!! FridgeLogic
* If, in the sequel, Colonel Noodle wanted to turn everything into noodles ''starting with all the food'', then why didn't Chop Chop Master Onion transform?
** I don't think that [[AnthropomorphicObjects anthropomorphic foodstuffs]] count as [[CarnivoreConfusion actual food]] in the [=PaRappa=] [[TheVerse universe]].
** [[FridgeBrilliance Chop Chop Master Onion is a plant in his current state.]]
* It's only missable because of [[EarWorm how catchy the song is]], but when you think about it... how could Prince Fleaswallow work in the flea market when his mother was a baby?
** It's probably a way of saying that his family has been working in the flea market for generations.
** And then there is the fact that a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR forgets to close her car door.
!! FridgeHorror

* The people of [=PaRappa=] Town are so ignorant, that FIVE of them saw Lammy get killed by a banana peel and NONE of them bothered checking her for life signs.