* Why don't the two teams ''ever'' run into each other or turn out they're WorkingTheSameCase?
** They've actually somewhat averted this one on a few occasions. Wheeler's actress was on maternity leave during the filming of the last few episodes of the current season ([[RealLifeWritesThePlot they wrote her pregnancy into the show to explain the character's absence]]) so for the episodes where she's absent, Eames is partnered with both Goren and Nichols.
** The episode "In The Wee Small Hours" is an excellent aversion of this. All four detectives work the case of a missing girl who was in New York on a class trip.
** Regrettably, though, Goren and Nichols never worked a case together.
*** They did work together in the season 9 premiere.
* One episode revolves around an internet video, the stars of which are kidnapped while filming it. Okay, so who uploaded the video?
** They staged the kidnapping so they could upload it. And since the 'kidnappers' quickly posted a ransom demand, it's reasonable that they uploaded the video so people would find out about the kidnapping.