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* ''ShinMegamiTensei - [[LighterAndSofter Demikids]]'' has your starter {{Mon}}. The very first monster you get, and your partner for the entire game, only gains levels by absorbing other monster's exp through fusion. Taking into account that you'll likely need most of your other monsters for fusion, you'll usually end up just mass fusing dozens of cheap monsters to get your starter to level up. To put it differently: This is like getting a [[{{Pokemon}} Pikachu]] that has to devour its opponent every time it wins a battle. By the end of the game, your starter is essentially a walking mass of hundreds of souls.
* FridgeBrilliance/[[FridgeHorror Horror]] - GodIsEvil. GodsNeedPrayerBadly. ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve. [[HumansAreBastards See the implications]]?
* In Shin Megami Tensei IV,[[spoiler: at the end of the the Law Route, [[MoralEventHorizon you commit the same crime of genocide as YHVH had you do]] in the same route in SMT 2!]] Let that sink for a moment... If that wasn't bad enough, get this; [[spoiler: by destroying Tokyo, you also kill the [[HopeBringer Goddess of Tokyo]] herself]]! Damn, [[spoiler:even the Archangels think that ''hope'' is nothing but filth...]] It doesn't matter how one sugarcoats it, [[spoiler: all this proves just how much of a depraved fuck [[GodIsEvil The God the Archangels serve]] is to [[ItsAllAboutMe get his way]] ]].
** [[spoiler:On the other hand, if Mastema is telling the truth in the Clipped Wings DLC, there is hope for God.]]


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* ''Plenty'' in the demon's designs. The monster design brings forth references to the mythological being it's based on, to [[MythologyGag other games in the series]] and sometimes to pop culture as well.
** Once you get over Mara's face, you should notice it riding golden chariot with many sharp blades. Then you realise it's embodiment of our dark desire - lust, greed and violence.
** At first, it's weird seeing how Angel - a ''Divine being'' - is dressed in the series. It makes sense once you notice that she also wears a leash. After all, they are guardian angels that are ''bound'' to a human being on birth.
** Melchizedek. By far one of the most outlandish angel designs, but makes a whole lotta sense when you think of it.
*** First off, he looks and acts more like some kind of Super Sentai hero than an angel. Well, he's the King of Justice. Just try saying that out loud.
*** Second, he's faceless. In the Bible, Melchizedek is described as "without father, without mother and without genealogy".