!! FridgeBrilliance
* Don't those visor designs on [=GoGo-V=]'s helmets look kinda random? Actually, no; the shapes are designed after - or rather, taken directly from - the crests of the respective rescue divisions each sibling worked in before quitting for full-time activity at Super Rescue Labs. Sure enough, they still pretty much take the same roles as [=GoGo-V=].
** Y'know those giant explosions that always accompany a giant monster/robot battle? The Max Victory Robo is built to use them. Think about it. If there's ever a colossal fire anywhere, all [=GoGoFive=] needs to do to save thousands of lives is take a walk in the Max Victory Robo.
* Why is the series called [=GoGo-V=]? Well when you realise that Go is japanese for five, you see that it is Rescue Sentai Five Five Five: Japan's emergency number
* An obvious one is this: Why is there no SixthRanger? Because it would ruin the title.