[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Why is an obscene amount of Mushroom Kingdom coins worth so little Beanbean coins? In the usual Mario games that take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, coins are very abundant and it would be very easy to rack up several thousands. Not so much in the Beanbean Kingdom.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Shortly after you enter Woohoo Hooniversity to face off against Cackletta and obtain the Beanstar, a bunch of professors run by... except for one, who falls down, tells you that the professors from the Hooniversity are being transformed into monsters, and transforms into a Laser Snifit. After Mario and Luigi defeat him, he doesn't change back. Neither do any of the other monsters in the Hooniversity. They all simply disappear, implying that they die like the normal enemies. Now think about it. If all of the monsters in the Hooniversity were once professors, then that means [[MercyKill you were basically forced to]] [[KillEmAll kill all of them]] [[AndIMustScream so they wouldn't suffer]] [[FateWorseThanDeath a fate worse than death.]]
* When Mario gets sick via eating an Invincishroom in Little Fungitown, the Toad doctor points out the cause as Bean Fever (It's a disease that affects people not accustomed to the food in Beanbean Kingdom) and that if Luigi doesn't get the cure, Mario will turn into a bean. Said cure is Crabbie Grass that seems to be hard to come by. Then you realize that there are a [[FateWorseThanDeath near unlimited amount of beans in the kingdom.]]
* You destroy cacklettas soul, let me repeat that, HER SOUL! Though perhaps it isn't entirely horrifying. her soul may have just went to the underwhere, as the boos do say ghosts don't die, but still. if she didn't then you can be completely destroyed