[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* ''Mirror's Edge''. The first one is simple and pretty obvious; the game features a parkour expert who constantly leaps off buildings to almost certain death. Her name? Faith. Leap of Faith, geddit? The second and more insidious reason was that Electronic Arts, up until that point was known for rehashing sports games every year. They took a leap of faith by marketing a >$10 million new IP as a AAA game. Unfortunately, that didn't work out quite as well as they hoped.
* The blues use non lethal ammunition, explaining your bullet resistance and their willingness to open fire.
** This sounds more like WMG, especially since the ammunition is very lethal only after few rounds, and just as much when used by Faith against the enemies.
* Lisa Miskovsky's "Still Alive" is actually the City's {{Leitmotif}}. Faith's opening lines are (paraphrased) "Once, the City alive and wonderful but not anymore." But whenever she looks over the city (such as the first cutscene after the tutorial and during the ending), "Still Alive" starts to play. Let's not forget the lyrics that speak of the "concrete heart", "no shadows", "red lights", etc.--all attributes of the City. It's as if either the City tries to tell Faith that it is still alive (cf. the interpretation that it's actually PostCyberpunk, although Faith thinks it's straight-up CyberPunk), or Faith misguidedly seeing false qualities in the City.
** The city has been covered in a veneer of antiseptic artificiality by a fascist government, hence the lines: "But inside my head so loud and clear / You're screaming, you're screaming / Covered up with a smile I've learned to fear."
* Despite the title (and the game's page image on Wiki/ThisVeryWiki), there are no actual fully reflective surfaces in the entire game. That's because Faith's movement animations are so [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3VnWYt9flM glaringly crude]] that the devs didn't dare to show them other than [[FirstPersonGhost in first-person]].
* The PacifistRun makes tremendous sense when you consider [[spoiler: if the Mayor is trying to replace the police with a private military contractor, you'd want to keep as many cops alive as possible.]]
** Except that's assuming [[spoiler: you ever face CPF in combat, which, in fact, you don't. As mentioned below on this page, every "blue" who is not Kate or Miller belongs to PK, which is why they're so trigger-happy in the first level.]]
* Yahtzee wonders why we're supposed to think this is a dystopia. What, are we supposed to be upset that they keep everything so clean? Now, it's been mentioned that the city appears to be empty of everyone but cops, but here's the thing. [[http://www.trevorlittle.com/wordpress/wp-content/photos/DSCF1289.jpg Ever worked outside in a city?]] City's are filthy. If you want to keep a building from looking grungy, you have to wash it; there are people who make their living power-washing parking garages to keep them from getting dirty enough to sprout plants. For the city to be that sparkling white, it must somehow employ a small army of vertical-surface janitors. The city really is all about the gloss, and not about substance.
** Except we're told that it's Runner Vision. We're looking through Faith's eyes, and all she sees are surfaces she can use, which is why the important ones are red. No one painted them red, that's just how we see it. In the official "Still Alive" music video, we see what the city ''actually'' looks like.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* When kicking the Parkour Killer in the groin [[spoiler: doesn't have any noticeable effect, it's a subtle hint that the Killer is female. This falls apart, unfortunately, when you consider that not only are kicks to female groins just as potentially painful as their male counterparts, but are considerably more likely to be lethal if [[{{Squick}} certain things]] cave in.]]
** The Parkour Killer [[spoiler: Celeste]] is wearing a padded prototype Pursuit Cop outfit, though, so it's probably mostly as protective against groin-kicks as the riot cops' armored codpieces are. Remember, Faith isn't kicking with a steel-toed boot, but with a soft tabi.
* All the elevators have just one or two buttons. Do they just magically know what floor you need to go to?
** Once again, [[AWizardDidIt Runner's Vision]]. Of course there are more buttons in the elevators, but Faith (and the player) only sees what she needs to see : that the elevator will bring her to the floor she needs to be.
* Are the runners the ones that believe that they live in a cyberpunk world while the ones that 'betray' them realize that this is a post-cyberpunk world and that they are tired of running?


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Goes hand-in-hand with the AlternateCharacterInterpretation that [[spoiler: Faith is either aiding terrorists or simply ''is'' a terrorist. It makes the moments where the player is forced by game-design bottlenecks to murder police officers seem even ''less'' heroic. Congratulations! You're playing a {{Villain Protagonist}}!]]
** The problem with this interpretation is that it fails to take in account a lot of things including that the guys that are shooting at Faith aren't police or CPF. They are Pirandello Kruger mercenaries hence the big reveal in Chapter 6. You never once encounter CPF. Also at the beginning of the game, Merc and Faith are surprised that they were shooting at Faith for no reason and Celeste scoffs at Merc's suggestion of using Martial Arts in the training section. The Runner's aren't aiding in terrorism either if Mayor Callaghan's action in Mirror's Edge 2D mean anything. She intentionally used her PK Killers to frame the Runners and ruin their reputation. So be at ease. You are not playing a terrorist.
** It's made clear that the police normally doesn't bother with the Runners because they are all but harmless. Faith is in exceptional situation because the powers that be want to use her in their frame-up in part of their plot to turn the city from a nanny-state into a fully fledged police state. Also, it's never necessary to kill anyone in this game. Every conflict can be resolved with speed, stealth or fists.
** A news report in the last level mentions that Pirandello Kruger has been authorized to draft in more units from the city's populace until Faith and her sister are caught. All of those FacelessMooks you go through? There's a good chance they didn't have a choice.