* Just where did Fluttershy get a dungeon, anyway?


* There is a scene in ''Part Two'' where Fluttershy commits a big parenting no-no: despite having a infant-level ManChild in her home, she irresponsibly leaves her front door wide open. Despite having every reason in the world to make sure that door is carefully closed up tight, she still left it open, anyway. Why? In a minute.
** Later, another scene showcases Scootaloo regressing Rainbow Dash back to permanent infancy. Dash understandably panics and tries to get free before it happens and fails. She then reenters an infant state of mind while still in that panicked state and collapses onto the ground in a crying fit. Scootaloo then just leaves the poor Pegasus crying on the floor. She and Fluttershy have a good long talk sometime later after the filly has completed her final test. Dash has presumably still been left bawling her eyes out all alone and scared in that little room the entire time. Long story short, Fluttershy's not that great of a parent, and the story backs that up with several smaller instances aside from the most glaringly obvious.


* Just how ''did'' Fluttershy thank Twilight and Zecora, anyway?
* Fluttershy lives on the edge of Everfree Forest. She left her front door wide open in a sequence mentioned in ''Fridge Brilliance''. If she does it again, Dash might actually get out and wander into it. In her normal state of mind, Dash could no doubt handle herself in there, but as is she would surely die a horrible death in a dark corner somewhere, alone and terrified.
* Based on the fact that this story was written sometime during Season One, it can be easily assumed it takes place before the premiere of Season Two. Equestria will enter an eternal age of Discord thanks to Fluttershy's actions.
* Thinking too long about the effects foalmula must have on the brain is more than enough to induce FridgeHorror. Stronger doses are essentially damaging if not ''killing'' a part of the brain of the victims.
* In the "bad" ending to the story, Scootaloo unknowingly inflicted herself with enough Foalmula to permanently mentally regress her far enough so that she lost the ability to speak. Horrifying enough on its own, so what makes this FridgeHorror? In ''[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E12BabyCakes Baby Cakes]]'', foals can canonically start to speak as early as a month old, which causes Rainbow's BabyTalk (being able to speak in coherent enough sentences to be able to carry out a full, if simplistic, conversation despite mentally being one year old (According to the IronicNurseryTune in the "preferable" ending)) to make more sense. So, in order to never be able to speak again, Scootaloo would have to be mentally regressed to, at ''oldest'', three weeks, if not ''younger''.