* When Lou realizes "Home Sweet Home" is playing as he is in the garage he really is getting down to it as if he's just happy the song is on... but later you realize he was planning on dying.
* Nick, Adam, and to a lesser extent Jacob are all going to have no idea what they're lives have been like over the past twenty years. What if April mentions something about her and Nick's wedding? He's going to barely know her.
** They could always ask Lou
* The [[{{Squick}} squicky]] kind when you watch the almost-threesome scene knowing that Jacob is Lou's son.

* Lou uses his knowledge of the future to preempt Google and redefine Motley Crue with himself as lead singer. How? Knowing that Google exists doesn't mean he has the wherewithal to actually invent it. He's not a programmer and wouldn't know who he'd have to torture to get the vast amount of information he'd need. And how did he manage to get into Motley Crue? Prove he could predict the future and promise to make them rich(er)? ''Might'' work...
** He wouldn't have to be a programmer to preempt Google. He'd have to have ''money'' to buy the biggest share ''in'' Google and cause a name change to suit him. He didn't have to invent it, just ''fund'' it.
** He could weasel his way into Motley Crue by joining their road crew after high school, using his knowledge of their future library of songs to become closer to the band by "contributing" their future songs to them before they wrote them & then replacing Vince Neil as singer in 1992, or even manipulating events so that he left the band earlier. With it becoming public knowledge that Lou "wrote" a large number of their songs even before he replaced Vince Neil as the singer, fans would likely view him as important to Motley Crue as Mick Mars & Nikki Sixx.

* Every time Lou is about to have sex with anyone other than Adam's sister, he is prevented in some way. First, Jacob refuses to do a Three-Way with him, the second time a squirrel runs onto the field of the NFL playoffs and changes the outcome of the game, thereby making Lou lose his bet (He would have received a "classy blowjob") All of this ensures that Jacob would have been born, since the semen that would have otherwise made Jacob would have been wasted.