[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In most performances of ''Peter Pan'', the actor who plays the children's father [[AndYouWereThere also plays]] Captain Hook. In this story, the children's father ''is'' Peter Pan.
* Similarly, like how the father and Captain Hook are played by the same actor, Dustin Hoffman is also the voice of the pilot on the plane Peter is terrified on, since like the father the airplane (representing Peter's fear of flying) is the real world nemesis.
* When grown-up Peter first meets Hook, he tries to show them his passport as proof of his identity. Smee grabs it away and tosses it aside. So how does he get back home? When he gets back to England, ''he is home.''
* Tinker Bell speaks English instead of her traditional ringing bell "fairy language". I always figured that the writers were ignoring the fairy language for the sake of the audience understanding her dialogue. Then it occurred to me that the only characters she talks to are Peter, Captain Hook, and the Lost Boys, all of whom could understand fairy speak in the original story. So Tinker Bell really is speaking Fairy and [[TranslationConvention Translation Convention]] is at work. Which adds another layer to adult Peter's first meeting with Tink - for all he's "grown up" he can still understand fairies, probably without realizing he was doing it.
** This could also explain why Tink's faith in him remained so strong in spite of everything; she knew that if he could still speak to her he couldn't be completely hopeless.
** As well as a sort of proof that he was Peter Pan. Just how many grown ups would be able to understand her?
* On a similar note: when Hook first shows up at Wendy's house, Nana the dog begins barking; Tootles, who is napping, hears her and is able to translate her barks to "Hook". Tinkerbell says you can remember Neverland in the place between being awake and being asleep: Tootles understands animal language in that state because he understood it as a Lost Boy.
** Old people also nap a ''lot''. It makes sense that Tootles is beginning to remember Neverland.
** More fridge brilliance: senility in old age is often referred to as '''''second childhood'''''.
* Jack's drawing implies that he hopes his dad falls out of the plane with no parachute. The Drawing takes on a double meaning when he finds out his father is Peter Pan.
* The Pirates and Hook somehow manage to get to the real world to steal Pan's children. The reason for this is that in original adventure, Peter shanghaied Hook's ship to take Wendy, John and Michael home. To do this, Tink Fairy dusted the ship and everyone used their happy thoughts to fly it back to England. Obviously, Pan took the ship back and somewhere along the line Hook gets it back. The dust is still on it. His happy thought: One day meeting Pan again to finish the war they started.
* Tinkerbell seems much nicer than her book counterpart. Then again, the book was based on Wendy's recollections, and we know they didn't get along. Of course, the person she ''was'' jealous of is an old woman and is no longer a threat.
* One for the party scene too. A gust of wind blows open the window behind her and Wendy stumbles. Why? The magic that blew open the window would have been under ''Hook's orders''. The orders? Steal the thing Peter loved most. At one point that was ''Wendy'' - if not romantically on his part, then certainly as a sister. Then, after checking her, it bypasses her as there's ''something more important now''; Peter's kids. Cue window blowing open in the nursery, followed by screaming children.
** Peter saw Wendy as his mother. In the book, when asked by Wendy to describe his exact feelings towards her, his reply is "those of devoted son".
* Why did Tinkerbell fly right to Wendy's house to find Peter? ''Because it's the last place she saw him'' (when he and Moira first met!) and, if she couldn't find him, ''Wendy'' would know where Peter is, so could help anyway.
* Why would Peter not believe Granny Wendy was the real Wendy Darling at first? Because by the time he was adopted, Wendy already had a family of her own. So she would have married and had a different last name.
* When Peter and the children return from Neverland, Elderly Tootles sadly asks, "I've missed the adventure again, haven't I, Peter?" In the original story, Tootles the Lost Boy had the terrible luck of always missing out on Peter's adventures.
** Tootles is also the only one of the Lost Boys who returned to London with Peter and grew up. The original play, Tootles ''did'' return to London and grew up to become a judge. (He's even referred to as Wendy's "first orphan" in the movie.)
* How was the dead crocodile able to come back to life? Tinkerbell shoved Hook's hook hand into the croc's belly -- ''right after she sprinkled it with fairy dust.'' And what was the croc's last happy thought? ''Eating the Captain.''
* The few Lost Boys who believed its Peter, they're SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitutes of the original Lost Boys.
* Near the end of the film, we see Jack and Maggie fly back into the room, but with Peter, we see him asleep on the ground as if it was AllJustADream. It may be some age difference with people coming back from Neverland, and shows that Peter really has grown up.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* A small one in ''Film/{{Hook}}'': On her way to Neverland, Tinker Bell sprinkles a kissing couple with fairy dust, causing them to float above a bridge. The question is: Will they float just as gently back ''down''?
** Yes.
** [[Franchise/StarWars The Force will be with them.]]
* Hook tries to invoke this on Peter to psyche him in battle.
--> '''Hook:''' You know you're not really Peter Pan, this is all a dream. When you wake up you'll be Peter Banning: a cold, selfish man, who drinks too much, is obsessed with success and runs and hides from his wife and children.
* More of a {{Squick}} comical sense, but in the beginning Maggie plays Wendy in a kid's play of Peter Pan. During which much like the actual Wendy she expects a kiss from Peter instead of a thimble. It seems cute at first, but then she find's out that the person Play Pan is based off is her father....
** Given that her father, the real Peter Pan, now considers the real Wendy to be his ''grandmother'', the implications are just too strange and complex to really hit.
* It's become clear that The Lost Boys will kill any adult (Save for Pan since he won them over.) Under the assumption that all adults are pirates. What do you think is gonna happen, once The nice Elderly Tootles arrives to try to reconnect with his fellow lost boys?
** Hopefully they won't see him as much of a threat since he's a really old man. And since they now know Peter is an adult, they might believe he's Tootles.
*** Thudbutt gave Peter the marbles; that would easily convince him - and he's the new leader.
* Rufio's line that he wished he had a dad like Peter makes you wonder, what kind of life Rufio had before he met The Lost Boys? Especially the kind that gave him a rather cynical view towards adults.
** Knowing who the actor is would give you an [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender idea]].
* It's heavily implied that those who die in Neverland are forgotten. In fact, the Lost Boys (with the exception of Peter) seem to forget Rufio, their former leader, mere ''minutes'' after his death. During an earlier scene, Hook states, "I've killed far too many Lost Boys and Indians. I've spent most of my life killing them." How many Lost Boys do you think have been murdered over the years and aren't missed because they ''can't be remembered''?
** Or Indians, for that matter? True, we never meet any, but they're no less a community of living, breathing people than the Lost Boys.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* At the start of the film, Jack is playing a Little League game, despite it clearly being Winter. What?
** Maybe they're in California?
** Peter calls it the Santa Series; the Umpire is wearing a Santa beard and everything. People are wearing coats and scarves, but clearly they live in a US state that doesn't get much snow.
** If you go to the scene where Peter is looking into Tink's house, then you'll notice that Tink has Peter Banning's driver's license. From freeze framing it at the right moment, you can read off that Peter has a San Francisco license.
** Also, when Peter finally arrives at the (long finished) baseball game, his car has a California license plate.
* As pointed out by the Nostalgia Critic, infant Peter "runs away" when he hears that his mother already has his life trajectory planned out, and remarks that it would mean he would have to grow up and eventually die. As a baby, how would he acknowledge and understand any of these concepts?
** It's mostly poetic.