[[folder: Fridge Brilliance: ]]

* In ''[=RayStorm=]'':
** The first boss is named Pendragon. It's named after the guy that successfully drove Rome out of England, and you face it in Albion, a location in England.
** The boss of the second level "Old Gaul City" is named Vercingetorix. Vercingetorix is the name of of a warlord from Gaul who attacked the Roman Empire.
** The boss of the third level "Palmyra Valley", Zenobia, is named after the queen of Palmyra.
** The fifth stage, the staging area for the Secelian fleets on the Secelia/Seraphim side of the gate, is called Carthage. The boss is named Genseric. In real life, it was Genseric who led the Vandals to conquer northern Africa--and make Carthage their capital. Carthage is also presumably where the 3rd Fleet was sent off from. The flagship is called Hannibal, a general of Carthage.
** Why the DownerEnding for 13-Ship Mode? If the fact that ship #13 is the weaker-than-all-the-preceding-ships prototype is anything to go by, you ''[[IdiotBall sent ALL your R-Grays off-Earth--leaving no-one able to stave off other Secelian fleets!]]'' You didn't think Hannibal was their ''only'' planet-killer, did you?! On the GeniusBonus side, this reflects the late Roman Empire's bad habit of sending the ''vast'' majority of their armies to protect/expand the frontiers, with only a skeleton army protecting Rome itself. Something people like Alaric (a former mercenary for Rome, so he already had a sense of how the military roads and the defenses of Rome proper were set up) took excellent advantage of.