[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* One odd piece of old vampire folklore is that they were compelled to count every grain of sand or each individual grain of rice in a pile. I have just been informed that [[Series/SesameStreet Count von Count]] is a reference to this superstition, and that is ''awesome''. --{{Tropers/Haven}}
** A smaller one, but the Count's "Ah Ah Ah" laugh has the same cadence as a bat screeching.
* One concerning Cookie Monster: Of all the characters to promote healthy foods, why ''him?'' Well, not only does it work for {{Irony}} (after all, it's really saying something if even a cookie junkie like him likes veggies and fruit), but one of the main hurdles of promoting healthy eating is encouraging the young audience to get over being picky... and no character in the entire show is ''less'' picky than ''[[ExtremeOmnivore Cookie Monster]]!'' I don't know if this was the true idea behind it, but it's kind of a neat notion to think about. --Tropers/ShakaRaka
** Except, y'know, Veggie Monster is a myth easily dispelled by sitting down and watching any recent episode of the series...but that works too. --Tropers/{{Wackd}}
*** Oh, I know that, but he's still been used as a spokes-monster for healthy foods a fair few times in the past; even on the front page of the official site for "Healthy Food Day." I never said anything about him being a "Veggie Monster." --Tropers/ShakaRaka
* It's easy to view Fat Blue/Mr. Johnson as TheWoobie in the various sketches involving him as a customer and Grover as a waiter/photographer/tailor/rental agent/hotdog vendor/etc. However, if you watch some of the earliest sketches, you can see that Mr. Johnson is an incredibly fussy and obnoxious UnsatisfiableCustomer who drove ''Grover'' crazy with his absurd demands. Later sketches involving Grover driving Mr. Johnson crazy with his supposed incompetence could be seen as Grover getting back at him for his {{Jerkass}} behavior. LaserGuidedKarma delivered by a CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass, with a dash of BewareTheNiceOnes thrown in for spice!
* Oh, the field day viewers must have had with Luis and Maria's courtship and marriage! Luis and Maria, [[KissingInATree sitting in a tree]], K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First came love, then came marriage, then came Maria with a baby carriage!


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* One of the old animated segments had an elevator operator picking up a different character on every floor until on the last floor, a mouse caused the elevator to be overloaded and explode around the operator, who fell down the shaft. So what happened to the passengers? Are they dead and reduced to particles? And did the operator survive the fall?
* This could also double as a "Fridge {{Tearjerker}}". In the special video series made for military families called ''Talk, Listen, Connect'', Rosita has to come to terms with her father being confined to a wheelchair. This in itself is pretty sad - [[{{Tearjerker}} especially when she tells him how she wishes that he didn't have to go to the hospital so often and that things would just go back to how they were, while on the verge of tears]] - but then it gets worse when one learns the story of her wings in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot4mVTR5e7k this interview]]. As someone else said on the Nightmare Fuel page, "The fact she said it wasn't painful despite all this, and that she hates to think about it, makes you think it was such a bad injury that her body blocked out the pain the same way you do when you get a large injury." So, with this in mind, she first has to cope with her ''entire family'' losing their wings, in addition to her own, and ''this'' is then followed by her dad losing the use of his legs... [[TheWoobie Dear Lord, someone get this poor girl a good therapist!]] --Tropers/ShakaRaka