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* Though the scene still bothers me, I can take better comfort with the reveal of the Precursors in ''[[JakAndDaxter Jak 3]]'' [[spoiler: as Ottsels]] now. Their justification: it was foreshadowed few times throughout the game, explains why Daxter is the way he is, is an entirely funny scene, and importantly, remained unpredictable and surprising. I'll never fully accept it, but I can appreciate the creators wanting to do something different and succeeding admirably. - @/NeoYi
** There's also the line in the first game which says that the answer to who the Precursors were "[[ProphecyTwist rests on the shoulders of a young boy]]". - @/RTaco
*** ...woah. Mind = ''blown.'' Now I love that game series ''more than I thought possible.''
** In the first game Samos says "And if the whole hero thing doesn't work out, Daxter could always get a job controlling the village rat problem." What's his job during his game? Exterminator.
* In the first exploreable area of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, upon visiting an ancient Precursor Oracle statue the human-turned ottsel Daxter verbally wonders if the precursors were as "UUUUUUUUUGGGGLYYYY, in person." [[spoiler: Two games later, we find that the precursors are all otsells and look nothing like their robots or statues; the form Daxter had taken was in fact a precursor!]]
* At the end of 3, [[spoiler: Jak chooses to stay behind with Daxter instead of going off to save the universe]]. What's not to say that he did all that and then went back in time to look like he stayed behind?
** That would imply that after Jak's universe trawling adventure he would return looking exactly the same, in the same clothes and with no appreciable age difference. Seems unlikely.
** No, I always thought Jak did visit the universe and came back, using precursor technology to change his appearance at the end or even keep it in stasis throughout the journey as none of the ottsels in 3 look aged at all and they've been stuck in that statue for god knows how long.
* Most of the things the Oracle says in [[VideoGame/JakAndDaxterThePrecursorLegacy the first game]] seem to refer to Daxter when you first play it. After ''{{Jak II}}'', I realized it's actually about Jak.
--> '''Oracle''': "Beware the dark light, for it has twisted the fate of one of you."
** Ahh, but that's not even the half of it! [[WildMassGuessing When you think about it,]] each of the 3 Oracles tell Jak and Daxter about games 1 through 3. The first one in Sandover goes along the lines of "The darkness has touched one of you", referring to Daxter's transformation. The second one says "Beware the dark light, for it has twisted the fate of one of you", referring to Jak II's Dark Eco experimentation, resulting in his SuperpoweredEvilSide. The third and last one says something along the lines of "The future of one of you is bathed in glorious light", referring to one of 3 things: Jak getting his Light form, Daxter turning out to be a Precursor and/or Jak finding out he's Mar.
* At first, one might questions how zoomers become so common place in the second game, considering Keira was working on one of the few in existence in the first game. Then, when it is revealed the city is actually [[spoiler: in the future]], it may be possible that Keira's work with the zoomer may have paved the way to them becoming more readily available, and even may have been the inspiration to make different variations, such as the car model. She wouldn't have invented them, but her work could have been the ground from which the others came from.
* So, ottsels are half-otter, half-weasel, right? But both those animals have short ears, so why does Daxter have (comparatively) long ears? (Hint: Look at the humans' ears). [[spoiler: Those humans have longer ears than Earth humans, so ottsels would have longer ears than Earth otters/weasels too!]]