! FridgeBrilliance

* Just why does the series have a pumped-up, HotBlooded opening theme contrasting with a soft rock ending? The final episode drives the point home - Yusuke, finally unburdened by the duty of being Kuuga, shows his kindness to a group of children with the ending theme playing over. The two musical themes of the show present the character of Yusuke Godai - a kind man forced by circumstances to become a fearsome warrior who would save the world.
* The fact that three of the Grongi are based off Kamen Riders, namely [[Series/KamenRider Badaa]], [[Series/KamenRiderStronger Gadoru]], and [[EvilCounterpart Daguva]], makes it practically {{foreshadowing}} for the fact that [[spoiler:Kuuga's powers are no different from theirs]].
* The opening song's first few chords actually show off Kuuga's forms.
** The first chord is pretty normal compared to the rest, resembling Mighty.
** The second, however, is quicker, resembling Dragon.
** The third is played in a different audio channel compared to the others, resembling Pegasus' SuperSenses.
** The fourth is bigger and louder than the others, resembling Titan.
** The final chord before the lyrics hit is a big, devastating riff. This is pretty much what Ultimate Form is.

! FridgeHorror

* When Daguva was gleefully laughing during the final GoodOldFisticuffs battle, it suddenly became clear that N-Daguva-Zeba wasn't fighting to win. Kuuga was also a Gurongi himself (an immature one) and Yusuke was simply the human host for the transformation. The final fight was to truly bring out Kuuga as a Gurongi so he can usher in an eternity of violence. In short, Daguva was hoping that Yusuke would lose what's left of his humanity in that fight.

! FridgeLogic

* Why is it only the police, and not the military, who are engaged in fighting the Grongi?
** Because they are more like serial killings. Declaring martial law at the city will make the situation worse than usual.
*** There's also the fact that the military likely wouldn't get involved unless the Grongi spread their activities over a wider area - as far as they're concerned, as long as it's not too widespread, it's no different from a serial killer on the loose (something the police would be in charge of handling).