[[WMG: '''FridgeBrilliance''']]
* During Mall Fight 6, it was implied that the Writers are on the same side as the Godheads in stopping the Fighters. This implies multiple things:
** Eric claiming himself to be a hero would seem laughable in a [[CrapsackWorld Crapsack Omniverse]], [[spoiler: until you realize that he could have been created by the Godheads without the Writers' knowledge to separate the Mall Fighters due to Eric being a pedophile and a self-proclaimed hero although he owned a casino and slaves in the now [[MissingEpisode deleted Mall Fight 5]].]]
* The severe ChuckCunninghamSyndrome makes sense when you remember the Mall is completely infinite. Anyone can get lost for days upon end.
* Waffles has expressed his love of lesbians, which explains why Diamond acts flirtatious around Stephanie.
* Salt's rampant megalomania and [[AttentionWhore starved-for-attention]] early attitude makes sense given [[spoiler: she had little attention paid to her whole life.]]
[[WMG: '''FridgeHorror''']]
* Pretty much all of Tox' counterparts that aren't supporting characters act the same way (which is being an asshole). However, the implication of them being in the Hypercube System for (probably) centuries could have made an incredibly disturbing impact on their personalities, due to there being only very few Tox counterparts who ever leave the System.
** Since the Hypercube System is technically everywhere and at every point in time, it could mean that Tox' counterparts are stuck in an eternal and ultimate limbo, suffering every sort of pain and living every circumstance imaginable ''just by being in the System for a few seconds''.