[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* During the credits, and when a zombie breaches your defenses in your backyard, you can see a tricycle in the corner. Think about it: what kind of adult would just have a pink tricycle lying around in their backyard? This means that the person planting the plants (I.E: YOU) has a very young son or daughter in the house with them, explaining the reason you didn't just run from the house at first sight: [[VideogameCaringPotential you're trying to protect your child, and possibly your entire family, from the hordes of the undead, and it would be too dangerous to attempt an escape plan.]]
** Although the way the game acts about it, it seems Zombies are a common nuisance and commonly dealt with by a company that apparently monopolizes the anti-zombie plant market, escaping would just be impractical. Besides, [[CompletelyMissingThePoint I would have a pink tricycle...]]
** Some FridgeHorror to go with this. You know in 4-10, the zombies imitate your mother and request you to come over to her house? How would they eat your brains if you're not at your home? This can lead to two possibilities, both horrifying.
### They turned your mother into a zombie
### They're going for ''the other members of your family''.
*** [[TakeAThirdOption Or they're hoping you leave and get you on the way.]]
*** Considering the same note asks you to leave your lawn unguarded and your door unlocked, there has to be someone else in the house that they're after, otherwise they wouldn't bother with that request.
* Loonboon sounds like an odd name for the minigame music but it actually isn't. Loonboon actually refers to Crazy Dave- he's a loon (because he's CRAAAAZY) and a boon (since he helps the player). Hence, Loonboon.
* Think about the concept of the game: You're fighting zombies, living corpses, with plants and fungi -- like decomposition! The zombies are a perversion of the natural order, and by creating the plant towers to destroy them, the player brings said natural order back.
* Why do you think the Kernel-Pult can lob butter? Vegetable fat. Nuth said... Either that or because corn tends to be eaten with butter quite often.
* Why replace the Music/MichaelJackson zombie with a [[DiscoDan disco zombie]]? [[StealthPun Disco is dead.]] Same reason we have a DeaderThanDisco trope.
* Crazy Dave isn't wearing a pot on his head because he's crazy; he's protecting his sweet, delicious brain from being eaten by zombies. This may be cause for an OhCrap moment later -- right before the FinalBoss, a bungie zombie grabs Crazy Dave, and the pot falls off.
* Disco in [=PvZ=] seems to be a PopularityPolynomial, considering that it's become popular again in the future as seen by the Disco-Tron 3000.
* Just came to realise this: zombies lose their left arm (or right on certain occasions…) when they take enough damage. The left arm usually hurts first whenever a person starts to have a heart-attack. Coincidence?
* The Jester Zombie can [[AttackReflector reflect almost all projectiles]]... except the Magnifying Grass' sunray shots. It's pretty impossible to CatchAndReturn a projectile that isn't physical. Despite this, it ''can'' reflect Citron's plasma balls but not the Plant Food powered version.
* Despite the Excavator Zombie's shovel clearly being a metal object, it can't be stolen by the Magnet-Shroom. It's made of gold, which is non-magnetic.
* Why isn't the Phat Beet affected by Boombox Zombie's boombox music? He's wearing headphones, so he can't hear the music from the boombox.
* It seems odd that the Breakdancer Zombie shares a Rap Jam ThemeMusicPowerUp with MC Zom-B, being the only zombies to share a preferred Jam. Not quite odd as Breakdancing is usually danced to rap music. Furthermore, Rap music videos tend to have a rapper (MC Zom-B) and dancing performers (Breakdancer).
* Why do the dinosaurs only react to zombies and not the plants? They're used to seeing plants, as there were LOADS of plants around the Mesozoic Era. Zombies on the other hand, yet alone bipedal humanoids, never existed, so of course the dinos would be terrified seeing such a strange race.
* In Jurassic Marsh, why can't the plants hurt the dinosaurs, yet can hurt the zombies? Because altering something from the past will cause a ButterflyEffect on the future. Jurassic Marsh Zombies on the other hand ''[[AnachronismStew don't]]'' belong in the time period, so it's ok to kill them without altering the course of history.
* Why does Dusk Lobber have the ability to fire three exploding buds at a go when powered up by Moonflower? It's based on a Prickly Pear Cactus, which are known for growing multiple buds on each "pad".
* In the Bible, sheep were associated with good and goats were associated with evil. When hit by Wizard Zombie's and Rose's BalefulPolymorph spells respectively, the plants (who are the good guys) get turned into sheep, and the zombies (who are the bad guys) get turned into goats.
* After [[spoiler:Modern Day Day 16, notice the road signs saying 'STOP', 'WRONG WAY', and 'DEAD END']] in the background? This is {{Foreshadowing}}, as to prevent [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Crazy Dave]] from [[spoiler:[[TimeParadox ruining the timeline]]]].
* Why did Zomboss gave [[spoiler:Crazy Dave a taco with a ''waffle'' on it after his defeat in Modern Day Day 34? Because he knew that Dave would cause a TimeParadox if he re-eats his original taco.]]
* It's pretty telling how the Octo Zombie is one of the [[DemonicSpiders most overpowered zombies]] in ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime'' when ''Plants Vs Zombies: Heroes'' re-introduces him as one of the most powerful zombie teammates in the game- a legendary rare card with very useful abilities, in fact.
%% * In ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime'', the dinosaurs were a nuisance who were helpful to the zombies until charmed. In ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombiesHeroes'', we find out that the Zombies eventually managed to ''tame the Dinosaurs'' and get them to work as mounts.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Partially a byproduct of re-used sound effects, a plant-munching sound can be heard when the zombies finally reach your house. However, this doubles as the sound of ''your skull'' getting munched by the zombies. [[spoiler:You hear the BigNo AFTER that sound.]]
** As mentioned above, it is possible there is a young child in the house. What if the [[spoiler:BigNo is you seeing the zombie eat your child?]]
* If you scroll down on the Achievements screen, you'll find a lot of {{ShoutOut}}s to other Creator/PopCap titles buried in the dirt ... but go far enough, and you'll [[DiggingToChina find China]], also overrun by zombies. The game's bright colors and tongue-in-cheek style work to hide the fact that ''the entire Earth has succumbed to the ZombieApocalypse''. That's right, the world has ended and you didn't even stop to think about it.
* When the zombies drop seeds, you don't even think about it. You just figure that they picked it up somewhere. But once you remember zombies recruit, that's when you realize, SOMEBODY HAS DONE THIS BEFORE. Lots of people have! The zombies carrying seeds were once fellow gardeners, whose brains have been eaten. You are just retrying what hundreds have done before you... and they all failed.
* There's a tricycle parked in the backyard (one of the zombies sings about it in the end). [[InfantImmortality Does that mean there's a little kid around somewhere?]] [[AdultFear One who belongs]] [[NightmareFuel to your family?]]
** On another note, the zombies could have been alive for a while. And during that time, everyone could have been turned into a zombie. EVERYONE BUT THE PLAYER! [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant But hey, I'm not ruining your fun.]]
* Anyone pay attention to Dave's dialogue before the battle against the Zombot Tomorrow-tron when [[spoiler:Zomboss activates his hypnosis]]? Because it sounds eerily similar to [[spoiler:the dialogue at the end of the tutorial...]]
* [[spoiler:Crazy Dave finally gets his taco back, albeit with a waffle on it. One wonders if Dave ate the taco and then he wanted to ''eat'' it again, considering he had broken the time-space continuum...]]


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

** How on Earth can said [[spoiler:massive zombie robot constantly slam Winnebagos down on the roof without it collapsing?]]
*** How on earth can plants resist a zombie invasion? Rule of cool.
** Tingle's Law; Anything the developers do not want to break will not break, no matter how many times you hit it with your sword.
* When a headwear zombie steps on Spikeweeds/Spikerocks, their headwear takes damage instead of the zombie itself. Despite their ''[[AgonyOfDeFeet feet]]'' being stabbed by the spikes. So next time you have to tread barefoot on gravel, nails, burning coal, or broken glass, wear a helmet on your head?
** This one gets even more puzzling when you consider that zombies that carry shields in front of them (the Screen Door Zombie, the Ladder Zombie, and the Newspaper Zombie) take the damage instead of their shields taking damage when they walk over spikeweeds and spikerocks (they also take damage directly from any variety of lobbed-shot plants). How does headgear block damage from all directions when shields only block frontal damage?
** To kill a zombie, the head must be destroyed or cut off; that is why the headgear takes the damage.
* How on earth did [[MightyGlacier Gargantuar]] climb on the roof in the first place?
** Uh, there was a ladder… Either that, or [[spoiler: Zomboss]] drops them off…
* How did any zombies get on the roof? They've already been repelled from both yards.
%%They could have climbed up the side - [[http://img.stpcdn.net/screenshots/plants_vs_zombies_hd_3.jpg looking at this]], it seems like the camera is situated in front of the house, the zombies are coming from the right side, and the chimney and defenses are on the left side.
%% Link needs replacing.
** You've repelled them from the front and back, but not from the side.
* How does a mighty Gargantuar get into your front door... or climb over your backyard fence... ...or go down your chimney......
* How can you actually water a plant that's on fire?
** Lampshaded in the sequel's Zen Garden. When you water the Torchwood (or other fire-based plants, it's fire disappears, it looks sad, then relights it. Although it would be easier to water it by the roots, as it's a tree…
** The aquatic plants [[note]]Lily Pad and Tangle Kelp[[/note]] don't exactly look thrilled when you water them either...
* It doesn't make sense that a zombie can pogo stick on ''spikes''.
* Why on earth are there modern explorer zombies in Ancient Egypt? Or robot bulls in the Wild West? Three words: [[spoiler: Dr Edgar Zomboss]]. Think about it. He might also be the reason as to why there are zombies everywhere in time...
* Dr. Zomboss has a gigantic brain, so why do none of the other zombies ever hunger for it? NoZombieCannibals.
* How does the Shadow-Shroom poison zombies, which are already dead and rotting to begin with? Even stranger is that it can also poison ''robots''...
** Mushrooms are the reproductive organs of fungi. The main section of the fungus is a network of threads that gain much of their nutrition by decomposing dead organisms. [[FridgeBrilliance Zombies are nothing so much as well-preserved, mobile, dead organisms.]] Therefore the zombies are not being "poisoned" so much as "[[NightmareFuel eaten alive]]."
* How could the Shrinking Violet shrink Imps into oblivion, while the Imps that drives the Disco-tron 3000 and Gargantuar Prime doesn't?