[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Episode 35. The Storm Hawks find Radarr by tracking his transmission to the Cyclonian cruiser... then think he fell asleep inside the Condor's boiler hatch? HOW COULD HE HAVE SENT THE TRANSMISSION?


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Has anyone ever stopped and considered the fate of the Talons that get shot down by the Storm Hawks? Sure, they have parachutes to stop them from getting killed by the fall, but they're useless when you take into account that their just ''floating down into the Wastelands, where they are likely to meet a gruesome, fiery death anyway.''
** Even if the lava and wildlife don't kill them, they have no known means of getting out with their rides destroyed, their [[BadBoss superiors]] could probably [[WeHaveReserves care less about sending a rescue party]], and even if they're lucky enough to land on a terra, there's no guarantee it'll be hospitable. If they get hit, they're pretty much screwed.
** And what about the Storm Hawks? Do they even [[MoralDissonance know or care if this happens?]]
** Most of the Cyclonians we see keep coming back, though. The easiest one to recognize is the guy with the mustache. He's in almost every group of Cyclonians. Also, Ravess's violin player sidekick. He always gets shot down.
*** There's no reason to believe these guys are the same guys. Mustaches are common in the Real World, in Cyclonia they may even be some kind of standard for members of the officer class, the way noblemen used to carry dueling swords as much to match their friends' outfits than to actually fight anyone. Also, Cyclonia is a megacity built into the side of a volcano, I'm pretty sure their population is large enough to have more than ONE violin player...assuming he's actually playing and its not some recording or something. Ravess could just be weird that way. Weird and hot and evil.
** If you think about it economically the Cyclonians have a good reason to rescue their own soldiers. Mainly it is more expensive to train a soldier than to rescue one, especially training the non commissioned and commissioned officers.
** Though given the type of world they live in, it's likely that soldiers and sky knights receive Wasteland Wilderness Survival Training, so that they can survive in the area that makes up most of the planet.
* The TakeMyHand scene. Yeah, Repton was an UngratefulBastard and tried to stab the guy who tried to save him but ''Stork just saw the guy he tried to rescue fall to his death.'' ''Up close and personal.'' That's probably gonna come back to haunt him.