[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Sky says that Bridge can't help wiggling his fingers when he says "buttery" because it's part of his cellular makeup; that may seem like a lame Sci-Fi HandWave at first, but then think about it. Bridge's powers are channelled through his hands, as are the "buttery" finger wiggles. I conclude that Bridge's powers are linked to buttery toast!
** Since Bridge's PsychicPowers are channeled through his hands, it means that his hands have a much deeper connection to his brain and senses than a person should. Making gestures without thinking them through sounds like an obvious consequence.
* Doggie asking Sky if he would follow Syd if he made her the leader could be seen as a subtle nod to Dekaranger, where in the first episode, Umeko/[=DekaPink=] believed she was the new leader.
* Kat's Morpher during Katastrophe, it seems really pointless to give a ranger a morpher that only lasts an hour. However, a morpher like this can be used to either deputize a ranger for a short time, or to give a cadet hands on experience. That and it probably doesn't have an appropriate charger like the other morphers.
* The Earth Branch was made public in the year 2015, more than likely due to the Warstar, the Armada and Sledge's forces attack in such rapid succession.
* One episode has mind control wear off of the Rangers when they morph. So (comics aside) we know the A-Squad was NotBrainwashed the moment we see them in morph.
* Though it was an obvious case of PropRecycling, it does add a lot of AlwaysSomeoneBetter subtext that the A-Squad suits have the helmets of [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace the series]] most long term fans consider to be the best.
* As many probably noticed, S.W.A.T. Mode makes the B-Squad Rangers look more like A-Squad in weapons and look (the extra body armor and the rifle). It's also noted that S.W.A.T. Mode was created during the series, after the A-Squad team was established. It is possible that the A-Squad were the SPD equivalent of real life SWAT teams where the A-Squad would come in to handle situations that had escalated. The S.W.A.T. Mode was created in response to the escalated situations since, because there is no higher team to call on, the B-Squad would have to access the higher tech themselves.
* A-Squad having a completely different outfit and power set than B-Squad makes perfect sense when you remember one fact about Power Rangers: more than one of the same power set ''can't'' exist at any one time. Therefore, there are likely multiple different sets of Ranger Powers for SPD for use by different squads, the one we see is merely the set of the team we follow.
** Another in-universe justification also works for why the two teams have different uniforms outside of morph. B-Squad interacts with the public on a more regular basis, so their uniforms as officers and as Rangers are designed clean and crisp to project a good image. A-Squad, on the other hand, are only called into combat situations, and thus their officer clothing is a practical jumpsuit while their Ranger gear is in heavily armored and outfitted with all manner of bells and whistles.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* The morphers judgement mode having the Rangers play JudgeJuryAndExecutioner was given a weak HandWave by saying the scanners on the morphers were infallible...but the biological makeup of the various alien races they fought against was so different, it would have taken one small programming error for an innocent alien to be declared guilty, or vice-versa. The only thing mitigating this from turning the Rangers into an army of Judge Dredds is that they only digitize the criminals into cards as opposed to executing them, so in case there's an innocent declared guilty, they can at least digitize him and detain them for further questioning.
** There's only one problem to that... Kat said that the Morpher ''never makes mistakes''.
*** Yes, Captain Obvious, that's the meaning of "infallible".


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Meta example: Assuming the [=Super Sentai/Power Rangers=] franchises are around long enough, how will the timeline be handled when the viewers are living in 2025, the year in which SPD is set?
** Make another series based in the future?
** RPM was declared an alternate-universe/possible future in Clash of the Red Rangers. Presumably the same will be true of the Power Rangers season that airs in 2025, if there is one.
** I present for your perusal ''[[Literature/NineteenEightyFour 1984]], [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey 2001 A Space Odyssey]]''... Actually there's a similar issue being handled over in ''Manga/SgtFrog''. There's an existing character named Angol Mois, based around UsefulNotes/{{Nostradamus}}' original doomsday prophecy, which was proven moot by the time the anime caught up to the manga. The solution? The anime reveals that there's a ''dozen'' other world-destroying aliens out there, similar to Angol Mois, but "scheduled" to every doomsday prophecy out there, including the Mayan 2012 one.
** We'd ''better'' at least get some serious {{Shout Out}}s.
* Where the hell does Cruger's ''nose'' go when he turns into the Shadow Ranger?
** This was [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Dekaranger]]. Kruger simply hung his head and said "Don't ask me that."
** FridgeBrilliance: It's already in canon from ''Series/PowerRangersTurbo'' that morphing can change your body, seeing as Justin grew from child to adult. Changing Cruger's face is far less jarring a transformation than that. It probably is possible.
** The planet [[Series/DoctorWho Gallifrey]] showed up in a list of planets visited during ''In Space'', so maybe the helmet has TARDIS technology?
* Does no one even consider that Sam the Omega Ranger and Sam the kid that Z rescued are the same person? It's possible Doggie knows but just doesn't care.
** The show makes it clear that they are indeed the same character
* The idea of the A-Squad's FaceHeelTurn. Even in the first episode it's mentioned that something's off about them, which was well before Emperor Grumm arrives. This indicates the team was ''already'' corrupt before his arrival.
** Or they could have been in contact with Grumm before he officially showed up on Earth.
* At the end of the series, Bridge and Sky are both promoted when Jack retires, and inherit their predecessor's ranger colors as a result. If this is the case, and if the Yellow and Pink Rangers are handled the same way, [[PinkIsForSissies what happens when a male reaches the Pink Power Ranger rank]]?
** [[RealMenWearPink Probably nothing.]]
** The male pink will call themselves the Magenta Ranger.
** On another note, shouldn't Z have been promoted to Bridge's rank as the Green ranger?