[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* A meta example -- on the Blu Ray edition, the menu has multiple inter-cut shots from the movie. If you watch it long enough for it to [[MythologyGag loop]], however, you'll probably notice [[ShownTheirWork it matches the movie's storyline]]. [[spoiler:It starts with Young!Joe's timeline (primarily focusing on collecting silver bars, executing targets, seeing Sara stroke Cid's foot, etc.), but watching until it returns to the start has it swapped out for Old!Joe's timeline (focusing on finding the gold bars, the retirement montage, having his wife stroke his foot, etc.).]]
* You would think Old Joe would be able [[spoiler:to shoot a mother and child running across a clear field]], especially after the scene where [[spoiler:he guns down an entire organization of criminals]]. However, this could be attributed to [[spoiler:Old Joe's mental state being a storm of conflicting emotions; the love of Cid and Sarah of his past self vs the rapidly vanishing memory of his future self's wife]].
* In regards to the theory that [[spoiler: Abe is Kid Blue... why else wouldn't they give him a name? Why would they call him ''KID'' Blue? Why does he seem to have a WellDoneSonGuy relationship with Abe? Because they're the SAME PERSON.]]
** In addition, at the end of [[spoiler:Old Joe's rampage, only Kid Blue is left alive. When he dies at Young Joe's hands, this would make Abe unable to come back in the first place - and serves as more evidence that killing a younger self would not actually disrupt the timeline too badly. Kid Blue's death didn't seem to change much, just like Joe's]].
** Finally, it would explain [[spoiler:why Abe hit Kid Blue's hand with a hammer, disabling his pistol arm. He didn't want him to go out and get killed, which would erase him from the timeline]].
** The biggest problem with this theory is that Abe had to be informed that [[spoiler: Kid Blue found Joe]], when he should have simply remembered it once it had happened.
*** [[MeaningfulEcho "'This time travel crap... it just fries your brain like an egg.'"]]
** The director has called this an interesting theory, [[TeasingCreator and refused to confirm or deny it]].
*** Although he notes in the commentary for the deleted scene where Abe sends Kid Blue out to be shot in the head, that it really would have settled the question.
* Abe says he took in Joe after the kid was found trying to rob a mob-controlled watch shop. Joe's always carrying a fob watch, even in the future. Where do you think he got it?
* The instant Joe meets Sara, Old!Joe's memory starts getting incredibly foggy, to the point that he has to actively think very hard for several seconds to even recall the first time he saw his wife. What was it he said to Joe in the diner? "The less likely that future becomes, the foggier [his] memory gets"? So the instant Joe meets Sara, the future's pretty much changed irrevocably.
* Executions and body disposal are a pretty wasteful use of time travel; naturally altering the past can have disastrous effects, however the first thing the mafia would ask when presented with such technology is "How can we make money with this?" The answer? Money laundering. Precious metals are sent back in time as 'payment', but are exchanged for currency, putting the gold and silver back into the mob's hands, thirty years in the past. The kicker is the money is, like the hits, effectively untraceable; it seemingly has no origin or paper trail. Considering the metals are 'bought' from the Loopers for current-day value (or possibly less) and will accrue value in the intervening years, the mafia will make quite a tidy profit from that alone.
** To say nothing of the potential manipulation of the precious metal stock market. Sending all that silver back in time makes it common, meaning it's practically worthless in their present. They're paying for a valuable service in ''WorthlessYellowRocks.''
*** On top of ''that'', the time period they're targeting is in a depression. There's nobody to stop them from screwing with the precious metals market.
* Apart from emphasizing [[ChinaTakesOverTheWorld the allure of a rising power]] and serving as a BrickJoke later on, there's a much more compelling reason why Abe keeps insisting that Joe go to China. Apparently, many of the crime rings in 2074 either have good connections or are based in China, so it would be logical that they'd "encourage" loopers to head there rather than other countries like France. In other words, it makes their job in finding (and disposing) them a ''lot'' easier once the 30 year limit's up.
* Cid says he wants a gun to be able to stop bad stuff from happening. What bad stuff? [[spoiler:He killed his "mother".]] How would he stop this with a gun? [[spoiler:By shooting himself.]] Maybe Joe learned something from Cid.
* Why would a guy sent back in time in the heart of China arrive in a field in Kansas? Answer: when he's sent back in time, that accounts for the Earth's rotation. The machine sends the guy ''above'' the Earth while it rotates (backwards) at super-speed. Likely whoever invented the machine sent a guinea pig back, found out exactly *where* it would land, and came up with a suitable equation to factor in the co-ordinates of wherever a time traveler would appear based on the co-ordinates of wherever they started. Then the mobs stole or bought it from the inventor when they stole or bought the time machine. This would also explain why every target appears in exactly the same place for every Looper.
** The problem with your proposed mechanism is, incidentally, the actual answer to your question. Your proposed mechanisms seems to assume the only movement of the earth is rotation but the earth goes around the sun, the sun goes around the galactic center, and the galaxy itself is moving. Truth is, in order to move through time and stay on the planet you absolutely have to have to move in space as well. Given this, changing the relative location where you land on Earth is not really difficult, more or less like you said.
*** The loopers are shown waiting in specific locations for their targets, so there is obviously a targeting system that places the person at the right coordinates to be killed.
* This story isn't just [[spoiler:a time loop about Young/Old Joe.]] It's also [[spoiler:a time loop about the Rainmaker's StartOfDarkness. It starts when Old Joe kills his mom. He holds a grudge against the Loopers for 30 years. He takes over the crime world, including the Loopers. Then he closes all the loops. Not just for revenge, but also to make it so his mom wouldn't have died. The Rainmaker had the exact same motivations with his mom as Old Joe had with his wife.]]
* The Loopers' contracts seemingly aren't closed for any particular reason in their ''present'' time. Young Joe mentiones that ''if'' you are still alive in 30 years time you are collected and sent back; but paradoxically if you've died then you can't have been sent back to close your loop. There's no mention of a Looper just giving up and trying to run before their loop is closed, implying that the Syndicate is willing to change their timeline enough that they're perpetually trapped in the 30-year cycle. Their loop is closed because of what happens in the ''future''. Maybe in the future the police have tracked you down and asked you to testify against the Syndicate, or similar circumstances lead to the Syndicate wanting you dead. Maybe you don't even get 30 years; maybe they lied to make the deal seem fairer, and you are only sent sufficiently far back to look 'old' to your younger self. In the film we see a sharp increase in closed loops, because in the future the Rainmaker takes over and has every Looper rounded up and send back to be murdered. Joe himself may have only been located and sent back because he recieved critical information about the Rainmaker's birth.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* [[spoiler:Seth lived through his entire torture]], something you don't realize until [[spoiler:Old Joe vanishes the second Young Joe shoots himself]]. [[spoiler:If Seth had been killed by the ordeal, Old Seth would've vanished.]]
** To be fair on this one, he was laying unmoving on the table, so it's quite possible they had him anesthetized. They had no real reason to be especially cruel to him, since his older self couldn't feel the pain (it would only be a distant memory to him).
*** Or, if they didn't have him anesthetized, [[FromBadToWorse it gets worse]]. Old Joe tells Joe at the diner that he "remembers what you do after you do it." Therefore, part of the horror on [[spoiler:Old Seth]]'s face as that entire ordeal is going on is not just at seeing what is happening-- [[spoiler:that is, his missing fingers and appendages]]-- it's that he's ''remembering the ordeal.''
*** Or they tortured him so much he fell into a coma only to be awakened thirty years later and get sent back.
*** Or, as Old Joe told Young Joe in the diner, his memories get cloudier and foggier the less likely that future becomes. Old Seth's horror is because the memories he had of his (presumably) happy 30-year "retirement" are now being replaced by something a lot less pleasant.
*** I suspect they had him unconscious so he wouldn't have the memory of it happening, and knowing which finger would be next.
*** But if they send him back crippled, how does he escape, making it necessary to cripple Seth in the first place?
*** They can't kill him because it would damage the timeline, so they crippled him and kept him around for 30 years to be sent back an killed on schedule.
* The Rainmaker is revealed to be a BiggerBad responsible for [[spoiler:numerous Loopers killing their future selves.]] Considering there are multiple mobsters visible throughout the movie, who's to say [[spoiler:the Loopers are killing ''every member of their gang members who lived to the 2070's?]]
** It's mentioned that, while nobody knows what the Rainmaker really looks like, there's a rumor that he has a prosthetic jaw. [[spoiler: After shooting Joe with rock salt, Sara mentions that it's easy for wounds in their parts to get infected and warrant amputation. Which would mean that, after Cid's injury from Old Joe, his entire jaw was either eaten away completely or to the point where it had to be removed. And this is a ''little kid'' we're talking about.]]

[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Why even let the Loopers know when they killed themselves through the gold payment? They never seemed to check the faces of the bodies they dumped anyway.
** Because killing ones' future self is also the termination of the looper's contract. Once they receive the gold payment, they know that they no longer work for the future mob and are free to go off and do whatever they please for the next 30 years.
* Evoked in story when [[spoiler:Young Joe suggests saving Old Joe's wife by deciding never to get involved with her. Old Joe is too stubbornly set in his ways to accept this as a possibility and sacrifice his current self. Young Joe brings this full circle because he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his love interest and stop the child from becoming like him.]]
* They say the Looper business started when killing and disposing a body becomes nigh-impossible in the future. But when the syndicate tried to kidnap Old Joe to send him back to the past, they also shot his wife. If they could kill and dispose of her body in the future anyway, why bother with Loopers? And if they dispose her body by sending her back in the past, why send living targets for Loopers to take care of?
* Why get the loopers to kill anyone - They obviously have a location targeting system for the Looper to wait at, why not just dump them in the middle of the Pacific?
** Perhaps the entire purpose of loopers is to shuttle silver and gold bars from the future to the present?