[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Surely if Luffy is made entirely of rubber his asshole could take any kind of abuse.
** Friction burns?
** There are [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction giants]] in the One Piece world.
* Luffy's parents were a test tube and a rubber band. So ''how'' could they have named him?
** Given Luffy's MultipleChoicePast, I wouldn't take any claims of parentage at face value.
** Not to mention he's canonically an UnreliableNarrator. Just ask Zoro:
-->'''Zoro:''' Yeah dude, don't bother. I got dinosaurs and {{Music/Rihanna}} last time.
* Nami having her info redacted for Man in a Box 2, considering it was a [[spoiler: snuff]] film involving [[spoiler: zoophilia.]]
** Well, Man-in-a-box probably [[spoiler: thought that Luffy and co. were animal shaggers (because Luffy added horse penises in the ship) and Nami was probably made the object of fornication, it wouldn't be surprising that she redacted her info just to dissociate herself from it]].