* "This Bird Has Flue": An exotic bird smuggler gets sick and dies of bird flu while on a plane. Isn't bird flu contagious?
* "Dung For": "Why does this keep happening to me?!" ... So, has more than one worker ''died'' after putting the moves on the farmer's daughter?! Meeeep.

* "Drunk Die-er": The drunk driver who was still alive and had to not only watch his organs being harvested before they took out his heart, but ''feel'' every second of it. How do we know he's alive when there are ''no life'' signs actually? And how come highly trained doctors are so stupid to not notice he was alive either?
** And if he died of it, how do we know he was still alive until they took his heart out?
** There is a horror story ''similar'' to this, except mercifully the story ended just before they performed the actual autopsy and the guy just suffered a broken neck after falling off a tall building.
** Easy solution: While the specific identity of someone who experienced this is unknown, it's common enough that it can be assumed to have happened at least once.
* "Bushwhacked 3: Waxed Offed": The bitchy redhead at the Korean spa who died when doused with the water from the sprinkler system had a condition called ''aquagenic urticaria'', which, in layman's terms, means "a deadly allergic reaction to water")... then ''how on Earth'' did this woman ever get properly clean?
** People with this condition can only take 5 minute showers. The fire extinguisher was far more powerful than your average shower