[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Martin, in a scene cut from the [=MST3K=] version, tells Tony that the four Americans who were tossed out of windows were sons of doctors whose parents were killed in plane crashes. Skipping over the fact that as big as London is, it's hard to imagine there being more than two men who would fit that description - how in the world did Kobras know ''where'' the Pumaman was, what nationality he was, what his father's profession was or that his parents were killed in a plane crash, and was living in London?
* Why would the "puma gods" give mankind a mask that allows one person to control another? And for the matter, why isn't the Pumaman, the direct descendant of the gods, immune to the effects of the mask?

[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Vadinho is much more competent and able than Tony. It provokes the question of "What kind of a super hero movie is it when the SIDEKICK is a better hero than the hero is?" But when you think about it, Vadinho is an angel/god, or at least a guy who has spent his entire life knowing about the mask, the pumaman, and that he'd have to find him and help him. Tony, meanwhile, is a random American living in Britain with an ostensible connection to academia. Of COURSE Tony doesn't know the first thing about what he's doing! Of course he doesn't have the will-power to resist the mind-control mask. And, of course, he flies like a moron. He's just some random guy who wears a magic belt, not particularly athletic or heroic at all.
* Puma Man's flight pose looks awkward because he's trying (not very well, admittedly) to emulate a four-legged running/leaping pose, like an actual puma! This is supported by the line one mook gives when explaining to his boss how Tony escaped: "That wan't a man, that was a cat jumping!" It seems if this was meant to be, however, then [[InASingleBound super jumping]] would have been a better super power for Puma Man than flight.