!! FridgeBrilliance
* Regina's line referring to Gretchen's nomination for Spring Fling Queen, saying that "She's not even pretty." In the original script, Gretchen was intended to be average at best, ugly at worst - mostly desirable because of her expensive clothes and lavish lifestyle. When the obviously pretty Lacey Chabert was cast for the role, this line was left in, and rather than just a statement, it becomes an insight into Regina's character. She truly believes that she is the queen bee because she deserves it, because she is superior to Karen and Gretchen. YMMV on which girl is most attractive, but fans can all agree that each of them is gorgeous, and only Regina's inflated ego could have resulted in such a surprise at Gretchen's nomination.
* Why did Janis receive [[KarmaHoudini no comeuppance]] for her actions against Regina, while Cady received very harsh reactions from the rest of the school? Because Cady was a newcomer, and the rest of the school had no idea what Regina might have done to her, while Janis had known Regina for years. They could chalk up Janisí behaviour to a KickTheSonOfABitch reaction, while assuming Cady was just a massive {{Jerkass}}.
** One could also argue that Janis' actions in the movie were balanced by the humiliation she received in the events before the movie.
** Another argument may have been that considering how almost every female in that scene was victimized by Regina George, so for them to hear all the bad thing that happened to Regina must have been too satisfying to condemn Janis for.
* Janis isn't a lesbian, but she is Lebanese. Her whole falling out with Regina was probably the result of Regina confusing the two.
** Or it was a result of Regina becoming threatened by Janis's popularity and wanting to take her down. Regina could have been depending on *others* having heard that Janis was Lebanese, and being able to easily convince them that they had heard "lesbian" instead.
* Minor but facepalm-worthy: "Fetch," which seems like such a random word, is probably short for "fetching," which ''would'' make sense in the contexts she uses it.

!! FridgeLogic
* Why would the inventor of Toaster Strudels need to put his daughter in public school? Surely the resident RichBitch would be just one of many in some ritzy private academy?
** Plenty of kids with rich parents go to public schools. It might be because the parents do want to save money (even if you're rich, a good private school can still be rather expensive), though sometimes the kid goes to public school for the general environment. More exposure to different types of people and whatnot.
** In some areas of the country, public schools can be just as good (and just as expensive as, due to a combination of taxes and books) as private schools.
** This movie was apparently set in the North Shore of Chicago, an area known for very wealthy residents and some of the best public schools in the nation. Private schools in that area are not significantly better than the public schools, and if the parents don't want to ship the children off to boarding school...it makes a great deal of sense that Gretchen goes to public school.
** Some studies have shown that public schools are actually better than private schools--you also make more money if you work at a public school instead of a private school.
* Why does Cady speak English with a perfect American accent when she's spent her entire life in Africa?
** Cady didn't spend her whole life in Africa, just all of her school years. She could have been five or six when she when over, so english isn't a problem. As for the accent, she could have picked that up from her parents.
*** As a Britain born OopNorth and raised in Spain for my schooling years, I can tell you people do tend to lose their original accent after a while. Just chalk it up to NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent.
*** When she was in Africa she spoke the native language when talking to others. However she still spoke English with her parents at home. She learned how to speak English first and so she kept her accent from speaking with them.
*** But English is a lingua franca in South Africa and other parts of the continent, a dialect that is very different from Midwestern American English. If Cady spoke to ''anyone'' other than her parents, it would rub off eventually. NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent, I say.
* How did the Plastics get away with wearing such short skirts in high school? I didn't go to a particularly conservative school, but we still had a dress code. (Moreover, how did all the girls get away with cutting cup-revealing holes in their blouses when most schools will call girls out for letting their bra straps accidentally slip down their arms?)
** I noticed that when Ms Norbury asks who has felt victimised by Regina, the teachers and even Mr Duvall raise their hands too. So it might be that Regina is so effective as an AlphaBitch that even the teachers don't question her. As for the cut blouses, we only see them wearing the clothes like that for one afternoon - so maybe the teachers did forbid them. It's just that they didn't have replacement tops they could change into that day.
* Since the movie, Gretchen's "fetch" has gained some use as slang for a ForcedMeme. Does that mean she really ''did'' make "fetch" happen?

!! FridgeHorror
* Not exactly FridgeHorror, but if Janis choreographed the sexy Jingle Bell Rock dance when she was still friends with Regina, that means that she, Regina, and the other Plastics were no older than 12 or 13 years old when they started performing it at school talent shows (and presumably wearing the costumes).
** To be fair, those costumes probably covered more back then...
** A lot of girls do tend to copy dancing they see their favourite pop stars doing. Dance is a bit suggestive on its own, so while it's a bit icky, it's unfortunately TruthInTelevision. It's already a bit icky that these are sixteen-year-old girls performing this dance.