[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In "Pain", one of the Air Force members becomes erratic with the belief that there are snakes underneath his skin. Scary enough a thought on its own, when recalling what the Air Force [[Series/StargateSG1 dealt]] [[PuppeteerParasite with]] [[AndIMustScream before]], one begins to understand just how horrific that scenario would be.
* Of ''course'' the inhabitants of Novus have [[spoiler:a cure for Motor Neuron Disease]]. A sizable portion of the population is [[spoiler:descended from TJ]] after all, thus [[spoiler:it must have been a lot more common on Novus than on Earth.]]
** Not to mention, of ''course'' they would have a greater understanding of genetics than we do. Due to their entire population being derived from [[spoiler: less than 80 people]], they would have been forced to find ways to sustain their population through genetic engineering, otherwise the genetic bottleneck would have caused them to interbreed themselves into extinction within a few generations.
** And, they started out with all of the knowledge that their ancestors could record. Due to the aforementioned inbreeding issue (and certainly someone in the group would understand the 50/500 rule) genetics would have been a high priority. Then add a couple thousand years of development, even despite having to bootstrap their infrastructure before they could actually advance the sciences.