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* The Commanding Office (CO) Koal in ''[[VideoGame/NintendoWars Advance Wars: Dual Strike]]'' is very young looking, but seems more mature than the other various [[KidHero Kid [=COs=]]] in the game (Andy, Colin, Jake, and Lash), excepting Sonja, who also acts mature. Even Max, the DumbMuscle of the Orange Star [=COs=], picks up on it, calling Koal a "small man". Then you remember [[spoiler: that Kindle and Von Bolt drained the energy from Omega Land to keep themselves from aging]]. It seems very likely that this is why [[OlderThanTheyLook Koal looks like a child]].
* Von Bolt's BreakingSpeech to Jake sounds self-defeating and stupid to many players, but to ChildSoldier Jake, who quite possibly has never had to really face the fact that his decisions lead to the life or death of his underlings and enemies, and certainly never on such a personal scale? Maybe Von Bolt was better than we give him credit for...
* One of the main aspects of gameplay that changed from DS to [=DoR/DC=] was how the CO power system is almost completely reversed. In DS and the games before, the main way to charge CO powers was to lose units, while the new system worked by fighting inside the CO zone and preserving your CO unit (your power progress is lost with the unit). This fits the DarkerAndEdgier story very well, placing importance on keeping units alive when so few people survived the apocalypse (as opposed to getting stronger by throwing units into the meat grinder) and the impact the CO can have when so much is at stake.
* Why is the credits sequence in ''Advance Wars'', as well as the CO select and menu headers in ''Advance Wars 2'', shaped like a film reel? It's the [[{{Pun}} Theatre of War!]]
* As noted on the YMMV page, Olaf's CO Power hurts teammates more than it helps. This makes sense when you consider that he hates teaming up with fellow friendly nations, even to drive off the villains.
* In Days of Ruin, both Forsythe and The Beast end up dying in the story before CO abilities are brought into play. Forsythe does appear in Vs. Mode with CO abilities there, but The Beast doesn't, despite being more prominent in the story before his own death. This does make sense, as in both the NTSC and PAL versions, it's mentioned he was a sergeant before the meteors struck. Sergeants are below the ranks that one is considered an officer. The Beast doesn't get CO abilities, because he never was a CO in the first place.


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