[[folder: Blaine Anderson]]
* Blaine leaped to Kurt's aid after ten minutes of knowing him. Ordinarily this would be a MartyStu trait, but it's revealed he didn't even ''consider'' the possibility that Kurt wouldn't tell the truth--if Kurt had been someone else, or even if he'd met Blaine before he stopped being a ManipulativeBastard, things could have gotten ugly. [[spoiler: [[TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest And they did]].]]
* He's gentlemanly and chaste because [[spoiler: he slept with a guy at ''sixteen'', thought SexEqualsLove, and ended up strung along for weeks because the guy had no intention of taking responsibility.]] Which means that the Warblers' constant LampshadeHanging that Blaine [[YouNeedToGetLaid is too uptight]] and will [[LetsWaitAwhile wait till domestic-partnership]] to sleep with Kurt? ''[[FunnyAneurysmMoment No longer funny.]]''
** It's getting better with the {{Reconstruction}} taking place.
* The destruction of Blaine's RelationshipSue status reaches a new level of TearJerker when you realize that outside of the Warblers, Kurt and Greg are the only two people who genuinely care about him ''and'' are physically there to show it.

[[folder: General Story]]
* Both in- and out-universe: if [[spoiler: Finn's locked in Kurt's car trunk]], then ''what happened to Kurt?''
** According to ''The Castle,'' Kurt is fine. But Blaine may be doing even worse than he already was, seeing as hiding in an abandoned hotel isn't exactly following the "get lots of rest and keep things quiet" advice for concussions.
* More horror is invoked in-universe at the end of ''The Curse'', where it's suggested that [[spoiler: Alex may have sexually assaulted Blaine at some point.]]

* Considering how close-knit the Warblers are and how low Blaine's self-esteem is, it's not hard to think that they give Blaine a lot of solos in-canon because they think he's intentionally passing them up. [[ThePowerOfFriendship Or they just want to make him feel better.]]
* Blaine thinks Kurt is [[{{Uke}} his sweet, helpless boyfriend,]] when he's actually a [[DefrostingIceQueen defrosted]] DeadpanSnarker with a side of DontYouDarePityMe. Similarly, it's implied Blaine thinks that unicorns are the helpless, innocent ones of Victorian fiction, when the original unicorns were the embodiment of wilderness--meaning [[PureIsNotGood they are vicious creatures who cannot be tamed by ordinary means]]. Unicorns' {{Bambification}} parallels Kurt's constant {{Ukefication}}.

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