[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* "Lost in Myspace" features Strickland Propane getting [[WereStillRelevantDammit a MySpace]] [[DeaderThanDisco page for the company.]] While it comes across as dated for 2008 (and a sign that the show writers are trying to stay hip and relevant, even though it's years past that), many Southern and Western towns in the U.S. like Arlen in real life are a bit behind the times and would embrace trends like MySpace after everyone else has moved on to the next thing. Also at the time fox owned MySpace.
** And considering how long an episode takes to be produced, MySpace was still somewhat popular in 2007 and only started declining in 2008.
* Considering Dale is shown to be a bad shot, his threatening a suicidal Bill with a gun as seen on "Pretty, Pretty Dresses" would be effective since he wouldn't likely kill Bill. (Although it also could just be the shock of how willing Dale is to resort to such measures.)
* Bill mentions several times he had AbusiveParents, and the only woman he ever loved left him. Hence it's no surprise that the minute anyone gives him an inkling of positive attention ("A Bill Full of Dollars") or authority ("Apres Hank, Le Deluge") he lets it ALL go to his head.
* In "Propane Boom Part 2," Luanne seems to go off the rails following Buckley's death and suddenly becomes obsessed with the world's injustices. This is PlayedForLaughs, but sadly TruthInTelevision - many people who have lost someone, especially to to a sudden or violent death, experience a period of anger at how unfair the death was and how unfair God or the world is for taking people in such a way.
* In "Wings of the Dope," Buckley's angel has wings but no halo throughout the episode. As he walks toward the horizon at the end, he pulls a halo out of his pocket and puts it on - he earned his halo for giving Luanne closure and helping her find a better path in her life than beauty school.
* Cotton and Hank's [[CharacterizationMarchesOn relationship changing after Cotton's first appearance]] is due to Hank sticking up to him in his debut episode. It can also be said that Hank sticking up for his dad in the episode was out of fear, and when he told him off it did a 180.
* In "Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl," the porta-potty Hank's in falls apart, revealing him to be a squatter. A few seasons before in "Hank's Unmentionable Problem" Dale suggests to Hank to squat to help his constipation. Either the former is a coincidence or Hank took Dale's advice for a change.
* In some earlier episodes, Bobby only goes up to Hank's stomach while in other episodes he's taller and comes up to his shoulders. Although Bobby never hit puberty in the series, he is 11 when the show starts and is 13 by the time the series ends, and this can be explained by him having a small growth spurt.
* Could also count as FridgeHorror: In "Keeping Up With Our Joneses" when Bobby is caught smoking, Peggy warns him it will stunt his growth. Bobby becomes addicted to cigarettes for a short time after Hank made him smoke an entire carton of cigarettes as punishment, and since Joseph and Connie hit puberty and aged quicker than Bobby, Peggy may've been right.
* In "Rodeo Days" Bill recognizes the clown is Bobby due to Bobby wearing Bill's underwear and Peggy's shoes. His underwear did go missing but he recognized Peggy's shoes because he has an unrequited crush on Peggy and would notice small details like that (plus, Peggy is a woman with size 16-and-a-half feet. You'd have to be blind or really oblivious not to notice).
* Dale Gribble's middle name is Alvin, meaning that he shares his [[ChipAndDale first name]] and [[AlvinAndTheChipmunks middle name]] with two different cartoon chimpmunks. This could be a StealthPun on why he's so nutty.
* How is it that Hank is aware of this one bank teller who's "in-between genders" [[PingPongNaivete yet is oblivious to Peggy's friend, Carolyn being a drag queen?]] Likely because the teller had a large build and masculine features combined with feminine dress, hair, and makeup while Carolyn was much smaller and had boyish/girlish features and therefore was less masculine looking while her biological male form can be construed as just a baby faced guy.
* A bit of Fridge ''Humor'': the magic/occult group that Bobby joins in one episode calls themselves "the Coven of Artemis." Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon, and wild places--pretty fitting for some group of wannabe druids. She's also the goddess of chastity, which is ''also'' fitting since, frankly, most of the guys in the group are probably virgins.
* In the episode with [[Creator/ChrisRock Buddha Sack]], he jokes that [[BerserkButton Hank's urethra]] is so narrow that sperm have to exit in single file. Sperm are actually the smallest cells in the human body (0.05 millimeter, or roughly 0.002 inch), so he's not only saying Hank's urethra is narrow, he's saying it's microscopic!


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* With the naivete of Hank and Peggy about drugs, prostitution, and other vices of the world (with Hank trying to keep his son from knowing about it, as seen in "Get Your Freak Off"), it's a damn good thing Bobby is more street-smart by comparison (mostly by having friends and hanging out with people who know more about the way the world works more than he does, even if said acquaintances turn out to be a bad influence on him) or else he'd probably get into way more trouble than he usually does.
* In the episode when Bill gets involved with a bunch of over-enthusiastic body builders in order to get in shape for his army physical, he injures himself after putting on too many weights for a work-out machine. We don't know exactly what injury the machine caused until the end of the episode. The doctor states that Bill had ruptured his rectum, causing his internal systems to become external. It's called [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectal_prolapse rectal prolapse]] and it's exactly as unpleasant as it sounds and a common hazard with bodybuilders.
* The episode where Luanne and Peggy accidentally joined a sorority (really a front for a cult) ends with Hank and co. having a large barbecue to snap the recruits out of the weeks worth of brainwashing. [[KarmaHoudini And we didn't see the recruiter caught for her actions]]. What if the recruiter found a new place to set up shop? And what about the poor women that were sent to rot in some farm making jams?


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* In "Yankee Hankee" Hank asks his parents for his birth certificate. Why would he be getting it from them in his forties? Wouldn't he have needed it for things like getting a job, a passport, etc?
* How come Social Services were called when Bobby got a black eye but not when he was forced to live in a dog house?
** One, Bobby was living there voluntarily. Two, the social worker (Anthony Page) was sent back to Los Angeles after he screwed up the child abuse investigation by not talking to the Little League coach (who is friends with Page's boss) to see if the black eye was from an accident during the game[[note]]though Page was brought back on the episode "Junkie Business" as the social worker for the drug addict who tried to claim disability so he can work at Strickland Propane[[/note]].
** And three, Hank and Peggy repeatedly begged Bobby to move back into the house.
* In "Hank's Bad Hair Day" Hank is charged $900 for getting a haircut from Bill, since Bill works for the military. Ridiculous right? Well how do you think Bill is able to afford to live alone in a pretty decent neighborhood next to his best friends?
* What was George W. Bush even ''doing'' campaigning in Texas? The way the Electoral college system is up, candidates pretty much ''never'' campaign in their home state and leave places like Texas, New York, and California alone in favour of pushing their presence in "Swing states" like Ohio, where citizens votes count ''more''.
** Candidates actually do campaign in their home states fairly often. Sure, it's not as high profile as say Iowa, New Hampshire, or Florida but it makes for a good media appearance and is often done after going to fundraisers where candidates can easily draw in half a million dollars from the very people that got them elected to statewide office in the first place. So in 2000, George W. Bush being the former governor of Texas and all, it's very likely that he was simply fundraising and decided to make a nice media appearance to hype up his political base.
* [[TheReveal The reveal that]] [[spoiler: Boomhauer works for the Texas Rangers]] is a minefield for this sort of thing. For example, in "Life in the Fast Lane: Bobby's Saga", the [[ColdOpen cold open]] involves Boomhauer getting into a drag race, only for the other guy to reveal that he's a cop, forcing Boomhauer to spout some half-baked excuse about his wife being in labour, but he seems to forget that, y'know, [[spoiler: he's also a cop.]]
** It's possible he got the job later down the line. If this is the case, it explains why Hank and his buddies got out of trouble on many occasions. He did say something about being an electrician in an early episode.
* Hank clearly looks more like his mother than his father. So then why does his Japanese half-brother look almost exactly like him when they have different mothers that don't look anything alike?