[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* A minor one is how suited Remy is to being a head chef. Not only does he have his highly developed sense of taste, but he also is rather good at directing and give orders. The brilliance behind this is the fact that his dad is the leader of their pack. Naturally, Remy would've inherited his dad's talent for leadership.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* If rats and humans have the same life expectancies in Ratatouille as in Real Life, then the [[MayflyDecemberFriendship friendship]] between Linguini (human) and Remy (rat) cannot last for more than a few years.
* What will [[LethalChef Linguini]] do after he no longer has Remy to be the cooking genius?
** Oh, if only there was an accomplished, talented, and passionate chef with whom Linguini had a loving relationship that one can very easily imagine turning into marriage. [[OhWait Oh wait]].
** Plus, it's not outside the realm of possibility that Remy could find a mate of his own and sire a few heirs, or at the very least take up an apprentice.
** Or Linguini could actually learn a thing or two from Remy.