[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* The title "Vanishing Age" doesn't make sense, right? Especially when paired with the other groups of the Glittering Crux. Actually, it makes perfect sense because [[spoiler: Head's EvilPlan involved going and staying back in time, effectively '''vanishing age''', or making age and time disappear]]. The SpellMyNameWithAnS version, "Banishing Age" makes sense in the same way.
* Related to the above: Due to the mark Head [[spoiler: received from Shingo, he never ages]]. So, what does [[spoiler: never growing up do]]? It ''vanishes age''. Who was the head of ''Vanishing Age''? Head.
* The Filament section of the Gittering Crux was pretty useless, and their main goal was to [[spoiler: gain back the marks their families lost]]. So why would Head keep them around? [[spoiler: Because they're just like him! He never inherited his mark from his father, and so he could sympathize with them]].
* Takuto is so shy about sex and respectful towards women because he doesn't want to end up like his philandering father.
* Sugata can [[spoiler: survive merging with a mecha that left all of its previous pilots in a coma because it sucked out their libido.]] He also has two maids who wear full on maid outfits. The combination of these facts leads this troper to believe that Sugata is, in fact, [[CovertPervert a massive pervert with a massive libido.]]