* ''Film/{{Memento}}'''s backwards narrative can feel somewhat gimmicky, but it forces us to live through Leonard's perception of the world, seeing a scene with no knowledge of the (usually critical) events that lead up to it.
* One thing that lends credence to the theory that [[spoiler:Teddy is telling the truth about Leonard's wife surviving the attack and it was Leonard who killed her]] is that even in the heat of their argument at the end, [[spoiler:Teddy always specifically says that the assailant raped Leonard's wife, never including that he killed her.]]
* Leonard's story about Sammy Jankis is not only revealing about how Leonard is able to form new memories, it's also possibly Leonard's only real memory of how his wife actually died.


* At the end of the movie, you can be left with two conclusions: [[spoiler:that Teddy was lying to Leonard, or that he was telling the truth. Which means that either Teddy is a ManipulativeBastard, or that Leonard is taking advantage of himself just as much as the rest of the cast. Neither interpretation is especially happy, but which one is worse?]]