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* Let's do some math: one major idea behind the Twilight Cage is that it has YearInsideHourOutside, to the point where one character mentions only being in the Cage for "a few years", while Knuckles claims this same character hasn't existed in over 4000 years. SO! If by, "a few years", he meant, say, five years, that would mean that 800 years in Sonic's world is equal to one year in the Twilight Cage. We see that by the time Sonic and friends come back from the Cage, [[spoiler: Robotnik took over the world, which likely took Robotnik years to do]]. Thusly, let's say Sonic and friends were in the Twilight Cage for a number of months, perhaps exactly five weeks since Ix wasn't messing around (And getting a bunch of aliens to work together isn't something you can accomplish in one day). That's 35 days which is 28000 days. Divided by 365 is 76.7123288 years. [[AdultFear Cream only went to play...]]
** And in this time, Vanilla will have probably died of old age... Feel like recruiting Cream on your next playthrough now?
** [[GameBreaker It's still worth it.]]
** But then how is [[spoiler: Robotnik]] still looking as young as he always was? For that matter, how is he even alive? Even if he was some sort of [[spoiler: TeenGenius, which he's not,]] almost seventy seven years ought to hit somebody '''HARD'''...
*** Eggman Nega has returned ...
**** That means the sequel could possible have [[EnsembleDarkhorse Silver?]] Yes...
*** You expect a MadScientist Dictator to not create a FountainOfYouth type invention?
*** Maybe he roboticized himself or something.
** No indication of how *much* time has passed has been indicated, inside or out. Eggman appears unchanged, and the characters themselves only wonder if they've been gone a few years. All the immortality theories assume that a massive amount of time has passed, but there's no real indication of that. Indeed, it could be that the cast only spent a week or so in the Twilight Cage, given we don't know how long travel between the various locales takes. And the Twilight Cage doesn't appear to have much of a way to indicate "years", so the description is rather of unhelpful.