* Clyde spent 10 years planning every detail of his rampage, taking into account everything from [[spoiler: obscure legal precedents to the probable funeral arrangements of Nick's understudy.]] The only thing he missed? [[spoiler: Mere days before the plot, after he stopped researching and plotting, the understudy ditches her old man and gets a new one, [[SpannerInTheWorks Who has the ability to blow the cover provided by his Panama corporation.]]]]
** More FridgeBrilliance: Clyde said that he was going to "bring down the temple" and that it will be "biblical". He hinted of his own [[spoiler: death, just like Samson]], which was part of his plan.

* Nick insists that the system works, even though he literally let a violent criminal go, just so he could keep a track record going. Did he buy his way through law school or something? Compounding this is that letting a child murderer plea out would destroy any career he might have had as a DA.
** Nick is an idiotic slimeball. Bribing his way through law school would not be out of character for him.