[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* To some, having "Tom Oliver" make an appearance won't make sense. Until people looked up the Aramaic origin of the name "Tommy" which means "Twin". Made even funnier when David who showed up in Zeo also resembles Tommy a lot.
* Angel Grove developing a rapid evacuation protocol in order to cut the body count wasn't done because the writers believed kids can't handle death. Rather, it is a justification for how Angel Grove still has a population in spite of all the destruction.
* People have pointed out two supposed plotholes in "Missing Green." 1. Zedd's candles don't make sense because the Rangers would need to have touched the magic wax the candles were made from. 2. If Zedd could do this, why didn't he create a candle for Jason? What they overlooked was that Zedd captured the other four, meaning he could have forced them to touch the wax. He didn't make a candle for Jason because he didn't have Jason prisoner and thus couldn't force him to touch the wax.
** Also, he wanted to make Jason [[KickTheDog feel even worse by having the Rangers lose their powers]] like Tommy.
* If you watch the season 3 morphin sequence, when they morph from their ninja suits into their ranger suits, everyone's morpher is open apart from Rocky's. People often fault this as a production error, but it made me think. They were in their ninja modes, harnessing their ninja animal. What if Rocky was the only one in this ninja state that was sufficiently tuned into his spirit animal the most to not NEED to use his morpher to morph? What if it was just present (but closed) so he wouldn't stand out for the wrong reasons? Granted him being the most tuned into his spirit animal isn't a massive compliment as his is the ape, which humans are descended from anyway, but still.
* It seems a bit silly that, in the movie, the Ninjamegafalconzord's "in case of emergency" button initiates a GroinAttack, right? But then again, it's actually very appropriate for the Power Rangers. They all about HonorBeforeReason, so it makes sense that they wouldn't use a GroinAttack except in the most dire circumstances.
* It just hit me exactly WHY Tommy made such a good "White" Ranger for most American audiences. White stands for "purity" and "goodness", which would make it far too easy for someone to go the fanatic route and take on a "kill them all" persona in regards to the people of Angel Grove for not being perfect, but in a sense, Tommy's already been down that route with Rita and the "Green with Evil" arc when he was her fanatical Ranger. So he KNOWS the danger, and knows to stay away from it.
* In "Always a Chance", it seemed as though Adam was seriously considering using his broken Power Morpher even before Carlos was in trouble, and his reassuring Alpha that it was "just a thought" sounded very much like a lie. On top of this, his apparent desire to be a Ranger again doesn't make a lot of sense if he and the other original Turbo Rangers really gave up their powers in order to "move on with their lives." However, it does makes a lot of sense if the Millennium Message was the real reason they gave their powers to [=TJ=] and company. Adam was a shy kid who suddenly became a superhero; this must have been like a dream come true for him. Then, a few years later, he had to give up his powers BecauseDestinySaysSo. Thus, he risks serious injury in order to become a hero again.
* In Season 1, all of the Zords are based off of real dinosaurs or prehistoric beasts... except for the Dragonzord. This doesn't seem to make sense... until you realize that, up until the past couple centuries, dinosaur fossils were believed to be the bones of dragons!
** This is only an issue if you ignore the later seasons since it's eventually established that dragons actually existed in ancient times so the dragonzord fit in just fine right from the beginning.
* If the backstory of the movie is the same as the first two seasons of the show, there's a plothole in the opening narration to the movie, as it's stated that Zordon recruited six teenagers, when SixthRanger Tommy was actually recruited by Rita to be her Green Ranger before he underwent a HeelFaceTurn & joined the team. But Tommy's not the Green Ranger anymore by the time of the movie, he's the White Ranger. Which Zordon ''did'' recruit him for.
* The Rangers from Aquitar received their powers from Ninjor and used the footage from Series/NinjaSentaiKakuranger. That means they were [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Alien Ninjas!]]. No. [[UpToEleven Alien Ninja Power Rangers!!!!]]
** This makes a surprising amount of sense, considering that the ninja powers came from space (in both the movie and MMPR S3), and ninja were rumoured to have superhuman power in their hey-day. Conclusion? The ninja came from outer space!
** Also, ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm'' involves a team of Ninja Rangers fighting aliens.
* Ivan Ooze's reign of terror was put to an end, ushering in a new ear of (relative) peace, 6000 years ago; Zedd started looking for him 2000 years ago. In the Bible, the universe/Earth was said to have been created 6000 years ago, and Jesus lived and died ~2000 years ago. Make of that what you will.
* Lord Zedd's name makes sense when you realize, the letter Z is pronounced 'zed' in just about every country ''but'' the US.
* On the subject of Lord Zedd, there's the question of why nobody else attacked Earth while he was away. The answer is simple: Serpentera. No one before or since in Power Ranger history has had a Zord able to blow up a planet. There were the torpedoes in the Space season, but they weren't Zords nor were mass produced before the Z-Wave hit. Regardless of how powerful Zedd actually was, Serpentera placed him squarely on nearly everybody's "Do not screw with" list. Until he tried to stop the Rangers from getting the Sword of Light, where he blew up the Deserted Planet in an attempt to stop the Rangers. Knowledge of the planet's destruction drew the Machine Empire's attention, and once they realized what had happened, they realized that with Serpentera drained, Zedd's territory was up for grabs.
* Season 3's Pink Ranger power transfer is interesting; Kimberley is able to pass her powers to Katherine in ''A Different Shade of Pink'' simply by giving her the Crane Power Coin, which as pointed out in ''WebVideo/HistoryOfPowerRangers'' is odd because to do the same in the previous season required the Sword of Light. Why it's possible here and not there could be because a few episodes back in ''A Ranger Catastrophe'', Kimberley's direct connection to the Coin was severed and rerouted through the other five Rangers to keep Rita and Zedd from gaining it. At this point, it ''would'' be as simple as handing the Coin over to her successor, because there's no direct connection to be transferred with it.
* The Hydro Hog is apparently the Alien Rangers' BigBad back home, but is destroyed by the Shogun Mega Falconzord. Remember that the Shogun Mega Falconzord ''isn't'' part of the Alien Rangers' natural arsenal, it was on loan from the Earth Rangers and was in fact their MidseasonUpgrade, so it being too powerful for him to handle makes sense.
* Trini's fear of heights in "High Five" may seem unreasonable, given in "Day of the Dumpster" she jumps high off the ground into her zord but she was morphed when she did that and is unmorphed when she has to face her fear. It seems that morphing not only builds confidence but takes away fears and doubts in general. This makes sense with an unmorphed Kimberly panicking when she has to fly a plane in the episode "Foul Play in the Sky" despite flying a pteradactyl on a regular basis. (Plus it's also explained in "Day of the Dumpster" that pilot knowledge comes with morphing) And As seen with Billy, despite having no fighting skills, becomes more skilled and confident when morphed. Also in the episode "Something Fishy", Rita had to enhance a morphed Billy's fear of fish with magic to make him fear the Goo Fish despite establishing he had a fear of fish already.
* In ''Return of the Green Ranger'' the Clone!Tommy boasts that he's even stronger than White Ranger Tommy. Remember that the Green Ranger powers were recharged three times before being completely drained. Of course they'd be stronger with all that accumulated energy. It also helps explains why Tommy would use his Green Ranger powers again in ''Series/PowerRangersSuperMegaForce.''
* "May the Power protect you". Some strange form of salute from Zordon? No, a sincere wishing of victory and good luck: righteousness isn't guarantee or even any help in a battle against evil, but having the power to fight is.
* Serpentera is absolutely massive and more powerful than any Zord in the series, which begs the question. Why even have something like that in the first place? Then you realize Serpentera is a ''war'' Zord. It wasn't built for the comparatively small-scale one-on-one battles but for large scale combat. In other words, Serpentera is designed to take on entire armies (and even whole planets if necessary).
** Speaking of, the issue of Serpentera needing a massive amount of energy to function seems like an oversight on Zedd's part. But, when you think about it, it's brilliance on Zordon's part. It's implied that Zedd obtained Serpentera as a "trophy" of sorts for defeating Zordon in a battle. Zordon, of course, knew of Serpentera's destructive capabilities and conveniently neglected to tell Zedd to equip it with a long-lasting power source. Because of this, Zedd ends up with something that could wipe out his adversaries with ease but doesn't due to it wearing out so quickly.
*** Likewise, why doesn't Serpentera just have a long-lasting power source in the first place? Well, remember how it was mentioned above that it's a war Zord? It makes sense that Serpentera simply wasn't used that often to begin with and nobody ever bothered to upgrade it with better batteries.
** Also, Serpentera is a stolen zord, meaning it was likely originally connected to the Morphing Grid until Zedd got it, and thus it's possible a power supply sufficient to power it without that connection isn't easy to come by.
* Ninjor's Ninja Coins and Zords trump the originals. This makes sense when you realize he made the originals thousands of years ago. The Ninja Coins and Zords are stronger because Ninjor is thousands of years more experienced than he was when he made the originals.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* The realization that ''not'' all the buildings that get wrecked are empty or abandoned. Which means a lot of people are killed or injured over the course of the show, particularly in the first two seasons.
* Its canonicity is questionable, but Alpha's Magical Christmas has him bringing children all around the world to the Command Center to celebrate Christmas with him. Alpha 5 and Zordon are kidnapping your children. And some of the songs are specifically Christian. Alpha is forcing a religion some of these children probably don't even celebrate.
* "No one calls Ninjor dim and survives to converse about it!" Straight from the man himself: Call Ninjor stupid ''and he will murder you'' (and, as Lanterra discovers, he follows through on this).
* The moment in "Missing Green" when Jason has to choose between grabbing the green candle and going to rescue Tommy. Though [[NeverSayDie "die"]] wasn't said, Zack made it clear that if they didn't go at that moment, Tommy's life would be over. It's also clear in that episode that both Jason and Tommy are under the impression that Tommy's life isn't truly worth living without Ranger powers, making it pretty clear that Tommy's [[TheAtoner atoning attempts]] are a potential risk of causing himself permanent harm and Jason is well-aware of that fact which scares him to death, both as a leader and as Tommy's friend.
* As stated above, Serpentera is a War Zord and is basically built for large scale combat. The horror comes in when you realize that it's implied Zedd obtained Serpentera from Zordon as a trophy of sorts in battle. Exactly what did Zedd do to be able to win a prize like that?
** Likewise, the very thought that Serpentera once belonged to Zordon. Exactly why would he need something of that much destructive power? What evil could've been so dangerous that it required the creation of a robot capable of destroying entire planets?
*** Probably [[Series/PowerRangersInSpace Dark Specter]], since it took ''two'' planet busting weapons to finally kill him.
* One of the rules of being a Ranger is that you can't reveal your identity to anyone, not even loved ones. So everytime the Rangers are battling monsters, especially big monsters, [[AdultFear their families have no idea where they are amid the chaos]].


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* A news report reports that all the parents in Angel Grove mysteriously disappeared at once. Didn't anyone notice a huge crowd of hypnotized people marching through the streets?
** The city was already evacuated when they showed up. Previously, the victims were all confined to the factory and the construction site.
* How did the Tengu know exactly where the Rangers were on Phaedos, and then exactly where Ivan was when they reported back?
** Ooze could likely sense the Rangers and told the Tengu where to go, and as the Tengu creator he probably had a way for them to find him when their mission was done. A better question would be how the Tengu managed to fly all the way to Phaedos in roughly the same time it took the Rangers to teleport there.
* How did Ivan know about the Black Plague, Spanish Inquisition, etc. when he was trapped in that egg?
** He must have read about them.
* Why did the Rangers wait until night to inspect the construction site? For that matter, why did they have to waste time and go to the Command Center for briefing instead of being briefed right there? I mean, they had just skated through it.
** They were already far from there when they were summoned to the Command Center.
* Zedd destroys the Dinozords by plunging them into molten lava...why did this work when two of the Zords ''rise out of lava when summoned?''
** Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they were actually destroyed (otherwise they'd've had nothing to make the Thunder Zords from later). I thought the point was to encase them in the Earth, like Rita did with Titanus before that.
** Zedd actually states what he did differently than Rita: he stripped the Zords of their power before dropping them in. Presumably the Zords can normally survive molten lava, but Zedd stripped them of any protection they had. As for why he doesn't do this again: the Thunderzords are explicitly more powerful than the old ones, so it's likely Zedd simply isn't powerful enough to do the same to them. Another factor is thanks to Pirantishead, the Zords were active for ''far'' longer than they ever had been previously, so it's likely they were in a much more weakened state than ever.
* Here's another one regarding the Dinozords: if Zordon and Alpha upgraded Titanus with Ninja Zord tech, why couldn't they salvage the Thunder Megazord, restore it to it's original form, and upgrade it and the Dragonzord as well? Then they'd have ''two'' enhanced Megazords, or an Ultrazord and an enhanced Megazord, to throw at their enemies.
** The Thunderzords were ''destroyed''. There's no way of knowing if Zordon (at that point) knew how to repair zords that had been that thoroughly trashed. Titanus on the other hand, had been in perfect working order, just sitting around doing nothing. Besides, with the original dino coins broken, the Thunderzords had no power source. Titanus appeared to have it's own power source.
*** That seems like a stretch considering that the Thunderzords were formed by reshaping the Dinozords on a molecular level. And since Series/PowerRangersZeo is the follow up to MMPR, that means Zordon had that holding bay for the Zeo Zords, including the repair equipment, this whole time. Not to mention that whenever the Dinozords got damaged, they just needed to recharge and they were fine. Also, the rangers got the Shogunzords switched to the new coins pretty easily, so the older zords could've been switched over as well.
** Fridge brilliance solving two problems: Ninja and Shogun Ultrazord sported Dragonzord's shield on Titanus with no explanation. When Alpha upgraded Titanus, he salvaged Dragonzord for it!
* In Season 1's "Different Drum", the monster's plan is to lure the Rangers in by kidnapping children and then using his music to brainwash the Rangers. So why does he spend time attacking them as opposed to playing his accordian for them the minute they arrive?

[[folder: Fridge Heartwarming ]]

* One of Zordon's rules for being a Ranger is not to escalate a fight (IE, summon a Zord) unless Rita forces them to (IE, making a monster gigantic). An early episode, ''Big Sisters,'' has the Rangers form the Megazord in order to save a little girl from Rita before she even considers making her monster grow. [[FriendToAllChildren So, don't kidnap kids in Angel Grove.]]
** This also happened in the "Gosei Sentai Dairanger" movie when the Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOh showed up to prevent the Duke of Trumps from burning the cards he turned kids into and he didn't even turn giant yet.