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* Mengsk claims that the Confederacy created the Zerg in Terran Mission 07. However this is contradicted by the Overmind (Zerg Mission 10) and Zeratul (Protoss Mission 09) who reveal that the Zerg were created by the Xel'naga. For new players this might seem like a plot hole at first, but then you realize that Mengsk was lying in order to justify his use of the Zerg on Confederacy, as if to say "I'm going to use the Zerg, but I didn't create them in the first place like they did."
* When you click on the Terran Academy, you hear [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3WimCPUkQY this]]. I never quite figured out what it was supposed to be until a friend of mine realized that it's an Academy, full of learning. Blizzard was making a joke about how people hate school.
* In Brood War, Gerard [=DuGalle=] acts like a complete idiot throughout the campaign; only the PC and Stukov make sure the mission is a success. However, remember that he only ''really'' started showing incompetence after Duran joined them, and had time to influence them. Duran, who was able to pose convincingly as a Ghost, who is most certainly not human, and likely has even greater powers then he's shown. MindControl [=DuGalle=], anyone?
* Why can Terran Marines take out a Battlecruiser even though small arms fire won't really dent a real warship? Battlecruisers are by classification sacrificing armor for firepower. So in game terms, they can technically be destroyed.
* The Terran unit, the spider mine, likely gets its name from the fact that it looks like a spider. But think about it: how do spider mines kill enemies? By sitting completely still and remaining invisible until some enemy unit walks right into into it. Spiders in the real world kill their prey in the exact same way, by constructing large intricate webs and then waiting for some poor sucker to run straight into it. Even cooler when you consider that the spider waits until the web gets something and then the spider ''salvages'' the kill. Another animal renowned for salvaging its food? How about a ''vulture''?