing down emergency services and probably causing car crashes, the sewer system of Tokyo blows up, etc. - but what's more, we have direct proof of the contrary: Love Machine killed Sakae. So there weren't really any deaths; what was shown on the news is a cover-up. How many people did Love Machine really kill?
** While it's not an absolute proof that ''nobody'' died, nothing in the movie hints that anyone outside the family knows that Love Machine was reponsible of Sakae's death.
* Also, we only saw the effects of Love Machine's rampage in Japan. [=OZ=] is used in the whole world. Even if Japan managed to successfully fix the damages thanks to Sakae, were the other countries as lucky?
* As the US Department of Defense undeniably conducted a secret experiment that led to worldwide disaster, no country will ever trust the US as an ally anymore. The international order as we know it is pretty much destroyed.


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