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* So, according to the "Animology" personal quiz, Kim and Senor Senior Junior are soul mates. Kim is a globe-hopping Type-A overachiever. Junior is a lazy, narcissistic, RichIdiotWithNoDayJob. It doesn't make sense that these two personality types would be soul mates...or does it? Kim is the kind of girl that Junior would have to make a massive self-improvement effort to win over, and Junior is the kind of guy that a girl like Kim would see as a "project" she could make into something better. It's a romantic-comedy staple, really.
** Also, Kim's real soul mate (according to the creators) is lazy and prone to AcquiredSituationalNarcissism. It ''almost'' got it right...
* The [[BuffySpeak 'dino-thing']] in ''Partners'' went on a rampage... and was attempting to eat the various signs. Standard monster destruction in American Suburbs? Nah, that thing was hungry (and with that much mass and being newly "born", boy does it need food!). As Ron notes,
--> ''"That thing has a dino-sized appetite!"''
* The most straightforward explanation for why Shego is a sidekick rather than an independent villain in her own right is her [[BrilliantButLazy lack of initiative]] and [[CreativeSterility creativity]]. A few hints supporting that conclusion:
** "Two to Tutor": Shego draws a total blank when trying to decide on a field-test target for Junior's criminal training. Junior has to supply her with an idea by coming up with a web search.
** "A Sitch in Time": The one time Shego apparently ''does'' come up with a plan of her own, the plan doesn't ''really'' involve any original thought on her part -- [[TemporalParadox her future self repeats what she remembers her past self being told by her future self...]]
* Kim kicking Shego into the tower, in context of So the Drama alone, seems out of nowhere. However if you look at all three seasons leading up to that, how many times Shego has tried to kill Kim (and the eagerness she did it - for example eagerly trying to decide between "whipped Possible", "minced Possible", and a "Kimmie frappe" in ''Two to Tutor''), suddenly it becomes more of a culmination pushed over by the situation than just taking a random kick.
* Kim's disdain of Larry may seem out of character even by her season one JerkAss standards but look at him for a moment. He is an uber geek who dreams of being a supervillain. Remind you of anyone? A BigBad from ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' perhaps? He makes Warren Meers look suave in comparison, and Kim very much comes across as a fan of the series or at least the equivalent alternate knock off. With that in mind it makes perfect sense that she wouldn't like him.
* Over the course of the series, several countries around the world (Norway, Japan, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, Italy, China, Morocco) are settings of Kim and Ron's adventures, and all those countries have pavilions at '''[[https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/destinations/epcot/ Epcot's World Showcase]]''' at Walt Disney World. So when an interactive "treasure-hunt" style attraction was created in Epcot's World Showcase, it was based on ''Kim Possible'' and called ''[[http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Kim_Possible_World_Showcase_Adventure Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure]]''. (Five years after the ''Kim Possible'' series had concluded, the interactive attraction at Epcot was changed into ''[[http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Agent_P%27s_World_Showcase_Adventure Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure]]''.)


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* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'': At the end of an episode, Shego confirms (yells) that the mind control Dr. Drakken used on her made her ''obey'', but left her fully conscious and aware. That means [[AndIMustScream she was fully aware]] [[PeoplePuppets without any control over her own body.]] [[FateWorseThanDeath With no confirmation it would ever stop.]] And, insult to injury, [[StepfordSmiler she had to act cheerful about it.]] Incidentally, this was not just tailored to Shego; it also worked on Kim. And if Drakken could attach the chips to both of ''[[ActionGirl th]][[DarkActionGirl em]]''[[ParanoiaFuel ...]]
** It gets worse. Remember how when Kim is sent after Ron, she seems to ignore the Tweebs, and when Drakken orders both girls to catch Rufus, they forget about the other intruders? This implies that the chip takes away all thought processes other than those required to carry out an order... so unless Drakken gives an order, neither girl will MOVE. And they have no way to signal if they're hungry, thirsty, tired, need to go to the bathroom, or anything. If Drakken forgets this, both girls could be forced to slowly waste away, very aware of what's going on, but powerless to stop it.
*** It's not "if" he forgets, it's ''when''. We're talking about the guy who had one of his inventions get [[UrineTrouble shorted out]] because he couldn't be bothered to take [[MisterMuffykins Commodore Puddles]] for a walk -- and that's when he ''was'' being prompted both by the dog's whining and Shego's nudging. At ''best'', he'd forget about Kim and Shego as soon as a new mad-science project grabs his attention.
** Which is what he should have done once he managed to stick the chip on Kim (after removing Shego's of course).
** The same could potentially have occurred with the Seniors when they hypnotized ''a large number of Europe's V.I.P.''. While they were forced to dance, they seemed to know what was going on judging from Kim's comment after Wade put her glasses on.
* Another ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' example; remember [[MeaningfulName Warmonga]] from "Mad Dogs and Aliens" and "{{Gra|ndFinale}}duation"? Remember the fact that both times she showed up, it was with an arsenal useful for taking over the world practically single-handedly? According to WordOfGod, she didn't even have ''government backing'' from her home planet there, and when you consider the arsenal included enough walkers to effectively cause a lot of damage to humanity as a whole... what do you think the ''government'' packs in comparison? Especially since these are [[ScaryDogmaticAliens conquistador aliens]] who travel equipped to [[CrazyPrepared take over a world]]?
** Probably not a lot, if anything. Warhok and Warmonga seemed to be treating world conquering as a hobby. Not to amass resources or because Earth was valuable, but because it was fun. So, it probably works on the same concept of asking why doesn't Senor Senior Senior ask for government help with his schemes. They don't really need it and whatever their government can supply is probably woefully inadequate to what the Lowardians already have.
** If two individuals pursuing a personal vendetta can deploy that kind of firepower, they (and other warlords like them) probably ''are'' the Lowardian government.
* In one episode we see Shego light up one of her fingers with her powers then she touches a villian's mook's forehead with it after which he drops to the floor in a limp heap. Is it possible [[FateWorsethanDeath she gave him a lobotomy]]?
* At the end of ''Film/KimPossibleMovieSoTheDrama'', [[spoiler:Kim kicks Shego off the roof of the Bueno Nacho HQ building straight into the high-voltage radio tower. Additionally, she kicked her hard enough to make it collapse - right on top of her. As this is happening, she walks up near the edge, with a smile resembling a PsychoticSmirk or a SlasherSmile. Until the next scene where we see Drakken and Shego are taken away, nobody could know if she survived or not, so this looks more like if Kim just sent Shego to her death, and she doesn't seem to have any regrets about it. Actually, she seemed like ''she liked it''.]]
* In "Emotion Sickness", who knows what "irreversible frenzy of rage" Kim would have done to Ron if she'd caught him? What if it had taken until ''after'' [[WhatHaveIDone she'd finished for the Moodulator to short out?]]
* WordOfGod states that Kim and Ron will be together forever. No mention is made of Rufus. While naked mole rats are extraordinarily long-lived (lifespan of like 30 years), that's still not anywhere near the 70+ years that make up a human life span. If anything, that's just 30 years for both Kim and Ron to get attached to him before he ''dies.''
** One of the features on the Sitch in Time DVD shows an older Rufus who looks pretty healthy, a little on the pudgy side but still good. When it comes to cartoons, animals will sometimes age like humans, so I'm sure Rufus will be fine.
** Alternatively, he will die but that's just a fact of life. It will be sad if he died before either one but that's the sort of thing that happens.
*** True. After all, a dog or cat gets 10-15 years... though not sentient, of course, they often become an integral part of the family. Perhaps when the time comes, Rufus will be succeeded by his son as TeamPet and loyal friend.
** Another thing to consider is how Rufus might have been affected by the Mystical Monkey Power... maybe he got an extended lifespan?
* What would have happened if Shego had died when Kim kicked her into the tower? Sure, Kim was probably reacting without thinking first; she was so angered and under so much stress. But Kim ''killing'' someone, especially like that, is so.... Not Kim, even if they were a super villain. Would she have [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone freaked]] [[TheseHandsHaveKilled out]] after the prom, when the realization hits? Would this have caused trouble with her public image? What would her schoolmates think? Would the police, Global Justice, etc regard ''her'' as [[FaceHeelTurn a villain]]? It's probably a good thing the writers changed the ending because it would have caused so much FridgeHorror if the series ended with Kim killing Shego then acting like nothing happened.
* ''So The Drama'' seems to be Kim reaching her breaking point, though it may be a bit subtle. She's been balancing her crimefighting and social lives for nearly four years, [[WakeUpGoToSchoolSaveTheWorld facing death down while at the same time trying to live a normal teenager life]]. There are signs that it may be taking its toll on her.
** In [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWeH5e5i5Sk a deleted scene]] situated early in the movie, after yet another condescending comment from Bonnie Ron suggests that Kim use her fighting skills to beat her up like she beats up Shego. Though her initial objection is that while Shego is "hardcore evil", Bonnie is just "high school evil" - but she still takes a few moments to debate it, finally deciding "Nah, it would slam my personal record".
** Drakken captured her father for what at the time seemed like no reason, nearly killing them, him with a mutant octopus and her with his synthodrones and death ray.
** Most of the endgame with Drakken and Shego, which starts when Eric is kidnapped. She found someone who wasn't wierded out by what she did, and when trying to save him [[MurderTheHypotenuse Shego blatantly said that once Kim was out of the picture, maybe she'd date Eric]] - which results in Kim swinging at her until a punch connects, sending Shego across the bridge they're on, and she's still swinging a bit after she hits the ground. [[spoiler:She finds Eric, only to discover that he was a synthodrone the entire time and that it was all a ruse. All of what happened between them didn't mean anything. She was so easily played by her arch-foes, and she was broken. Maybe she wasn't cut out for crimefighting anyways, and she doesn't know if there's a ''real'', human person out there who could be with her.]] The flame is rekindled thanks to Ron, and it's payback time. At this point, it can be suspected that her two main motivators are [[ThePowerOfLove love]][[note]]Realizing her feelings for Ron[[/note]] and [[ThePowerOfHate hate]][[note]]Finally snapping at her foes, who time and time again intruded in her life and attempted, many of them gleefully, to kill her many numerous other times[[/note]]. The very first thing she does when she's face to face with Drakken is punch him across the room. Just before that, right after Drakken finished gloating and found himself next to her, she clenched her fist, already ready to pummel him. To note: the last time [[NonActionBigBad Drakken]] was directly attacked by Kim was in Sitch In Time - where he was turned into a massive muscled fighter, and that was {{Retcon}}ed by the destruction of the Tempius Simia Idol. She proceeded to toss Shego into a wall - and she's actually seen reeling from the hit - and leaped off Synthodrone 901's head, which would likely have snapped a normal human neck.
** And though the scene of Kim kicking Shego in the tower is well-remembered, just moments she nearly tossed Shego off the building, right as Ron tossed her the EMP pistol. Shego barely held onto the side of the building. And in the end, when she's simply trying to make herself scarce, Kim could have done anything to keep her from escaping - and she decided to kick her off a several stories high corporate building and into an electrical tower with enough force to ''split it in half'' and cause it to collapse on top of her.
* Señor Senior, Senior's first act of villainy is to drain all of Europe's power to ransom for another island. It's played off as a bored rich guy's first foray into villainy, but seeing as hospitals and water treatment plants need electricity he'd have started killing people by the thousands in just days.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* In Bonding, Kim and Bonnie are stuck together by a bonding agent at the hip and Ron and Mr. Barkin are stuck together at the shoulder. Why couldn't the problem be solved by changing clothes, which both pairs obviously do multiple times throughout the episode and if the bonding was beyond just their clothes touching, why were they able to change clothes?
** I would have to watch the episode again to see if Wade provides an explanation, but the energy effects suggest that the bonding is more magnetic force than adhesion.
** In what could I suppose be considered "Fridge Awkwardness"... you gotta wonder just how they did stuff like use the bathroom or shower when stuck together like that. Then again, that might be what [[RuleThirtyFour certain sorts of fanfics]] were made to answer...
* How the ''heck'' does getting a HarmlessVillain to say your name a CrowningMomentofAwesome?
** In the way that said HarmlessVillain never remembers your name, so forcing him to cave in and say it makes it awesome.
** "Getting a harmless villain to say your name" was exactly the CrowningMomentofAwesome in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHKrCs1rFRI Breaking Bad]]
* Why did king Wally have to go to the US to experience what democracy is like, when he lives in Europe, surrounded by dozens of perfectly democratic countries?
** It wasn't just him going to the US. He actually ran for and was elected class president.
* So, Ron suddenly becomes super-wealthy due to royalties from selling his "Naco" idea to Bueno Nacho. Because StatusQuoIsGod, he loses all of his money at the end of the episode. Question is, his money came from ''royalties'', which are continuous, not a lottery or an inheritance, which are simply one-time deals. Why isn't Ron continuing to receive money?
** Maybe he is, but off screen its being deposited in a trust fund or a bank account he can't access yet.
*** Presumably, Ron (and his royalties) is the one [[HeroismWontPayTheBills paying KP's bills]]. They just don't talk about it.
*** I think it's probably something that doesn't accumulate very fast and it was just something that Ron came up with a long time ago, so the slow accumulation built up over time.
*** The slow accumulation of ''ninety-nine million dollars?'' Even if we generously say a year has passed since the invention - which is unlikely, in-universe - and even if the naco craze died off quickly, he still should be getting ridiculous amounts of money - particularly by high school student standards - on the regular.
* In Blush, Kim starts disappearing a little bit more every time she gets embarrassed, and risks disappearing from existance. However, matter can't be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed. So scientifically, how could Kim just have disappeared like that?
** [[WildMassGuessing Because the mass is not being destroyed, but rather shifted from one phase space to another, which is why she's also able to maintain agency and control of her body?]] Alternatively, [[MST3KMantra it's a cartoon.]]
* Sure by ''So The Drama'' that had become pretty much LikeBrotherAndSister, but Shego stays with Drakken because....? When you get down to it, even if he does pay a lot, the stuff he's gotten her into (like the mind control incident mentioned above) is too much.
** If she is unwilling or unable to strike out as an independent operator in her own right, it's a matter of choosing which villain to work for. Drakken, for all his flaws, may simply be the best option.
** In addition, all the stuff he gets her into doesn't exactly reflect well on her either. It could be that by the time he'd screwed up so much she thought it worth it to look for a new boss, her own stock had dropped so badly she was stuck with him.
** Drakken might be the only villain around who's willing to put up with Shego's insolence and mockery. The fact that he reacts entertainingly to it is a bonus.
** Shego's "employment" with Drakken seems more like a part-time thing, almost a hobby. Sure, he mentions contracts every now and then, but several episodes (especially "Two to Tutor" and "Clean Slate") show that she can go on independent jobs (or just laze on the beach) whenever the hell she wants.
* Drakken's blue skin was most likely some freak lab accident. That's as far as we can guess.