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[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Eve gives Rhea a 'special' kiss when she leaves since Rhea's the one who rescued her from the shopkeep. D'aww.
* Iratu's insistence on "training" at the beginning of the comic could just be seen as a drunken romp. But why would he even think to do something like that, drunk or not? It's because [[spoiler:the ascension to Medius]] requires certain standards of ability. The concept of training happens to Iratu while drunk because that's probably what he's been doing as of late, because [[spoiler: he's a general in the ranks of hell and he ''knows'' he's going to Medius soon]]! The talk of training while drunk is just him [[{{Foreshadowing}} letting it slip]].
* Some ominous dialogue from Sahne implies that [[spoiler:ascending into Medius from Hell]] requires a mortal in some way (but apparently in such a way that the mortal can survive and [[spoiler:ascend as well]]. [[spoiler:Iratu]] made it to Medius, and he's allied with [[spoiler:Mr. Moonshade]], who's certainly evil enough to have been in Hell and thus have been available. Maybe [[spoiler:Moonshade]] ''is'' the mortal that [[spoiler:Iratu]] used to get into Medius?
* Iratu is larger and stronger than other earth demons thanks to [[spoiler:Darius's moon pendant]] and according to this [[http://hyenafu.tumblr.com/post/104256471969/iratu-how-do-you-rank-up-in-hells-army-as-a comic]] Hell's Army works on KlingonPromotion which makes perfect sense for how he is a General at only 27.
* Tsavo's [[http://hyenafu.tumblr.com/post/157619988744/why-in-the-world-would-anyone-put-azurai-in-charge criticism]] of hell's "boot camp" education method makes since [[http://hyenafu.tumblr.com/post/157694646799/i-usually-try-to-avoid-answering-questions-about after reading this]] since that kind of system is quite likely to encourage [[SocialDarwinism poor treatment of those "weaker" than you.]]


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* ''SlightlyDamned'': [[http://www.sdamned.com/comic/91 Who could have Holy Arrows in the depths of Hell?]] Later revelations have shown that [[spoiler:some angels have allied themselves with the forces of Hell]]. It's possible that the person who shot the arrow was one such [[spoiler:angel]]. Though [[EvilAllAlong that only makes]] [[ParanoiaFuel for more horror]] in itself...
* In an early strip, Iratu offers Buwaro some of his alcohol, but [[PapaWolf Death]] stops him. Later, Sakido mentions that [[CouldHaveBeenMessy fire demons explode if they drink]]. At first, this just seems like a bit of AlcoholInducedIdiocy on Iratu's part (since he was drunk at the time), but after you learn a bit more about [[CainAndAbel their past]], you start to wonder if it was really unintentional...
* In a later strip the Mixlings are revealed, which are cross-breeds between two Median races. Think about it... [[spoiler: Then you realize angels and demons are also being added into the mix...]] There's also the fact that they have their own name for the many sub-species, along with the slang term "Bitza," suggesting Mixlings are actually a very common occurrence.
* Does [[spoiler:Darius]] actually know that Sakido is dead? He remarks that all of his children are "gone" from Hell when he's revealed to be [[spoiler:Death]], but that could also imply that he thinks Sakido made it to Medius instead. Just imagine thinking one of your kids is in a better place when in reality they've been [[CessationOfExistence deader than dead]] for a while now. Let's hope the truth isn't too hard for him to take if/when he finds out...
* [[http://www.sdamned.com/comic/780 Kinako crying here ]] makes even more sense after you read [[http://www.sdamned.com/comic/483 this page]], she knows what's [[HumanSacrifice coming.]]