'''> Take inventory of thermal hull.'''

%%This page is so empty because Homestuck actually has all the examples, even though examples aren't an exhaustively quantifiable thing and we both fucking know that, and either way they can't all be listed here.


* Error/http code 413 is 'The requested entity is too large'.
* The planet of each player seems reveal what elemental atribute each player has (or maybe it's the other way around)
** Some are obvious.
*** Wind and Zephyr for Breath
*** Light for Light
*** Quartz and Clockwork for Time
*** Frogs and... Frogs for Space (it works in story)
*** Pulse and Blood
*** Silence and Void
*** Thought and Mind
*** Fire and Doom
** But some don't really seem to make that much sense.
*** How are Maps or Treasure meaningful to Light? Light can be luck or it can be insight, like a map. Too bad Vriska doesn't use it that way since [[MemeticMutation luck doesn't matter]].
*** Makes more sense when you consider the other half of her title. Thieves and treasure, hm?
*** Also, the Light symbol looks a lot like a compass rose.
*** Nepeta's planet is Land of Little Cubes and Tea- what does that have to do with Heart? Look at [[http://whatpumpkin.com/godtier-hoodies.html the Hero of Heart emblem]]: it's a tea cup. Also, people tend to clear their conscience with a cup of tea.
*** Remember that the planet names are often abbreviated like Dave's Land of Heat and Clockwork is referred to as LOHAC. With this in mind, Nepeta's planet makes much more sense.
*** Also worth noting is that the ancestor of the suit of hearts was the cups in tarot cards.
*** And this in part is explained by her moirail being Equius as well: the constellation of Sagittarius is famous for containing the Teapot asterism.
*** How does Wrath and Angels connect to Hope? Angels are usually portrayed as messengers of God, and they often brought hope to people through their messages.
*** Dew and Glass: Dew is water, which sustains life and lets it grow.
* This may just be a coincidence, but I was looking at a group picture of the trolls and kids, and I realized something: There are 6 female trolls. 1/2 of them have long hair(Vriska, Feferi, and Aradia), while the other half(Terezi, Nepeta, and Kanaya) don't. 6 and 1/2. when you remove the signs and spaces, you get 612.
** I also found out that the kids have their own version of above. There are 4 kids. 1 of them(Jade) has long hair. The other 3(John, Rose, and Dave) don't. 4, 1, and 3. Put it all together, and you get 413.
** Another interpretation of 413 and 612 is 4 kids turning 13 years old and 12 trolls turning 6 sweeps old.
* Both a Hero of Space and a Hero of Time are necessary for a complete game, and they are opposite aspects. The Space player is needed to create and hatch the frog that will become the new universe, the ultimate goal of the game. Meanwhile, the Time player can go back and fix any mistakes which would render the game unwinnable. Space helps you win the game; Time helps you not lose.
* In [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004467 this]] update, Kanaya says that she thinks the roles are intentionally given to the ones who don't suit them best, in order to challenge them. If you think about it, this applies to the kids: Rose is the one with an interest in dark magic, while Jade is the one who had visions of the future, but Rose is the Seer and Jade is the witch.
** This paradox also explains why Eridan, despite bearing the title "Prince of Hope", is the first to lose it and join Jack Noir to have some chance of survival.
*** We later find out that "Prince" basically means "Destroyer" in the game, however. His title seems to be the most accurate now.
** I would also point out that Jade, who is destined to become the Witch, makes it clear in her introduction that she is a firm advocate of the power of science, and thinks that things like magic are silly.
* A tadpole entering Skaia and maturing to birth the new universe invokes the imagery of a sperm entering an egg and losing its tail to create a child.

[[folder:Acts 1-4]]
[[folder:Acts 5-7]]
* Two horrors from S Flip:
** Gamzee is STILL the most important character in Homestuck, past his alternate timeline self helping contribute to Bec Noir‘s existence. Assume as a high blood, he desires law and order like His Honorable Tyranny did. He framed Vriska for Eridan’s and his own murders, and then gave Terezi her Legiserator gear to pursue Vriska for consorting with Tavros. (This might explain why his head is on the ground, besides his oversized horns unable to fit on the jury table-he’s a peasant blood, unworthy of sitting with other high bloods.). Vriska earlier was doubting how she could face against Bec Noir, rethinking fighting him. However, Terezi’s game of chance may have forced her to choose impulse over reason, and continue what may be a time lord ordained conflict between Vriska and Noir. Indirectly, Gamzee kept the timeline stable.
** In a mixture of Fridge Horror and Tearjerker, Terezi and Vriska were Fate’s bitches all along. Terezi attempts to ScrewDestiny, possibly with her coin flips giving split timelines and manipulations of neutral systems like the LOHAC Stock Exchange and constants like Doc Scratch’s smugness over being used. Vriska prefers more to fill the gaps in the OnlyOnePossibleFuture in an attempt to turn negatives into positives and control randomness in her favor, culminating in killing Bec Noir and “saving everyone’s ungrateful asses.” Now, as Doc Scratch always tells the truth, stating the result of the coin flip was constant across all timelines means this meeting between Seer and Thief was obvious. Their attempts to fight the game of Sburb/Sgrub (Terezi’s willingness to get suckered in order to choose a more positive outcome out of the consequences, and Vriska’s cheating to control the system in her favor) was WHAT THE GAME WANTED. This also crosses into TearJerker into realizing all their efforts to resist and ScrewDestiny, including CharacterDevelopment, may have been the game’s manipulations all along in favor of a alpha timeline where all the trolls die at Noir’s hands, and Lord English descends to eliminate the kids’ doomed timeline.
* From the start of [S] Cascade to when Bec Noir moves to the Troll session is 4 minutes 13 seconds. From there until The Tumor explodes? 6 minutes 12 seconds.
** And of course, from the start of [S] Cascade to The Tumor exploding totals to 10 minutes 25 seconds.
** This is downright untrue. The 4:13 is approximate, only correct within a few seconds. And the tumor detonation is more like 10:48 into the Flash. It can be conceded, though, that 10:25 would have happened if the timer just before detonation had stayed in line with the timer when Dave and Rose deployed the Tumor, as that first case did line up with the Flash so that detonation ''would'' have been at 10:25... if the Tumor actually detonated when the timer hit zero, anyway, rather than several seconds later.
* Why has the entire Act 6, nearly a third of the comic by pages, been so slow and tedious? ''because it's a void session, with nothing happening, and empty and dull by design!''
* If Act 7 is truly how ''Homestuck'' ends then the comic ended the way it started: With the readers deciding what happens to the characters.
* [[http://img.ifcdn.com/images/7ceb040c06df400e757ebd403eb78305dcbd00b8621964cb01f488adbe2b5bd2_1.jpg This explanation of Act 7]]. Dear God.
* Jade being a DistaffCounterpart to John may not mean much, except when you realize that John (at least in the beginning) is a naive loser. Suddenly, their differing genders accentuate their distinctiveness from one another.
** There's also the fact that John starts out knowing the least about how to play, and ends up being ridiculously powerful by the endgame, while Jade starts out knowing things way beyond everyone else, then gets BroughtDownToNormal and misses out on much of the story developments while she was asleep.
** Similarly, Dave and Rose have a tendency to not say what they mean. They both use sarcasm and sardonicism, but for different reasons. Rose is somewhat pretentious, and Dave just thinks irony is cool.
** And there is of course also the fact that Jade and John are siblings, as are Rose and Dave.
* When I first read the poem ''They Wait'' in [S] Seer: Descend, I recognized the quotes for the kids had all made earlier appearances but had not researched the quotes before. Well I finally did, and mind is blown.
** Rose's quote comes from ''Literature/TheWasteLand'' by Creator/TSEliot, a poem that The Other Wiki describes as having "shifts between satire and prophecy, abrupt and unannounced changes of speaker, location and time, its elegiac but intimidating summoning up of a vast and dissonant range of cultures and literatures." Which fits pretty well with Homestuck overall.
** The person behind John's quote, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7ois_de_La_Rochefoucauld_%28writer%29 François de La Rochefoucauld]], is a good World to contrast John's [[TheFool Fool]]. Where John is at the start of his journey and knowing very little, Rochefoucauld is a mature man well versed in the world around him. Add that while his writing can be summed up that everything boils down to self-interest, he makes this claim as a non-spiteful humanist. A compassionate cynic to John's compassionate optimist.
* The Heir of '''Breath''' went to the Land of '''Wind''' and Shade. The Seer of '''Light''' went to the Land of '''Light''' and Rain. The Knight of '''Time''' went to the Land of Heat and '''Clockwork'''. The Witch of '''Space''' went ot the Land of... Frost and Frogs? What do either of those have to do with space? Frogs does. Remember that the player has to breed a frog that will become the new universe!
** Don't forget that it's also very cold in outer space.
*** [[SpaceIsCold No it's not.]]
* Jade is rosy, Rose is jaded
* Dave, the coolkid, ends up in a land of heat, and Jade, the hothead, ends up in a land of frost.
** This also applies to John and Rose. John, the goofy, happy kid, ends up in a land of shade, while the snarky, cynical Rose ends up in a land of light.
* Although it is Dirk's theme, Unite Synchronization can be seen as a theme that unites the instruments that the Beta Kids are associated with. There is some notable piano (John) and violin (Rose) parts, as well as bass (Jade), guitars (Dave), and synths (again, Dave).
* What was keeping John's jetpack on the ground? A cinderblock, a violin, and a pot. [[ThePowerOfFriendship All seen or referenced in Dave's, Rose's, and Jade's room respectively]].
* Aradia mentions [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004491 here]] that "a future self returning t0 the past fr0m a d00med timeline will always be slated f0r imminent destructi0n herself". Unfortunately, this may apply to at least two members of the main foursome...
** Given that she exploded it may apply to her as well.
** Davesprite is probably exempt due to prototyping. Kernels have a preference for doomed (and dead) entities so it wouldn't make much sense for them to be doomed after the prototyping.
*** Oh, YouJustHadToSayIt. Turns out he wasn't exempt at all.
*** Turns out, YES HE WAS.
** Rose may be doomed but that isn't clear because it may not apply to mental time travel.
*** Given that Dream Selves are essentially 1-ups Rose is probably safe.
*** I do recall Rose saying her Dream Self was going to die in a Green Sun destroying suicide, doesn't that count as a doomed destruction? May also count as FridgeBrilliance.
*** ...Except she and Dave have now ascended to God Tier, and they unwittingly CREATED the Green Sun in the process.
* John and Jade were the only ones to prototype their guardian, John and Rose prototyped a doll, John and Dave had at least one prototyping done by someone else, Rose and Dave each prototyped a normal animal, Rose and Jade prototyped a pet, and Dave and Jade combined an animal with an alternate self.
* [S] Descend. It's about the paradox kids, ''descending to Earth''. Not Jack going [[strike:crazy]] crazier.
** Every major scene in the Flash has to do with something falling, from Dave getting pushed off the tower in the beginning to Jade's huge meteor drawing closer and closer at the end.
[[folder: JohnEgbert]]
* John figures out the alchemizing system much faster than anyone else. Consider his earlier struggles with both programming and using his sylladex.
* John's come into his [[SuperpowerfulGenetics hereditary]] SuperStrength in ''less than a day,'' [[PubertySuperpower and on his 13th birthday,]] no less. Early on, he couldn't even [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002075 lift a sledgehammer.]] By the [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003258 start of Act 4,]] he's DualWielding [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002535 Pogohammer]] and [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002968 Wrinklefucker]] with relative ease. So it's no wonder John's dad expected him to be able to lift the safe!
* EB: i am the wind waker. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004881 it's me.]]
* It is said that players have to die to reach the God Tiers because they must be able to face their own death. It seems like John involuntarily cheated because he was unconscious at the time, so he never proved himself as intended. However, when we learn about his doomed timeline counterpart's HeroicSacrifice, we see that, when it comes right down to it, John ''could'' face his own death.
* John has wind powers. John [[http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=47.362101,-122.054144 lives near]] the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tacoma_Narrows_Bridge_%281940%29 Tacoma Narrows]].
* By putting his hand into the Juju, John was removed from existence, yet he somehow still remains. He's a ghost now.
* I thought it was funny that John was the only one of the kids who ''didn't'' have a Strife Specibus that could be readily construed as phallic. Then I remembered that Dave's Swordkind is a broken half-sword. Then I lol'd.
** Hammers, not readily construed as phallic? Are you kidding? Hammers have been a phallic symbol since viking days!
** [[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog The hammerkind is his penis.]]
** Also, it's ironic that for a guy whose characterization revolves around irony and hipsterness, Dave's weapons of choice are swords. The most cliched heroic weapon.
*** Exactly. Dave's just that good.
* The reason why John, born on April 13, which is under the time of Aries, has the Scorpio Vriska as his patron troll is explained [[http://jzu.tumblr.com/post/40588279144/2013-homestuck-patron-troll-calculator here]].
** Also, there's the fact that the apostle John in Literature/TheBible is represented by Scorpio in the WesternZodiac.
* That gust of wind that extinguished the salamander's burning village was a bit of a ContrivedCoincidence. But look, the salamanders are happy, John's happy, and the plot can progress...oh wait, John can ''do'' "the windy thing".
* The running gag about [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005059 carrying no less than]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005097 five computers with you]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005332 at all times]] is all the funnier when you go back and realize that [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003049 John]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004569 has]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004816 thus]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004819 far]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005590 lost]] ''[[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004986 six]]''[[note]]His SERIOUS BUSINESS goggles are still on his corpse.[[/note]].
* A "gavelkind" is a system of land inheritance. The character who has "hammerkind" (a gavel being a small hammer) as his strife modus is the ''Heir'' of Breath.
* [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004824 "Involving the one who hates you, and the one who likes you."]] Except, well, Rose doesn't actually say which is which, does she... Unfortunately, Vriska's OmniscientMoralityLicence makes it even harder to figure out which is which..
** Vriska could be both.
*** They can BOTH be both, with the [[FoeYay like hate kismesis deal]] Karkat has.
** Actually the very next panel specifies which is which. Karkat thinks he hates John, and Vriska is John's patron troll.
* John's relationship with Vriska could be attributed to Jake's fetish for blue skinned woman and sassy spider-related heroines.
* Rose animal motif is that of a cat. When she goes grimdark her skin gets darker essentially making her a black cat, a black cat whose title as a hero of light means that she is mainly manipulating luck.
* The only character so far who's gone grimdark is in a relationship with one of only who characters who can literally light up. Dark and Light as one.
* There's a line in "How Do I Live" that's emphasised more in the cover than the original: ''Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky''. Recall that Rose wants to sacrifice her dream self to destroy the Green Sun.
** Related, but much [[JustForPun worse]]: ''How do I breathe without you?''
* Rose's denizen is Cetus, the sea monster. While it does tie in to her water motif, Cetus is also a constellation. In December (Rose's birthday month) all constellations go dim until only Cetus is left, which is called 'entering the belly of the whale'. The fact that the denizen is not even remotely human, can allude to Rose's actions, which were the least human and most reckless of all four.
* Dave's symbol is [[StableTimeLoop a broken]] [[StealthPun record]].
** Double pun as when he goes into a rant and overly-long metaphors he seems to be unable to stop talking.
* Dave doesn't just wear those shades to be cool - his eyes are red, which receive an abnormally high amount of light compared to other eye colors. Wearing sunglasses keeps him from frying his eyes. (Also related are that his and Rose's eyes - Purple and Red - are the most common pigments of someone with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albinism#Visual_problems Albinism]], although WordOfGod is that [[http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40585720/Combined_Formspring_Web_Aug-28-2011.htm#andrewhussie1438432364 Rose at least isn't an albino]].)
* When Dave alchemizes the Royal Deringer with the magic cueball to create a weapon that can stand against Lord English, he ends up getting the Caledfwlch, this time repaired. Keep in mind that Dave's CharacterArc revolves around Dave acknowledging that he himself is an own awesome hero even if others such as Dave and his Bro seem to be better heroes than him. Suddenly his quest doesn't seem so stupid.
* The Homestuck Anthem features John, Rose and Jade's instruments, in that order. So where's Dave? Playing the rest of the song from the start. He is a time traveling DJ, after all.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004992 this]] shows that there have been 42 Daves. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005102 this]] shows the current ''living'' Dave count at 12. Do the math.
** That doesn't mean those are all dead Daves - through Trollian, Terezi is recording every single passage through time that Dave does, while Jade could only see the Daves that were currently running around. He had done plenty of time-hopping before she could see him, and will go on to do plenty more time-hopping as he says.
** 42 Daves, 12 living. What's 4+2?
* The hood of Dave's God Tier outfit looks a bit odd...until you realize that he's wearing a [[http://www.swordsandarmor.com/mall/chain-mail-coif.htm chain mail coif.]] He is the ''Knight'' of Time.
** Additionally God Tier Jade really does look like a witch. Also, she looks a bit like Kanaya, who shares the element of Space, and Jade at the moment can sorta be considered undead. And "dog" is "god" spelled backward, so Jade has also reached the [[IncrediblyLamePun "Dog" Tier.]]
*** Also, the shrunken down planets circle behind Jade, the five planets forming the corner points of a pentagram, which is quite fitting for a witch.
*** Not to mention her shoes, which truly do make her seem like a [[Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz witch.]]
* Dave's tux alchemizations were a long list of {{Foreshadowing}}, first he has his regular tux, showing a broken record, or a scratched Beat Mesa, then he has the Four Aces Suited and the Felt Tux, showing a broken Cue ball and a Broken 8-ball both very big plot-points as well.
* Not many Trolls seem to want to talk to Jade. And why is that? Because to them, she's just not that interesting. John had an Adult squatter in his hive, and Dave had that puppet, but Jade had a Lusus, like everyone's supposed to. Moreover, all of their text implies either high or low standings in the blood caste. But as Equius said, green is okay, but not great.
** Actually, it seems [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002900 they all have]] talked to her at some point. [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002759 Even Sollux and Gamzee]].
* Jade's fetch modi [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002672]] seem to be relevant to the story. We've already seen a Battleship and the Crocker Monopoly, and doesn't the jenga tower look a lot like [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006001]]? Connect 4: 4 kids and 4 trolls are being united. We've had characters talk with the dead (Ouija), and the 12 silhouettes on the Guess Who modus are reminiscent of our introduction to the trolls.
** Yahtzee could refer to Vriska's dice, Cluedo to the Midnight Crew intermission, Operation to removing the Tumor...
* Jade made the Girl's Best Friend, a rifle with DD's symbol on it. Well, diamonds ARE a Girl's Best Friend.
** Check the total grist used to make it. All diamonds.
** Even better? The amount of diamond grist needed to make the Girl's Best Friend was 500,500. In Roman numerals, D=500.
* Jade becomes the ''Witch'' of Space in the October 25 update - less than a week before Halloween.
** She places the planets and Skaia in orbit around her in the shape of a pentagram. The Kid's four planets with their associated elements and Skaia taking the point for light.
* When Jade prototypes Dream Jade with her sprite, she plans to get Jadesprite to fight Bec Noir, although Jadesprite boohoos and flies off. But Jade's dreamself is alive again, so she can reach Godtier now. If she does, she will be part sprite, part godtier, part witch of space and part First Guardian.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002697 At one point]], Jade states how wonderful it would be to [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005113 combine traits of both animals and humans.]]
* It's understandable why [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002697 Jade is in to furry fandom]] when you consider that her guardian is a dog.
* The inability to prevent the powering of Bec as something unstoppable makes perfect sense when the circumstances of Grandpa's death are revealed - if Jade died the session would never be able to be completed as the destined paradox clone player was killed before the game began.
* Jade and Bec's Strife music is called "An Unbreakable Union". At first, this seems to be a nod to their friendship and Bec's UndyingLoyalty to Jade. Then comes Bec's prototyping and Jade's ascension to God Tier. Due to Bec being prototyped with Jade's dead dream self and Jade's ascension to God Tier Jade and Bec have essentially merged into one being, making Jade and Bec's union ''literally'' unbreakable.
* The alpha!kids titles are foreshadowed at the end of their introduction pages.
** Jane: When [SBURB arrives], you will waste no time in embarking on the game's '''MAIDEN''' VOYAGE, and if even a fraction of what you've heard turns out to be true, you are prepared to have the time of your '''LIFE'''!!!
** Jake: There is a good SKULL at the heart of any mystery, haunting its EVERY '''PAGE'''. That is what you always say. Or at least, it is what you always '''HOPE'''.
** Roxy: You are known to nonseldomly employ a '''ROGUISH''' DEMEANOR toward the FELLAS, a habit not especially jeopardized by your noninfrequent INEBRIATION. ... And considering [alpha!rose] has been known by the knowledgeable to be in possession of VISION OMNIFOLD, this strikes you as a particularly STUNNING LAPSE IN PARENTAL DILIGENCE. But you have good friends and many distractions to fill this '''VOID''' in your life.
** Dirk: Maybe tagged as a RENAISSANCE NINJA, PHILOSOPHER '''PRINCE''', and FLASHSTEP PUPPETEER. ... And considering [alpha!dave] had a reputation staked on some order of MARTIAL NOBILITY, this strikes you as a STAGGERING OVERSIGHT IN BROTHERLY VIGILANCE. You don't have the '''HEART''' to hold it against him, though.
*** Considering that Hussie blatantly made the words all caps, this seems sort of obvious.
*** The aspects are so blatant that most of the fandom figured them out instantly. The classes are a lot subtler and harder to notice.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006021 Remember the first character select screen in Act 6]]? When you hover over a character, it shows their relative location on a map of the Earth. Dirk and Roxy are unselectable, blacked out, and marked with a question mark. The arrow marking their location also has a question mark over it. [S] Jane: Enter reveals Dirk and Roxy were actually living in the future, where Earth looks nothing like the character select screen's map. ''That's why they couldn't be selected'' - they weren't even alive yet.
* The B2 kids' planets are named after noble gases, right? Well, the last element in the noble gas column is called [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ununoctium UnUnoctium!]]
* The lands in the ''void'' session are all based around ''inert'' gases.
** Even better than that. The four worlds are - Land of Crypts and Helium, The Land of Mounds and Xenon, The Land of Pyramids and Neon, and the Land of Tombs and Krypton. The first part of each world name is a term for a RESTING PLACE FOR THE DEAD. The second part of each name? They are all Noble Gases. What did Jane and the other Alpha kids become known as to their now-extinct denizens? The NOBLES.
*** The noble gasses aren't inert, all of them save neon and radon (because of being too attractive to electrons and being too radioactive respectively ) can and will form compounds. There's a reason that group 18 hasn't been formally referred to as the "inert gasses" in decades.
*** As an added bonus, Auto-Responder can be shortened to Ar, which is the symbol of the noble gas Argon.
*** Worth noting that the WMG page saw all this coming after learning the lands' acronyms in Myststuck.
* The B2 Session is a void session, which cannot produce a fully matured battlefield, and thus cannot create a Genesis Frog and produce a new universe. Jane's entry item is a cruxite tree that ''bears no fruit''.
* In Act 1, John alchemizes Some Hellacious Blue Phlegm Aneurysm Gushers (with ghostly healing properties!) from a box of gushers and the blue slimy stuff Nanna leaves behind on John's bedroom wall. What's Jane's mythological title in the B2 session?
* There's an urban myth saying that the Crockercorp is utilizing subliminal messages with their spoons... one of which Jane owns. This could possibly [[FridgeBrilliance explain why]] Jane is a bigger fan of Betty Crocker than her Nana form. However, what are the extents of the subliminal messaging? Is it brainwashing Jane? Could this lead to another Gamzee on our hands?
** We certainly know [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006035 BettyBother]] utilizes subliminal messages.
*** Wait a second... is one of those subliminal messages saying "STAY ASLEEP"? ...Could it be referring to Jane's dreamself?
*** On a slightly different note, it's possible Betty Crocker isn't completely evil. One subliminal message is CEASE REPRODUCTION. Assuming Betty is actually Her Imperial Condescension, she knows what Sburb does to a universe. Everyone important to the session isn't going to be born, they're created through ectobiology. She's just trying to limit the casualties.
*** Then it turns out the only reason Crocker is doing this is because she finds human reproduction distasteful. It's just straight up FantasticRacism.
*** [[{{Understatement}} Yeah, you could say the products might have been brainwashing her.]]
* An old one I'm surprised no one has caught yet. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006343 When Jane notices the extension on the fake SBURB file Roxy sent her]] you can see that the icon is slightly fuzzier compared to the others. That's because Roxy probably took the logo and shrank it or saved a smaller logo as a GIF or JPEG to use as the icon for the file. A small find, but Jane probably wouldn't have clicked it with the normal .~ATH icon
* Roxy's reticence to kiss Jane and unbridled glee at hugging Dirk on the rocketboard take on a shade of the heartwarming when you realize that it's the first time she's ever touched another human being.
* The sequence where Roxy uses her Void powers to conjure a new Matriorb is similar to using an Appearifier on a trans-universal scale.
* End of Act 6: [[spoiler: Roxy does what every good Rogue should: she stabbed the enemy in the back.]]
* Ro-Lal is an anagram of LOLAR.
* Why has Dirk's dream self been awake all this time? Because of Jake corpsesmooching his severed head in the past! This means that his dream self would have been active since the moment he was born, and since Dirk's original body was still alive, he was connected to both.
* Dirk is the Prince of Heart, and "Prince" translates to "destroyer". Who does he kill first but the Hegemonic Brute, i.e. ''Hearts'' Boxcar?
* While this troper loved [S]Descend, she always did wonder why, exactly, Bro stabbed his sword into the giant record. Turns out he was ''setting up the Scratch.'' Holy shit.
** For that matter, the fact that the Scratch is caused by a literal RecordNeedleScratch, which "halts" the universe like a needle scratching a record. [[IncrediblyLamePun Well played]], Mr. Hussie.
** Likely obvious, but consider a Scratch in billiards- when the cue ball falls into the pocket i.e. dies. - very curious, indeed.
* Much has been made about Jake's ''impractical'' God Tier outfit. Whereas most God Tiers are some simplified version of a medieval stereotype, the Page outfit includes ''speedo lenght booty short''. Compared to the more dignified and cooler looking designs, it really stands out. But then, it hit [[http://ireneses.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/superman2.gif what did it look like]].
** Also, who was the first one we saw in a page outfit? Tavros. Look closely and you might see a resemblance to [[PeterPan someone else entirely...]]
** In Jakes case, it may also be a reference to Lara Croft, who he mentioned wanting to dress like when he was introduced (he mentioned he would need much shorter shorts to pull off her look)
** It also looks like [[https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4559980/tumblrasks/shoes/Doll-OnionKnight-ffx.png the Onion Knight]] from FinalFantasy. It is useless at the start, until you level it up, all the way to 90 - 99. Then it can learn ''every spell''. What was said about Pages, again?
* [[IncrediblyLamePun As-TROLL-ogy]]?
* It would only make sense for the heroes of Hope and Doom to be rivals.
** And that the hero of Doom would both hate and pity/love the hero of Rage. He sees Rage as sensible, but hates that it's the sensible thing to do.
* LateToThePunchline: I knew for a while that the troll equivalent of STRIFE was [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003970 GRIEF]] (in backwards and upside down [[Franchise/TheElderScrolls Daedric]]), but I only recently caught the joke. They're {{troll}}s. They're ''{{grief|er}}ing'' each other.
* When Karkat was explaining Troll Romance to Vriska in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' he told her that Tavros could never hate her the way she hated him because there was something dysfunctional about him that kept him from developing the same degree of hate as everyone else. When Hussie introduced Kanaya, one of the other 'nice' trolls, he repeated a comment from Tavros's introduction about not sleeping much. Suddenly it became clear why Kanaya and Tavros are so nice compared to other trolls: All trolls suffer from psychotic nightmares so bad that they have to sleep in psychoactive goop in order to dull the edge. But Tavros, who can't fit in his cocoon because of his freakish horns, and Kanaya, who stays up late because she's the troll equivalent of a Goth, have minimized their exposure.
** Given that we've recently learned that Karkat, and probably the rest of the Trolls, ''can't sleep'', their dream-selves dying may have made them all insomniacs. And if that's the case, Tavros and Kanaya don't just have minimized exposure - they've also got more experience dealing with sleep deprivation. Doubles as FridgeHorror if you think about it too long. - Volouscheur
** Related, the most isolated trolls, Nepeta, Kanaya, and Feferi are among the nicest. Nepeta lives in a cave with her lusus and has to hunt for food. While Feferi can't go very far from hers without getting killed. Meanwhile, Kanaya is both diurnal and lives in an area laden with undead. All of them would have had little contact with troll society and thus wouldn't end up "socialized" like the others. Feferi and Nepeta can get away with not caring about black romance because the imperial drone will never reach them.
** Related to Tavros's incapability to form a Kismesitude, why has he not been executed for failing to provide? The same reason he hasn't been culled for paraplegia. The imperial drone has never visited him.
* After re-watching and thinking over [S] Wake, methinks Hussie is deconstructing at least a few MarySue tropes. In addition to Vriska, who wants to be one, and Jade, who was initially portrayed as one, we also have, most notably:
** Aradia - Born in the lowest rung of her caste system, but has incredible psychic powers and gains the affections of a casteist highblood. Dies and comes back as a ghost with even more power. Possesses her sprite then a robot body, later gains time-travel powers. Resurrects via Dreamself into her God Tier form, which allows her to pause The Demon.
*** Actually, Aradia's psychic powers are most common among her caste. The lower the caste, the more likely that they are going to have some sort of power like hers, Tavros' or Sollux's. (The empresses as well, though they are an obvious exception.) However, those with psychic powers are also more susceptible to other psychic attacks, such as the Vast Glub. A murmur could kill the lower castes but spare the higher ones. If anything, a troll like Vriska with a noble blood color is more unusual to have such a power.
** Kanaya - Born with an incredibly rare blood color, which allows her to be raised by the rare mother grub. She can bear the harsh Alternian sun when no other troll is shown to be able to do so. Her interest in fashion suggests she could also fulfill a few of those tropes, and despite being killed without the benefit of a Quest Bed or any sort of immortality, she returns from the dead -- and judging from what she does to Gamzee, Vriska, and Eridan directly after, she CameBackStrong.
** Feferi - Born in the absolute highest tier of the caste system, and it's stated that if not for SGRUB, she'd have overseen massive changes to Alternian society for the betterment of all (and indeed, her pre-Scratch self ruled over a utopia). She tries to be everyone's friend when troll society says she'd be justified in lording over them all. Raised by a particularly powerful lusus which basically nixes anyone's chance of trying to off her, most notably the current Alternian empress and anyone competing for the position.
** Sollux - Like Aradia, comes with super eyebeam psychic powers, as well as l33t h4xx0r skillz, heterochromatic eyes and a small but endearing flaw (his lii2p). He then dies Saving The Princess and has not one but two extra lives ostensibly because of his 'bifurcated personality', which also makes him prone to truly interminable periods of Wangst. Add to this Aradia, Feferi and [[EvenTheGuysWantHim Eridan]] have all apparently been interested in him in one of the concupiscent quadrants, making him more or less the big troll stud, ''despite'' being basically a moody computer geek.
*** The funny thing is that in most works, they ''would'' be MarySue[=s=]. In ''Homestuck'', they're just characters.
* Compare how [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005197 Dream Feferi dies]] to how [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005436 Eridan dies]].
* In the 1/24 updates, we learned (among other things) that all the sopor slime is gone. Among other things, sopor slime helps to quiet the trolls' violent instincts. Little wonder that Eridan and Gamzee quickly went off the deep end with nothing to hold them in check.
* I don't know if anyone else just thought of this, but I was wondering why the God Tier trolls (from what we've seen of them anyways) got wings, while the human's God Tier didn't. Then it dawned on me: Trolls are born as LARVA. Like CATERPILLARS. When they finally achieve God Tier, the trolls are metamorphosing into butterflies!
* Some of the trolls who don't really care about blood color seem to forget the order of the hemospectrum -- [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004046 here]] Sollux can't remember what's lower than yellow and [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004062 here]] Nepeta doesn't seem to know where green lies. You'd think it'd be easy to remember, since it goes from red to violet like a rainbow . . . but since rainbows are created by sunlight filtering through water droplets and most trolls never go out during the day, they've probably never even seen a rainbow! And ''then'' I realized that the only time the word "rainbow" has been used in relation to trolls is [[OurVampiresAreDifferent "rainbow drinkers"]], who come out during the day . . .
* If you think about it, TheReveal that the trolls were in a post-scratch session was possibly foreshadowed (or perhaps there have been coincidences?). Remember in [s] Past Karkat: Wake Up we only got to see the grub versions of "our" trolls, but not the ancestors? Also remember how ectobiology works; by pinpointing someone in time and creating a paradox clone of them. If the trolls had been made with their ancestors' DNA, Karkat would know what the "extra twelve useless wrigglers" were for since the machine had pinpointed at them. Instead, the Ancestor grubs were probably made with a mixture of our trolls' DNA, thus explaining Karkat's belief that the "extra" grubs were "useless".
** The same Flash shows a terminal with twelve screens. It's identical to the kids' terminals other than the amount of screens, and two of the screens have been destroyed. That only happens if a Hero reaches God-Tier. [[spoiler:Future!Aradia]] made it.
* Concerning [S] Wake, maybe all the characters seen in the flash awoke one way or another, besides the obvious...
** Aradia awoke not only to God Tier, but also awoke her normal emotions again, feeling happy to be alive.
** Vriska not only awoke from demotivating WV in his nightmare to face Bec Noir, but also awoke her conscience after killing Tavros and feeling guilty about it, even fearing facing Noir as she planned all along.
** Feferi has always wanted to be with the Furthest Gods of the Ring; her death of her dreamself awoke her powers as the Witch of Life, so to speak, due to her communication with Jade, being able to speak from the afterlife to the living compared to other deceased characters in SBURB and SGRUB.
** Jack Noir probably believed himself invincible killing one life after another with his First Guardian powers; witnessing Aradia gave him an OhCrap on his face, and becoming time stopped by Aradia may have awoken fear in him, or something close to rethinking his killing strategy besides using green fire and showing his stabs.
** Tavros awoke his self-confidence actually comitting to try and killing Vriska, despite failing and getting impaled. And, there maybe a second wake-up involved due to dying and being in the afterlife; maybe communing with deceased First Guardians and Lusii per his powers.
** Nepeta MIGHT have awoken to stopped being so cheery after her encounter with Noir; possibly, her Rogue of Heart powers might have kicked in, requiring her heart to stop beating for this to work. However, unless something is seen in the comic, this one is pure theory.
*** Just today it was revealed that Rogues are a kind of antithesis to their powers in that their powers effect others rather than themselves, so this thought here might hold ground
* Eridan, whose romantic advances have been turned down by nearly every other main character, lives in a [[ShipSinking wrecked ship]].
* The troll ancestors who initiated the scratch were too weak because they lived in peace. And when they initiated the scratch, they became the ancestors instead of the players. Now, realize that the current troll world is so terrible because the Sufferer failed to spread his message. That means there is a good likelihood that the reason the original troll world was peaceful was because Karkat (acting as an ancestor in the original troll world) SUCCEEDED in spreading his message.
** Not to mention Feferi would have been the Empress.
*** That is, if she could defeat Condy.
*** No, Condesce is Meenah, and she refused to participate in the struggle at all, not to mention lived later than Feferi.
* The update "[S] Wake." has several [[CallBack Call Backs]] going on with it:
** 1. The last Flash update before this on to issue a general command was "[S] Make Her Pay." Both Aradia and Vriska did just that in it. The same thing happens here.
** 2. The last time Tavros saw Vriska wearing fairy wings, she was trying to please him, trying to make him love her. [[IronicEcho This time]], she kills him. Kind of a stark contrast, don't you think?
** 3. The first time Tavros and Vriska are the seen together, Vriska forces Tavros off a cliff. Guess what happens here?
* Aranea describes the relationship between A1 and A2's timelines as being linear, but it's obvious to the readers that the relationships between all universes are [[TimeyWimeyBall a bit more complicated than that]]. But of course that's how she would explain it to Terezi - she said herself that she's existed for so long that time-related words are little more than a convenience.
** As a Hero of Void, Equius has the power to black out Seers and Space-users and terminal users locked on to his position and unaccounted others. His dream self and real self are gone, and recently, we saw Lord English obliterate his ghost self. However, as an Heir of Void, couldn't he exist inside the Furthest Ring OUTSIDE of a dream bubble?
** As a Hero of Hope, Eridan has the power to create an AstralProjection of other players within a dream bubble. Dirk hinted to Jake that he possesses untold power as a Page, and that Jake has unresolved feelings for Dirk. As Eridan had feelings for Feferi, maybe one or both still exist in a dream bubble the Kids and Trolls have yet to encounter, and their real selves deaths could allow them to exist ALIVE within the dream bubble compared to flickering Dream!Dirk or a standard MilkyWhiteEyes ghost.
*** Eridan is a Prince. He doesn't create something by believing in it. He destroys it by not believing in it. Feferi is clearly angry about dying, to the point where she lashed out at Jade, so because he didn't believe they could be friends, the offer is off the table. He destroyed all hope of the relationship. Hope wasn't lost when he tried to defect, but the exact instant he considered it as a mere possibility.
* The reason the SGRUB symbol looks different from SBURB? The kids' session had four players and four squares. The trolls had twelve players, and so…
* It literally just occurred to me that all of the trolls were about thirteen give-or-take, and the majority of them died horribly. Um...Andrew? I'm not particularly comfortable anymore.
** We don't actually ''see'' it happening, but Vriska has apparently been playing her FLARP games for years, killing her peers to keep her lusus fed. Eridan/Feferi have been doing more or less the same, though with their peers' lusus instead since a troll wouldn't even make a nibble for Feferi's lusus.
* Why do the trolls constantly refer aspects of their culture as 'Troll [whatever]'? Because in their universe, the Condesce conquered hundreds of other planets, many of which would have had other races living on them. It's not unthinkable that parts of other cultures would become known to Alternian trolls, and so the trolls clarify that they mean ''their'' whatever, as opposed to the whatever created by another race.
* If you really think about it, the trolls' romance shenanigans in general can fall into this. Remember that [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004296 partway through Hivebent, it was revealed that drones regularly visit troll adults to collect black and red buckets of DNA from them]], and that they will ''kill'' the troll if they have nothing to give. That said, while our trolls aren't likely to had been approached yet, what looks like teenage romance squabbles (such as Karkat desperately trying to get Dave into "quadrant vacillation" or Eridan's usual antics) could actually be, subconsciously or not, treated the same as a life or death situation once you remember this detail. After all, for a troll, not being in a relationship equals possible death. In other words? There's a [[MateOrDie good reason]] why the trolls seem so fixated on romance.
* Why were the trolls suddenly silent in the bad alt timeline when John died due to fighting the Denizen early? It's because their session ceased to exist the moment whatever convoluted Weird Time Shit sent Lil'Cal from arriving in Alterina and Kanaya's hands, and thus allowed Doc Scratch to be born, who in turn set everything up in the first place was prevented due to Dave prototyping Lil'Cal. They didn't go silent so much as '''cease to exist.'''
** Or not. In Paradox Space, the alpha timeline is eternally present at all points, and any deviation will simply doom everyone in it. The Trolls were still there in the alpha timeline, they just couldn't communicate with the doomed one. [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004990 Two timelines can exist at once.]]
*** Which actually may disprove the theory since Terezi converses with ''both'' Daves. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005090 Doomed Dave contacts her]] right before Noir kills him.
*** Still in the Alpha timeline, it's just not Alpha Dave. As long as they remain in the Alpha timeline they can be contacted no matter who they are.
** Which leads to a moment of FridgeBrilliance as well. Ever since it was revealed how dreamselves worked, this troper always wondered why Dream John and Dream Jade didn't take over as "real" John and Jade. The answer is it wasn't John's death that doomed the timeline, it was Cal being prototyped.
*** Though Dream John wouldn't have been able to take over anyway, since that particular use of a dreamself requires use of the Quest Bed (which no one was in any position to take advantage of) or a kiss from one of the other players (which would have required getting to John's seventh gate themselves to get to a body in the same room as an angry Denizen).
*** John's Denizen was calm about killing John. Dream Jade still couldn't take over though. If you never physically enter the Medium, there is no dream self.
* This had to be pointed out to me on Hussie's Formspring archives ([[http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40585720/Combined_Formspring_Web_Aug-28-2011.htm#andrewhussie1158647790 here]]): In the Homestuck-verse, the 12 trolls aren't based on the WesternZodiac; the WesternZodiac is based on ''them.'' Because they created the the kids' universe, somewhere in humanity's collective subconscious were these trolls. And because of this, when they looked at the sky and saw a bunch of arbitrary star clusters, they went "Oh, look a crab!" "Wow, there's a fish!" Even if the trolls aren't really ''gods'', they still have religious and cultural importance.
** To break it down, Aries' energy is similar to how Aradia was in life, Taurus is just as a {{Determinator}} as Tavros, Gemini is riddled with bifurcation because of Sollux not to mention the myth about Castor and Pollux, the twins, states one of them died and the other grieved so much their father put them on the heaven to be together, Cancer is considered kind and motherly because of Karkat and the Sufferer, Leo is ferocious and described like attention-hogging just like some other trolls say of Nepeta, Virgo is pretty obvious, Libra and Justice are intertwined so much with Terezi that we paint/draw Justice with not only scales but also a blindfold and a sword, Scorpio has an ambiguous reputation thanks to Vriska, Sagittarius and archery+horses is obvious but it also ties in to the magnanimity of Darkleer and also some say Sagittarians are smarter than they look similar to how indigo bloods, being Void players, are exempt from Omniscience and MindControl, Pisces is said to be one of the nicest and friendliest of the signs...
* Sburb essentially wipes out your race when played. Emissaries from the horrorterrors, like Feferi's lusus (and the vast glub), are probably a common feature of the game for sessions where the host species has left their home planet.
* Before the ancestors in the trolls' session initiated the scratch, "our" trolls were in the role of the ancestors (and vice versa). In the Pre-scratch timeline, troll society was peaceful. Note that with the role reversals, at this time, Feferi, who in the present timeline wants to abolish the blood caste system and help the weak, would have been empress.
** Which of course fits with the fact that every troll in Post-scratch Alternia now dresses in similar clothes to Meenah.
** This also means Earth's clowns are indeed based on Gamzee; Pre-Scratch!Gamzee.
** Pre-Scratch!Karkat, the Signless of Beforus, was successful not only because Karkat isn't passive-aggressive like Post-Scratch!Signless was, but also because he would have received [[PalsWithJesus help from Pre-Scratch!Feferi]].
* All of the Trolls' similarities to humans -- from the existence of Troll Will Smith to the fact that they [[AliensSpeakingEnglish speak English]] -- could be explained by the fact that the Trolls created Earth's universe, and therefore humans.
** Vriska suggests that Karkat would make a better human than a troll, and humans have the same freakish bright red blood. Makes sense, considering he was the trolls' leader, and the one who would have personally gotten the ultimate prize if they hadn't been interrupted. As well as the one who supposedly gave the B1 universe cancer.
** Also, why does the "real" world operate under the bizarre rules of captchalogues and strife syllabi? Because the "real" world is the creation of a game and follows game logic.
* We all know that trolls have four forms of love (matespiritship, kissmessitude, moirailliegance, and auspticism. But according to at least one theory, humans also have four forms of love: romantic love, friendship, affection, and charity. Suddenly you realize why the trolls are so (from our perspective, at least) screwed up. Their society has no concepts of friendship, of affection (that one's a bit more natural, since they don't have families the way we do), or of charity, so huge chunks of the interpersonal bonds humans work with are missing.
* The troll world is shown to be a BizarroUniverse in many aspects such as the role of angels, vampires, etc. Instead of teenage sex being highly frowned upon, it's required upon pain of death.
** Not only that, but unlike with humans where homosexuality is still highly controversial, it's apparently so inconsequential in troll society that ''it doesn't even warrant its own word.''
** Their version of Christianity, instead of spreading into a dominant religion, dwindled until it was practically forgotten.
* From a biological viewpoint the violent nature of troll-kind makes perfect sense as a means of natural selection to prune out the mutations arising from their constant inbreeding. However Doc Scratch said that he was responsible for the trolls violent nature. Does that mean Scratch is somehow responsible for the Mother Grub method of breeding? [[{{Squick}} What a creep.]]
** This may also explain the troll's vestigial genders.
*** Everything involving lusii was imported by Doc Scratch
*** ...Except all of the Troll biology and the Lusii exist in the Pre-Scratch Troll Universe, where Doc Scratch never acted. So, nope for all of this.
* One of Alternia's moons is purple - which is what you get if you add the primary colors red and blue. Red is the color of the Kids' universe, while blue is the color of the Trolls' universe.
** It's also the inverted color of the green moon. They're opposites. This may very well mean something.
*** Considering that the destruction of the red and blue universes created the green sun...and that Derse's purple moon was involved...
*** I think you're on to something here. Red, blue, green, and purple are the kids' colors, right?
* It's mentioned near the beginning of the troll intermission that troll culture places an unusual emphasis on architectural design proficiency at a very young age (letting the trolls that have just recently survived their trials design their own homes), but that no one seemed to really know why that is. Well, in light of the information from Doc Scratch regarding the trolls ancestor's failed Sgrub game, this makes sense. That was an effect of Scratch's influence in his efforts to better prepare the trolls for Sgrub, much like they became incredibly violent and competitive under his influence.
* Alternia has [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003904 two moons]]; one fuchsia pink, the other lime green. That's some very clever foreshadowing.
* The fact that Alternia seems to have SchizoTech actually makes a lot of sense when you factor in the existence of natural psionics. After all, you don't necessarily need to invent machine guns or nuclear reactors if part of your population has EyeBeams and you can fly to the stars with just [[PoweredByAForsakenChild one poor bastard]] [[LivingBattery hooked up to the wires]]. This then resulted in a race that managed to develop interstellar travel before it moved past melee weaponry.
* Vriska once said, regarding the trolls' ancestors, "[[color:#004183:You then can choose to take up the life they left for you. And if you do, they will always 8e looking out for you, and guide you in finishing what they started.]]" Mindfang was killed by the Summoner. Vriska murders Tavros. Neophyte Redglare was killed by Mindfang. Terezi kills Vriska. Orphaner Dualscar was killed on the Condesce's orders. Eridan kills Feferi. The Dolorosa was assassinated by Dualscar. Kanaya kills Eridan. The E%ecutor and the Disciple defied the highbloods and got away with it. Gamzee kills Nepeta and Equius. [[MessianicArchetype The Sufferer]] eventually broke under torture, cursing the highbloods with his dying breath... and ''[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Karkat singlehandedly stops Gamzee's rampage]]'' [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming with kindness and a]] CooldownHug.
** The sufferer specifically died from an arrow shot by Equius ancestor darkleer, and then Karkat was the one who sent Equius to his death in an attempt to stop the highbloods
** Also relatedly, something I didn't realize until recently: when Vriska kills the Black King, she rolls an 8^8. We now know that that roll gets you Ancestral Awakening. [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005653 Mindfang vs a giant ugly blackish monster, huh?]]

* You remember how angry Aradia was throughout her tenure as a robot? It makes more sense once you realize she was filled with [[InTheBlood Equius's blood]]!
* This line from Doc Scratch's description of the Handmaiden: "She stirred up class warfare and intensified bigotry in whatever era she haunted." Aradia, the Handmaiden's descendent, had some sort of romantic relationship with the bigoted Equius.
* Aradia's role in SGRUB is Maid. In her society she should be a person who carries "sex toys". She's doing it [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005482 right]].
* Since being prototyped with Bec, [[BigBad Big Bad]] Jack Noir has gained decidedly lupine features. What [[StealthPun colour]] is Aradia's god-hood?
** Also, ''What's the Time, Mr. Wolf''?
* At first, [[EmotionlessGirl Aradia]] killing Vriska didn't make much sense, since earlier in the comic she said she didn't want revenge. Then you see that her exile told her to do it. She's used to hearing voices in her head, and she'd always do what they said. What's one more voice to her?
** Not really, she specifically makes it known she's n0t 0K with it.
* Aradia is the Maid of Time. She was put into a robot body. Does this make her an iron maiden?
* Tavros's typing quirk is because cAPS lOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL, fOR COOL (and Tavros doesn't really understand either, Caps Lock ''or'' cool)
** Also, his attempt at trolling Dave going horribly wrong: Dave reacts with ironic gay innuendo, and Tavros gets confused and upset and blocks him. Trolls [[EveryoneIsBi don't consider gender an object to sexuality]], and so presumably don't even ''have'' GayBravado. No wonder he was confused and upset.
* In the same vein that Eridan’s double V’s become W’s (double U’s, with V’s being pronounced by Roman’s as U’s),''Tavros'' becomes ''Tauros'' - ancient Greek for bull.
* For an in-universe example, Tavros's [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004064 realizing]] where Tinkerbull is. That's... That's just ''cruel.''
* When Tavros goes to confront Vriska, he completely forgoes all tactics and runs straight at her. You could say he charged ''like a bull''.
** Vriska, on the other hand, stood her ground and let him come to her...just like a spider.
* Sollux, with his ever-present theme of duality, was close to two troll-girls: The lowest-blooded, and the highest-blooded.
** They're also the only two trolls with alliterative chumhandles (AA and CC respectively)
** All of Sollux's deaths were at the exact same time as someone else. First, it was the Helmsman. Next, it was the Handmaid. The first was his ancestor. The second was his lover's.
* Some might be wondering why Sollux is fluctuating between flushed and caliginous feelings for Gamzee in the showdown. Sollux's entire shtick is duality....of ''course'' he'll have two conflicting opinions of him!
** On a side note, think about this. Did you notice that out of all of the trolls, Sollux has the most relationships? That's right, in canon, Sollux is the most ''paired'' up troll!
* Sollux's bizarre semi-UnexplainedRecovery on the Green Sun makes a bit more sense if you remember his connection to Gemini; besides the whole theme of twins and duality there's also the fact that [[Myth/GreekMythology Castor and Pollux]], when they died, divided their time between Hades (the afterlife) and Olympus (home of the gods). Given that Sollux is now with three God-Tiered individuals...
* Sollux's symbol is gemini, which is a (♊) symbol. Gemini is also the latin word for twins. Sollux wears a pair of shades, and if you will recall, the only other troll who also wears shades is Terezi. Coincidence?
** also after a recent event involving Eridan, Sollux became blind, just like Terezi.
** Wait, Equius wears shades too...
** Sollux Captor. Switch the S and P. Pollux Castor. Twins.
*** Not just ''any'' twins, but the specific pair of twins that ''became'' the constellation Gemini in Greek mythology. It's also another tie-in to Nicholas Cage ("Castor Troy" in Face/Off).
** Obsessed with two. Computer hacker. ''Binary.'' Duh. (I literally just realized this.)
* Sollux loses the duel between himself and Eridan. He mentions that he underestimated Eridan, which is what one would expect he would say whether he won or not. But consider that he's the resident "computer guy". If he overpowers Eridan by too much, the computers behind Eridan get destroyed. Sollux is powerful enough to send the asteroid they're standing on at faster than light speed - of course he would have to hold back to some extent.
* When Sollux was blinded and lost his psychic powers and his bifurcation motif, the blood from his mouth [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005324 split the Gemini symbol on his shirt into half]]. The symbolism is apparent.
* The Tumor is associated with black and white, and also red and blue. What ''else'' is associated with red, blue, black and white? Sollux.
** [[MeaningfulName It's right there in the trolltag, even]].
*** Where?
*** twinArmageddons
** Also, "Sol" and "lux" mean sun and light in Latin.
* I wondered why Sollux's blood color was yellow while two defining colors of his are red and blue. Then it hit me; Yellow, red, and blue are all primary colors.
** No. They aren't. Neither additive nor subractive colors use red, yellow, and blue. Additive uses red, green, and blue. Subtractive uses magenta, yellow, cyan, and black.
*** 3D glasses can sometimes use magenta and cyan. That just leaves yellow and black.
*** Red-Yellow-Blue ''are'' primary colours... in painting.
** Also, in astrology the colour yellow is associated with the sign Gemini.
** It gets better: the two brightest stars in the constellation Gemini are named Castor and Pollux. Castor appears bluish, Pollux is reddish.
* Sollux, the troll with a duality motif, dates Feferi, a troll whose astrological sign is ''two'' fish.
** Feferi has been all of the following at one point: [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe One fish]], [[Creator/DrSeuss Two Fish]], [[Alien Blood Red Fish, Blue Fish]].
* Feferi's Pisces sign and her double ended trident have [[http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b510/magicrockssohard/trident_zps3c8072ac.png the same (fundamental) shape!]]
* Karkat is ridiculously ambitious but due to his blood color, he'd be considered a freak and pretty much shunned by the rest of his society, shooting down any chance of becoming a [=THRESHECUTIONER=] that he might have had otherwise. Which pretty much explains why he's so angry all the time.
* Karkat frequently acts mean and represses his non-rage-related emotions. Why? Besides being a bit of a temperament thing, he's afraid crying will give away his "freakish" blood color, as Trolls' tears are a faded hue of their blood.
** This would also explain why his doomed God-tier self has no visible wings (which would give away his blood color as well); Aranea has said God-tier trolls can hide their wings in their cloak, which is the most likely what he is doing.
* Other than it being crucial to his characterization, why is Karkat a mutant? What is his sign? Cancer. What is one of the looser definitions of cancer? A mutation.
** Also, he wields a sickle. A sickle cell is a mutated blood cell.
*** Makes a lot of sense that he gave Jade's Universe cancer.
*** He also causes a mutation inadvertently. By trolling Jade, she brings it up to John, which causes him to decide to change his chum handle from valid DNA (GT) to a mutation. (EB)
*** Mutations involve changing from one valid code to another ... ie, GT to GG or something. "EB" is just nonsense; there are no bases coded E or B. ''Brilliance'' would have involved him using a handle that abbreviated to some combination of I, X, and D, which ''are'' abbreviations for (rare) bases.
* Karkat, despite his constant rage, has never killed, maimed or severely injured any of his friends. He listens to their problems (despite being an asshole about it) and gives them advice. He also tries (and fails) to keep his team from killing each other. He also stops a psycho clown mass-murderer with kindness. He's also never had a kismesis, and when he thinks he finally has found one in John, he ends up becoming friends with John. By troll standards, he's a saint ...or a MessianicArchetype.
* When Karkat was hit by the bucket, he let out a Vast Expletive.
* So UU hex code color of #929292 is a reference to uranium, right? Well what about Karkat's #626262 hex code color? Well element 26 is ''iron''. As in what makes your blood red.
** Actually, 62 is the atomic number of samarium, a volatile but durable silvery-grey metal used in various applications including permanent magnets and cancer treatment. But that works well too.
** Iron also matches Karkat's text and sign color, references the irons that the Sufferer was put in, and is the name of his color in the "coloUrs and mayhem" album.
** On a related note, Karkat's text colour is also the colour of cooked crabs.
* Karkat ''did'' manage to bring Kanaya back to life with his Corpsesmooch. Just... not quite as expected.
** Where is the FridgeBrilliance?
*** It wasn't a kiss from another or a man that revived her, it was her own kisses rainbow drinking/vampire bites that did. This is apt for one born of a Virgin mother grub.
*** Not only that, but Kanaya was revived as a rainbow drinker, requiring *blood* to survive. What is Karkat's SGRUB title?
*** She wasn't born of the virgin grub, she was raised by it.
* Karkat's sign of Cancer is associated with motherhood, and he often plays TeamMom. He's also the one who gives birth to ''everyone'' through ectobiology.
* Karkat's handle on PesterChum is CarcinoGeneticist, or Cancer Geneticist. He accidentally messed up the game universe, saying "the disease I gave you". Karkat is a CarcinoGeneticist that gave the universe Cancer.
* Karkat's true blood colour is candy red, but he hides it by having a grey shirt symbol and text. Crabs are usually greyish or bright red.
* Karkat's distress at being toyed with by Clover is by no means unreasonable, but it gets extra poignant when you remember [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=009538 Karkat's experience with his Denizen.]]
* All of the kids' guardians have died. Remember that code Karkat ran waaaaay back at the beginning of Hivebent? [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003926 That one that killed all the lusii?]] It also applies to everybody that Karkat will ever meet. So from the minute Karkat first talked to John, he was accidentally dooming John's father to death.
** Lets take it a step farther, as of the act 6 intermission 1 we know Karkat meets Dave and Rose, so he also doomed roses ''and'' Daves guardians.
*** Another step forward, It's also implied that he will be meeting John and Jade in the Alpha session with the Alpha Kids all four of them ummm. It's not looking so good them either.
*** Confirmed: He did, [[KillEmAll and it wasn't]].
* Karkat is almost a troll counterpart to John: Both are POV characters, both show HiddenDepths, both were involved in similar in-game events, and Karkat even resembles John a bit. [[UsefulNotes/SovietRussiaUkraineAndSoOn John has a hammer, Karkat has a sickle.]]
** Their battle themes are named "Showdown" (Karkat) and "Showtime" (John).
*** Interestingly enough, Dave's battle theme is "Beatdown." So Karkat's battle theme is named after a combination of John and Dave's.
*** John and Dave have blue and red text, respectively. The theme is based on a mix of the two universes.
** He also types in all caps as opposed to John's typing in all lowercase.
** Because of their respective weapons, the John/Karkat ship is known as "Communism", which Dave later lampshades in the comic.
* Something that blew my mind when I realized it: the Sufferer is a pretty obvious analogue for Jesus, and Karkat is technically his ancestor since the trolls' session is post-Scratch. Then you consider that Karkat's first words to a human were "ATTENTION WORTHLESS HUMAN: [[Main/ForeShadowing THIS IS YOUR GOD SPEAKING]]." He wasn't just being his usual arrogant self; in a way it was literally accurate, since Karkat is, in human terms, the father of Troll Jegus.
* Karkat's defeat of Clover should have been impossible, due to Clover's incredible luck...except that back in Act 5 Act 1, Karkat triggered a curse that would ensure everyone he ever met would have terrible luck. The curse overrode Clover's luck, allowing him to be defeated.
* [[spoiler: How was Karkat able to defeat Clover, despite Clover being able to manipulate probability to make himself literally impossible to hit? Remember back in Hivebent, where Sollux programmed that mobius double reacharound virus to make Karkat and anyone around him unlucky?]]
* To any human viewer, Bec Noir's red hand means he's just killed someone. To Karkat, [[IronicEcho it's reminiscent of his alliance with SGRUB!Jack Noir]], who cut his palm to show Karkat that he wasn't the only one in paradox space to have "candy-red" blood.
** Early in the story the trolls mention that angels are a kind of demon with wings...
*** Which makes Eridan believe the angels he saw regard Bec Noir as their king.
* Karkat's mutant blood colour, despite causing him so much trouble, may have saved his life. Look at where Karkat sits when the trolls are arranged by Zodiac sign: between Sollux and Nepeta. Between Sollux's yellow and Nepeta's green blood would be where a lime-blooded troll would go; the same limebloods who were said to have been hunted to extinction. After the Sufferer's rebellion, his followers ensured that any future mutants would have a sign to wear and a lusus to raise them, but the same protections likely didn't exist for limebloods. If Karkat had been born without his mutation...
* As of the writing of this entry, Nepeta's encounter with Gamzee ended with him closing in on her threateningly, and jumping to another scene. Although there was green blood on Gamzee's club, it is still unknown whether she's dead or alive. So would that make her a ... [[UsefulNotes/SchrodingersCat Schrödinger's Cat]][[{{CatGirl}} Girl]]?
** The cat is out of the bag. Nepeta's body is seen separated from its head.
* Nepeta's NumerologicalMotif is 33, the atomic number of arsenic and a double CatSmile. 3 x 3 also equals 9 -- the number of lives a cat has. She's also died three times -- first when Gamzee killed her, second when her dreamself died, and third when Fefetasprite blew up.
* Nepeta seems to sleep with her lusus rather than in a recuperacoon, thus her dreams are filled with her species' history of violence. In other words, her dreams are probably filled with EXCITING TALES FROM THE HUNT, which explains why she acts so feral and yet so adorable. May also qualify as FridgeHorror.
** Also it might explain why she has circles underneath her eyes - she might not get as good sleep from it.
** And look at her coat. At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary coat that an artist like Nepeta would wear. Take another look at it. ''Nepeta's coat is a hunting coat''.
* The Disciple, Nepeta's ancestor, was obsessed with recording the teachings of the Sufferer, Karkat's ancestor. Karkat loves Rom-Coms and talking about romance. Suddenly, Nepeta's shipping wall makes a lot of sense.
* The Sufferer, Karkat's ancestor, and the Disciple, Nepeta's, had what was described as basically a perfect, fairy-tale romance. No wonder Nepeta had such a crush on Karkat - their ancestors had the kind of love story that would have been irresistible to her. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for us to think she saw herself and Karkat as the next Disciple and Sufferer.
** Related: The Sufferer and Disciple's romance connects to Nepeta and Karkat's Sgurb titles, The Rogue of Heart and the Knight of Blood respectively.
* Nepeta's assignation being the Rogue of Heart.
** Cat burglars.
** The catmints in the genus [[NamesTheSame Nepeta]] have heart-shaped leaves.
** The Heart Chakra (Anahatha) is green.
* Watch Kanaya's hairstyle very carefully, particularly the bangs on the side of her head. Then, compare it to the traditional vampire cape.
** Also, after coming back from the dead, she's '''bloody''', and her last name is '''Mary'''am.
*** It can also be a reference to the biblical Virgin Mary, since her sign is Virgo and she's set to raise the new mother grub.
* Initially, the Webcomic/SweetBroAndHellaJeff message of "Are you next" following Kanaya's death seemed fairly tasteless to a lot of people, given the circumstances. Until recent updates, that is. Remember why [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Bro killed Jeff in that comic?]] And what Kanaya is likely doing right now?
* Kanaya's sign is Virgo. Her last name is '''Mary'''am. Think about that for a minute.
** On a related note, her ancestor--who is, presumably, also named Maryam and shares the Virgo symbol--was the mother of their planet's metaphoric troll Jesus.
* Kanaya's blood is a rare deep shamrock green, and the only main troll to have it. She fills in many roles for other trolls' Ashen Quadrants, and none of the other characters act as auspistices or mediate, so Kanaya is heavily associated to it. The symbol for the Ashen Quadrant is a club, but for a troll with such particular blood...it could also be a shamrock.
* Kanaya is one of the only, if not the only troll that enjoys sunlight. Her main relations are Vriska and Rose, both of whom are heroes of light.
** Her lusus is a moth, which are also drawn to light.
* Read [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004223 Kanaya's introduction page]] while listening to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZa26_esLBE Monty Python's Lumberjack Song]].
* Kanaya's title is actually an IncrediblyLamePun when you think about it. Sylphs are mythological creatures that manipulate air. In other words, [[LipstickLesbian Kanaya]] is a Fairy.
* This might be fairly obvious but it makes sense that Kanaya became the rainbow drinker; she was under the sign Virgo and in various vampire mythology only virgins can become vampires.
* Kanaya's NumerologicalMotif is 6. Her name is six letters long.
** This doesn't really count, though, as all of the Trolls have six-letter names, both first and last. Even Vriska Serket, who's NumerologicalMotif is 8.
** Well, her aspect symbol has six arms. Her lusus has six body segments/legs. The sentence 'You are one of the few' has six words and is repeated six times in her introduction. She has six different sets of clothes aside of her 'work clothes'. She was the last and sixth player to add to Team Red. And last but not least, her zodiac sign is the sixth.
* Kanaya capitalizes the first letter of every word she types. Outside of Homestuck, who else does this? '''Jade'''n Smith!
* Kanaya's typing quirk involves [[SelfDemonstratingArticle Capitalizing Every Word She Types]]. How does one do that? By hitting the shift key with their pinky after every word. The pinky is stereotypically held up when drinking tea or in other 'dignified' past times, Why does Kanaya have such fine motor control? Because it befits a lady like [[LadyOfWar her]].
* One of the [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004243 first times we hear from Eridan]], he asks Kanaya to auspistice between himself and Vriska. Auspisticing means [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004297 preventing a feud from boiling over into an especially violent rivalry]]. And when Vriska and Eridan are about to face off in a duel... Kanaya [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005428 does]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005435 intervene]].
* Terezi's Lusus is a dragon because it has many scales.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004028 The first time you caught a glimpse of this world in your dreams, there was no turning back.]] This statement of Terezi's awakening gains more meaning when you realize it was the last thing she ever saw.
* As a Seer of Mind, Terezi could see the imaginary Dirk that Jake made. In the Alterniabound flash, she tells Tavros to not let anyone say to him that Rufio isn't real. Rufio is indeed real - Terezi could see (in a sense) him! [[HeartwarmingInHindsight Terezi wasn't just cheering Tavros up, she was completely sincere!]]
* At first, it looks like Terezi's crying [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006665 here]], because it's recently after her eyes were burned, and she was blinded. Except she's actually [[EyeScream BLEEDING]] out her eyes.
* Neophyte Redglare took Marquise Spinneret Mindfang's eye and arm using Pyralspite, her dragon. Terezi took Vriska's eye and arm using [[color:#2ED73A:D]][[color:white:o]][[color:#2ED73A:c Scratch]], [[color:#2ED73A:Lord English]]'s [[TheDragon Dragon]].
* Recall back when Terezi sent John to get mauled by his Denizen and we all thought she was a big evil bitch? Now, take into account the revelation that Terezi can see the outcomes of doomed timelines, as demonstrated by Vriska. Terezi ''deliberately facilitated the doomed timeline in order to aid the alpha. She was actually helping the whole time.''
** She does claim to not have thought of that, though.
* So all the trolls have [[HornedHumanoid horns]] that correspond to their Zodiac sign, right? So okay, some are pretty straightforward, like Aradia, Tavros and Gamzee, whose horns are based on their respective animals. Others, like Vriska, Kanaya, Eridan, and Feferi, have horns modeled after their symbol. Terezi, however, has these short, perfectly conical horns. What in Hussie's name does that have to do with her sign? Well, after seeing [[http://fav.me/d59okm2 this]] picture of Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}, it hit me - [[{{Homage}} their horns are exactly alike]], and both are {{Blind Weaponmaster}}s who believe in [[JusticeWillPrevail justice!]] Hussie, you magnificent son of a bitch!
* Dragons are depicted in myth as very LongLived, if not outright immortal. It seems that Terezi inherited some of their resilience.
* It took me an awfully long time to get the Libra=Scales=Scales of blind justice. I also seem to recall a panel where she could "see" the Trollian window, though it was blurry. Either she was "seeing" it by scent, or her blindness isn't total, making her...''[[StealthPun legally blind]]''. (Probably the first one, though.)
** Jossed. The flashback shows her eyes were literally charred from the sun. Chances are, we were looking at the actual computer, covered in her saliva.
* Why are Vriska's psychic powers so powerful, despite being a highblood? Because she's only ever seen using them on lowbloods, who are reputed to have low psychic tolerance.
** On a related note, Vriska is the only highblood we know of with a psychic ability, and her powers are used almost exclusively to subjugate and control lowbloods.
*** On another related note, Vriska is not a highblood, but a blueblood (Cerulean, specifically, the lowest noble caste). The highbloods were of the purple caste like Gamzee, the highest ranking land-dwellers. They mostly seemed to be the Subjugglators and also possessed strong psychic powers referred to as the chucklevoodoos, which was used to control the more numerous lower castes by giving the race constant terrible nightmares. And lowbloods are more vulnerable to psychic powers.
* Vriska's treatment of Tavros makes more sense when you consider that, based on his ancestor (the Summoner), she expected him to be both her Matesprit and her killer.
* [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004875 Vriska admits]] to allowing Bec to prototype himself for rather selfish purposes, but she does make a good point. Bec Noir already exists, and due to the circular nature of time, any action which successfully stops this from happening will merely create a splintered timeline, [[FateWorseThanDeath doomed to temporal erasure.]] If anything, she's simply being [[PragmaticVillainy pragmatic in her jerkassery]]; [[GenreSavvy she knows]] she can't undo Bec Noir, so she's trying to [[TrickedOutTime take advantage of the temporal loop]] to try and come out ahead.
** Then again, if Bec Noir was always fated to come into being no matter what anyone did, it's possible Vriska didn't have to get involved with his creation at all and was just using it as an excuse to steal the limelight, like a Thief of (Lime)Light would.
* Vriska's huge gamble at making Bec Noir and such normally seems stupid. But bear in mind that dangerous trolls are given moirails to keep this from happening. Vriska's moirail has been shunning her. It would have been more surprising if she DIDN'T wind up doing something like this.
* Recent updates with Vriska looking over her ancestor's journal have [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005644 shown]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005658 some]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005659 skipping.]] FridgeHorror assumes its due the Scratch descending, due to [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005630 Terezi]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005631 scratching]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005632 Disc 2 of Homestuck,]] where [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005643 the story is right now.]] However, [[OccamsRazor the simpler explanation]] might be Vriska [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005428 seeing]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005541 without]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005645 glasses]] as she views the journal, leading to [[BlindWithoutEm blurry]] [[DroppedGlasses vision]] in certain updates. The audience IS reading a Diary OverTheShoulder of Vriska for this ExpositionBreak.
** Nope, FridgeHorror. [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005660 [S]Flip]] shows us that it is very glitchy, not even from Vriska's POV.
* Remember how during the buildup to Vriska's death, the transition to the next pages always read "Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock." Now, at first it seems to just be a reference to the clock which decides whether the death of a god tier was heroic or just, as it ticked away in Vriska's final moments. However, if you think about this in relation to who Vriska is as a character, it turns into more of a fridge brilliance. Simply put, Vriska is or aspires to be a one armed, one eyed pirate. A certain other one armed, one armed pirate,(Read, Captain Hook), was continually haunted by a crocodile who would make "Tick Tock" noises whenever he approached due to the fact that he swallowed a clock, and was scared to death of this crocodile because that was how it was prophesied he would die. See the connection. Andrew Hussie has made Vriska into a walking (And dying) Peter Pan reference.
* Vriska wasn't just wrong about being able to stop Jack, she was wrong that ''he would choose to fight her''. Once more, she drastically misjudges someone's psychology, SmugSnake that she is.
* Vriska's already killed both Tavros and John, both of whom were {{Love Interest}}s of hers. That makes her a [[StealthPun Black Widow!]]
** [[ItMakesSenseInContext She has officially]] [[ScrewYourself entered into a Kismesitude with herself]] [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil against her will]], [[DespairEventHorizon driving herself to]] [[DrivenToSuicide double-suicide]].
*** A Mary Sue [[UnintentionalUnsympatheticVillain tries to be sympathetic]] about being a rapist, or just [[RapeAsDrama happens to get raped]] in a situation that makes no sense. Of course a Parody Sue would [[UpToEleven rape herself]] and [[TropesAreNotBad still be a sympathetic character]].
* Why does Vriska think she could hook up with Tavros even though they are basically opposites? Because Vriska is the Troll equivalent of a Sociopath, and Tavros is the Troll equivalent of someone with Asperger's Syndrome. A common misconception is that these two disorders are just two different names for the same thing, and this misconception is most common among Sociopaths, and least common among those with Asperger's Syndrome.
* When Tavros charged at Vriska, she stopped him with her arachnidsGrip.
** Then she proceeds to take his lance away from him, stab and kill him, and throw him off a ledge.
*** adiosToreador.
* The apparent dissonance between Vriska being embarrassed about killing Tavros and dismissive of the trolls she killed to feed her Lusus make more sense when you think about it for a bit. The trolls she killed for her Lusus were so that her Lusus wouldn't eat ''her'', so she saw it as business. Tavros' murder, however, was personal, even more so than Aradia's, which was specifically a revenge strike. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005367 She even says as much]].
* According to Aranea, the cobalt-blood PsychicPowers are primarily about [[TheEmpath empathy]], and the "maniupl8ion" is just a byproduct of that. She describes how strange and awkward it is to constantly feel what everyone around you is feeling about you, especially negative emotions, and how [[UnhappyMedium isolated]] it made her feel. Now, consider: Aranea comes from pre-Scratch Alternia, which operates under a much less oppressive/insane system than the totalitarian TeenageWasteland of post-Scratch Alternia, and likely had far more face-to-face interactions among young trolls. Vriska, then, is an empath, but one who has rarely interacted with anyone at close enough range to feel their emotions, instead communicating mostly through chats and only using her powers to [[KickTheDog be a jackass]] to people far away from her. And then the game begins, and all of a sudden she's actually face-to-face with everyone... and feeling exactly how much they hate her guts. Is it any wonder, then, that she's less nasty in person than on Trollian?
** Tavros seems to suppress his emotions, especially his negative ones. Vriska seems to act like an asshole most to Tavros, especially in person. Could Tavros' emotional problems have inadvertently played a role in his paralysis and death?
** It goes MUCH deeper than that. Vriska was an empath on a planet full of bloodthirsty trolls. No, worse: she's an empath who was forced to kill other kids her own age to survive. She would have felt everything they did as they died: their fear, their rage, their grief, their hatred. It's no wonder she grew up to be such a sociopath; she's literally had to force herself to not care about how other people fear to avoid going insane.
* The fat Vriska jokes. Antares, the brightest star in Scorpio, [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antares#Properties is massive]].
* Some of the several Vriska themes are based of Chrystalanthemums with increasing silly names. The chrysanthemum is the Scorpio flower.
** ...and also the national one of Japan, which is known as the land of the rising sun, tying in to her Light aspect.
* Pretty much every troll's horns resemble their sign. Equius? Arrow-shaped horn+broken straight piece of horn = bow-and-arrow sign. And so on.
** And if not the sign, the what it represents. Aradia's horns are more curved than the Aries symbol, but they do look exactly like ram's horns.
* You can actually see Equius’ blood color under his shades, unlike the others. If you've watched enough police procedural shows, you've heard the word [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petechia petechia]] associated with the bloodshot eyes of strangling victims. Remember how Equius seemed so creepy and perverse that the Narrator delayed introducing him? Remember how ''happy'' he looked when he's being strangled to death by Gamzee??
* Think about this for a second. Equius has '''blue''' blood. His troll handle is centaurs'''Testicle'''. What was the end result of Gamzee strangling him?
* Q: Equius is so freakishly strong, [[FridgeLogic wasn't he strong enough to break the bowstring with his neck muscles]]? A: [[http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40585720/Combined_Formspring_Web_Aug-28-2011.htm#mspadventures158881785575405344 Yes]].
* Equius's Trollian name is relevant to his interests. PlayedForLaughs anyway with troll culture's "Fine Art".
* Equius' lusus is referred to as male... and then... Equius likes drinking his lusus' milk... Oh.. Oh God...
** A male with a lactating udder. Maybe Lusus romance is a bit more complicated than you think?
*** A recent update had Kanaya referring to Jade (and humans in general) as "milkbeasts but without the hermaphroditic structures." I'd say that pretty much confirms that Alternian milkbeasts are all hermaphrodites.
* Equius forbidding Nepeta from engaging in EXTREME ROLEPLAYING. Later it's revealed his house has a nice view on Vriska, which means he had a DAMN GOOD REASON for forbidding her. (BTW, if someone could find the fan art showcasing it, it would be cool - couldn't find it on Skaia.Net).
** [[http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?30351-ROMANTIC-FANART-5-We-re-0k-with-this&p=3929102&viewfull=1#post3929102 Here]].
* The reason why Gamzee lived at the beach. Not only because his lusus was a half water half land animal (much like his namesake, the Makara, and the traditonal seagoat associated with Capricorn), but also his status being not a seadweller, but not entirely on land. The two highest on the hemospectrum, Eridan and Feferi, both live (at least, partially) underwater. He's half land, half water.
* Why does Gamzee say the Insane Clown Posse is [=BlAsPhEmY=]? Because [[{{Juggalo}} Subjugglators]] are supposed to be harbingers of death to the lower classes (ie, everyone besides themselves and the sea dwellers), as opposed to the benign, even relatively peaceful representation of Juggalos which the ICP presents.
** Especially when one considers Beta!ICP to be the human equivalents to both personalities of [[UsedToBeASweetKid Pre-Scratch!Gamzee]]
* Why does Gamzee have access to every weapon with the Jokerkind Abstratus? Because the Joker is often considered a wild card.
* Gamzee is originally introduced as the Bard of something. To those who only know bards as the SpoonyBard trope or from tabletop games and [=RPGs=], it makes sense in light of his spacey-ness and general uselessness. The original Celtic bards, however, were the bearers of oral tradition and passed down laws, histories, and folklore. Gamzee is the Bard of Rage because he is meant to remind the trolls of how flat fucking terrifying the Subjugglators were.
** If one plays fast and loose with synonyms, "Bard of Rage" could be rephrased as "[[NamesToRunAwayFrom Herald of Madness]]".
** One synonym for "bard" is "skald". A "scald" can be defined as a type of plant illness caused by excessive sunlight. The Green Sun.
*** Guess what our universe had that Gamzee made worse. Guess what also can be caused by excessive sunlight.
* Gamzee's handle is terminallyCapricious, and in a roundabout way he's ultimately responsible for Jack becoming the all-powerful HeroKiller that he is now. Karkat may have given the Kids' universe cancer, but Gamzee made it terminal.
* This might sound a bit goofy for FridgeHorror, but given that part of Gamzee's mental breakdown is connected to his watching the video for "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse after Dave sent it to him—imagine what would have happened if Dave had sent him [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/143249 the Saturday Night Live parody instead.]]
* What exactly is Gamzee peddling in [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006727 this flash?]] The blood of the trolls who died before they left their session. Advertised as magic motherfucking elixirs.
** And what each potion is said to do is somehow related to that troll's personality, such as the green potion (Nepeta's blood) making you fall in love.
** Also, when you choose the 'bronze elixir', Gamzee says that "one sip of this potion will cause you to lose the use of your legs. HOWEVER, you will become an EXCELLENT kisser." We can remember when [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005886 he blatantly hit on Tavros]], then later [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005927 when Gamzee is talking to past Dave]] you see Tavros' decapitated head in the background and his blood on Gamzee's lips. Not to mention he says that he likes Dave would like to cut off his head and "ADD A LITTLE STRAWBERRY JAM TO THIS PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH I'M MAKING BETWEEN MY MOTHER FUCKING LIPS." Just something that this Troper freaked out a bit upon realizing.
*** Worth noting that Gamzee/Tavros is/was a relatively common ship in the fandom with the nickname "peanut butter and jelly", which the last of these points, at least, is a reference to.
* Gamzee quite literally [[StuffedIntoTheFridge stuffed Vriska and Tavros in the fridge]] until they became relevant again.
* Gamzee was (almost) always blurry when he engaged Hero Mode. Why? Because Gamzee wasn't "all the way there", mentally. Notice how his appearance got sharper and sharper as time went on? YouCanPanicNow.
* The [=SBaHJ=] cloud on [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/sweetbroandhellajeff/?cid=025.jpg this panel]] is labeled "cloun", and the [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005314 panel referencing that strip]] has [[MonsterClown Gamzee]] in that cloud.
* Clubs Deuce is a goofy-seeming fellow perfectly happy to blow people up. Gamzee, a goofy fellow turned slasher villain, wields the Deuce Clubs
* Jane: Proceed reveals the very much alive Gamzee, who's sporting a God-tier outfit. Since he has scratches on his face and isn't dead, this clearly is the Alpha Timeline Gamzee. Since Gamzee's godtier, it explains his strength.
* The fact that not ''once'' has a dreambubble Gamzee been seen could mean many things. But the most worrisome is the possibility that Gamzee has ''never'' died. '''Ever.''' We've never seen a dreambubble Gamzee because there isn't one, because out of all the alternate timelines not a single iteration of Gamzee Makara has died.
** Either that or all his dead selves are busy with something. At the same time. Not sure which possibility is worse.
** He has been seen [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=007327 here]] in the Dream Bubble where both sets of trolls finally meet. The peculiar thing is, while there many alternate, dead, dream, and god tier selves of the trolls, there's only ''one'' Gamzee, in god tier clothes. Seems suspicious...
*** There was also only one Vriska and Meenah present, so it's likely his alternate selves are just off doing something.
*** And even then, that Gamzee has yellow eyes, meaning he's alive, meaning we ''still'' haven't seen any proof of any Gamzee dying at any point in time.
*** Roxy mentions that death is an excellent trick to sober oneself up. Now that Gamzee (who is revealed to be fake-god tier) has more bullet holes than he can count...
*** Gamzee is only confirmed to be wearing a fake-god tier costume, and likely this can be attributed to the same reason he fails to die from what ought to be rather fatal: clown antics.
* Gamzee exhibits an apparent resistance to death, despite not being god tier (so far as we can tell). Meaning he's a crazy, murderous clown (who worships a perpetually scowly individual with a stunted childhood development) that wears purple and has a nigh unbreakable immunity to being killed for no adequately explained reason. [[TheJoker Remind you of anyone?]] And what so happens to be Gamzee's Strife Specubus?
* Ever since Gamzee was introduced, his speech pattern has been an occasionally annoying mix of upper and lowercase letters. This speech pattern? The effects of the sopor slime pie literally meshing his split personalities together and giving him a semblance of sanity.
** A miracle is not a good thing if you're the one getting beaten by it.
** [[IncrediblyLamePun Gamzee's off his meds.]] Tasteless yes, but strangely accurate.
** When Karkat first expresses his distaste for Gamzee's typing style, he responds by typing in all lowercase, but eventually says that it doesn't feel natural and that it's better to do "wHaT fEeLs [=RiGhT aT wHeRe YoUr HeArT's=] Up In". More possible foreshadowing?
** Gamzee is a Capricorn. As in "capricious". His text alternates because he keeps changing his mind.
* Ready for some FridgeLogic AND [[FridgeHorror Horror]] at the same time? [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005261 the 1/26/11]] update implies that AxCrazy Gamzee is using the Trollian viewports to know where the others will be in the future to intercept and kill them. FridgeLogic dictates that any time Gamzee uses this to kill someone, he's changing the future and creating a doomed timeline; therefore, we already know that any attempt of his to take advantage of this will end in failure. The FridgeHorror? It also means that there are hundreds of alternate timelines out there where Gamzee has killed someone/''everyone'' and there was nothing his victims could do to escape him. Have fun with that thought.
** No, it would not be possible for him to just create doomed timelines like that. If he was going to attack any of the Trolls, the Trollian viewports would show it happening, because it would not be possible for him to go against it. Remember, any attempt to change or analyze the future has already happened, just like in pretty much every other instance of weird time shit in the story.
*** Don't you remember when [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004994 Terezi tried to get Dave to send himself to God Tier?]] The Dave sleeping on the Quest Bed, purely by the fact that he had chosen to travel to the future rather than wait, was from an alternate (doomed) timeline. So let's say Gamzee uses his Trollian viewport and sees Terezi walking down some stairs 5 minutes in the future right before having a conversation with Karkat, so he makes sure he's at that staircase 5 minutes in the future and kills her. He's just created a doomed timeline, because now her conversation with Karkat never happens and the future has been changed. In the "alpha" timeline, because he could see Terezi talking with Karkat, something, anything, will happen to prevent Gamzee from successfully intercepting and killing her beforehand. The only time Gamzee will kill someone is because it's been "preordained", not because he uses the viewports to spy on them.
*** Although now this is very unlikely to happen, if he were to see Terezi have the conversation with Karkat, and wait until she's finished her conversation, and then kill her. If he hasn't seen what happens next, or if he saw himself killing her, then the timeline is not necessarily doomed.
*** No, that is simply not possible by the way time travel works in Homestuck. Gamzee, or anyone else looking at Trollian, do not have the ability to change the future. Dave and Aradia do, but even they can only "change" the future in ways that were supposed to happen anyway. The timeline is set in ways that are unshakable by the players. Compare looking at the Trollian viewports to reading the memos: no matter what the Trolls think about the memos, they are inevitably going to write exactly what they and others have seen written, because it has all already happened. They do not have the ability or the option to change what they have already and are going to write. Looking at future memos and resolving to not write them is not going to create doomed timelines, because events have been conspired to ensure the timeline goes exactly the way it is supposed to with no unnecessary interruptions. Also compare it to the frog cloning minigame of Sburb - despite the weird time travel shit involved, it is impossible for Kanaya or Jade to create paradoxes.
*** Remember when Terezi created a doomed timeline by convincing John to jump ahead and fight his Denizen? Or the Doomed timeline in which Terzi does not kill Vriska? It's possible for any of them to create doomed timelines the predestination only means that the Alpha timeline always happens there are any number of alternate timelines... and in some of those Gamzee might have killed more people. Even Rose talks about the notion of not following through with her first conversation with Kanaya (which wasn't her anyway but this was hypothetical) and creating a Doomed timeline.
*** Too bad Gamzee still has never died even in a doomed timeline.
*** Not certain if my personal interpretation is correct, but I believe that any Doomed Timeline results in a Time player returning to fix it. Anyone can be the one who messes things up, but it will universally result in a Time player fixing it. Thus, Gamzee could not splinter the timeline indefinitely as there was no time player to stop him from altering the Alpha.
*** Doomed timelines can happen without Time players, but they have [[LawOfConservationOfDetail no impact on the Alpha timeline]].
*** What was that don't do it / don't ''not'' do it quote from ''{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}}'' again?
---->'''Farnsworth:''' ...You mustn't interfere with the past! Don't do anything that affects anything, unless it turns out you were supposed to do it, in which case, for the love of God, ''don't not do it!''
* In Seek the Highb100d, you can get behind the monitor as Equius, it's behind the same room you started in... And then you find Gamzee soon after, meaning that Gamzee may have been listening, [[RunningGag neigh]] , ''watching you'' '''''the whole time''''
* During Hivebent, when Gamzee and Equius are talking to each other, Gamzee says "[=iF i CoUlD mAkE yOu SmIlE iT'd Be ThE bEsT fUcKiN mIrAcLe I eVeR dId PaRt Of.=]" After Gamzee snaps, he finally DOES make Equius smile... [[HarsherInHindsight by asphyxiating him]]. Shiver.
* From around Gamzee's first appearance: [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003914 "Sometimes you just like to pick stuff up and watch the colors. It's so beautiful. Life is beautiful."]] {{Foreshadowing}}?
* Remember that Gamzee's religion predicts two evil clowns. Lord English goes Honk. Does this mean Lord English is one of the two? If so, who's the second one... oh dear...
** Lord English was born of Doc Scratch. Like Gamzee, he's bifurcated - Lord English is ''both'' of the mirthful messiahs.
*** This is even more so as we learn more of Lord English's past.
* When Gamzee gets ready to attack Nepeta, he's shown switching to his juggling clubs, which are described as "the worst pair of clubs in the universe" in the first Alterniabound flash. Despite the fact that he has a top-tier weapon visible in his syllabus. Why? He's decided on CherryTapping her to death.
** Made even worse when some fanartists take that term and make it...horrendously literal.
** [[FromBadToWorse Even worse]]: Gamzee could be so powerful that he could turn a JokeWeapon into something dangerously lethal.
** [[OverlyLongGag Even worse]]: Some speculate that Nepeta was committing [[SuicideByCop Suicide By Cop]], and that Gamzee chose this to [[CruelMercy keep her alive]] [[ColdBloodedTorture as long as]] [[ForTheEvulz possible]].
* Some FridgeHorror: Why is Sober!Gamzee such a LoveMartyr for Lord English even though the latter [[MoreDakka pumps his guts with lead]] and regularly abuses him? WordOfGod said that the ''real'' Mirthful Messiahs were actually Doc Scratch and Lord English; Gamzee's clinging to the last shred of his faith there is!
* Why do humans have good-aligned clowns if Earth was made by a race with only evil clowns? Because our clowns are based on Pre-Scratch!Gamzee, who would never have had a motive to kill anyone, and would have had therapy for the outbursts his blood-class is prone to.
** He also would have known a therapist personally. Vriska never would have known Spidermom, never would have been desensitized to killing, and because of her Sociopathic tendencies, which Beforus would have turned into a gift, would understand why Pre-Scratch!Gamzee would have his urges, and would know what to say to make him see that he had a choice not to indulge.
* Where did Gamzee get his time machines? He got them from Damara, who is easily as AxCrazy as him and also wishes to support Lord English. Like Kurloz, she's also been helping Gamzee.
** Alternatively, he may have gotten them from his kismesis, Terezi.
* If you look closely at the page where Gamzee's revealed to be the most important character in Homestuck, he initially comes off as creepy. However, with recent events, it's revealed that Gamzee's good again. If you look again, you'll realize that it's Gamzee's normal expression, except covered in blood.
** If Gamzee didn't raise Calliope/Caliborn even CAL wouldn't have existed, so he may essentially be the most important.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003914 Colors]] Imagine now, he is crazy and talking about blood. Enjoying the colors. All of them.
* Gamzee was never "the most important character in Homestuck". Look who he's holding in his lap in that scene. It was Li'l Cal all along.
* Early in Gamzee's playthrough, Gamzee makes the accusation that Tavros "sToLe [Gamzee's] [=NoSe=]" (Tavros' normal emoticon is "}:)", Gamzee's is ":o)", Tavros had just written his as "}:o)" to screw with Gamzee). Compare Gamzee's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clown_face face]] to his emoticon: [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110930042232/mspaintadventures/images/6/60/Gamzee_Makara.png It has no nose]].
** Similarly, Vriska's winking face has one eye closed and seven open. It may seem like just a coin-flip of how to handle an eight-eyed face winking (between one eye and four eyes), but since seven of Vriska's eyes are covered by the same eyelid she could only close one eye, seven eyes, no eyes, or all of her eyes, and there's no reasonable way to wink with the ''other'' seven emoticon eyes.
* Eridan is descibed as being a bit of a tool, correct? Usually, his tool-ness shows when desperately talking or acting for a redrom or blackrom with one of the other eleven trolls or either one of the two female kids. Literally, he is acting like a tool because he is THINKING with ONLY [[ICallHimMisterHappy HIS TOOL!]] It gets better when you realize his weapon of choice in Alternia and SGRUB is his phallic laser rifle, or his white magic wand, which trades up style for simplicity. Best of all, Undead!Kanaya's CrowningMomentOfAwesome in slaying her murderer Eridan becomes a series of [[VisualPun Visual Puns]] when you see her snap in half Eridan's wand, chainsaw his torso area, and remember her first-strike GroinAttack against Sober!Gamzee.
* Despite being part of the aristocracy, Eridan apparently spends [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004348 very little time underwater]]. This is because, unlike Pisces, Aquarius isn't a water sign - it's an ''air'' sign.
* Eridan's surname is taken from a water container in AncientGrome, and bears the title of Prince of Hope. Eridan is Pandora's Box: Evil in an unassuming package. Some interpretations even state Hope was the last evil in the box.
** Also, it should be no surprise that the Amporas are obsessed with sexuality, since their shared last name ''refers to a bucket''.
* Romans had U and V be the same letter, so they pronounced their Vs with a U sound. Eridan doubles his Vs, transforming them into Ws, which sound pretty much like Us. Therefore, Eridan has a classic Roman accent, which explains why the others say his wavy accent sounds ridiculous.
** And his username is caligulasAquarium.
* Since magic is not real, Eridan uses science power for combat. Sollux was blinded in his fight against Eridan. In other words, Eridan blinded him [[ThomasDolby with science!]]
** [[http://tindeck.com/album/lrfzi Now in song form!]]
* With the revelation that the class [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006464 Prince is the most active and destroyer of all of them]] is it really surprising [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005243 that Eridan destroyed the last shred of hope that they had?]]
* Eridan is generally seen as being a desperate loser who was borderline sociopathic even by the trolls' standards. Up until you consider the fact that all the trolls were still children, still on the road to being mature adults. Except for Eridan, who was ''already'' mature and already doing whatever he had to in order to make sure his species lived. He hated Vriska - he was her kismesis for a while, remember - but he still allied with her to get lusii to feed Feferi's horrorterror lusus and keep it from screaming...even though all he'd need in order to pull off that genocide he kept threatening would be to neglect just one scheduled feeding. And avoiding the drones? Well, there's a reason he was hitting on anyone who seemed like they were showing interest - he was coming on strong for a kid, but for all we know he was coming on [[MateOrDie just right]] for an ''adult''. Frankly, if Eridan were human, he'd be that loner who's way too mature for his age and who creeps out the rest of his peer group as a result.
* The mentally ill tend to see themselves as more lucid and realistic than those around them, and have trouble making others understand the way they see the world. Sound familiar? Eridan's unable to relate to others because of his sociopathy and depression, but to his warped perceptions, it's ''everyone else'' who doesn't understand.
* In a society where buckets are seen as lewd, Eridan is a bit of a perv. What does his constellation look like? [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquarius_%28constellation%29 A bucket...]]
** A man pouring out the contents of a bucket. Troll buckets contain material that propagates their race. If you were to pour it out, you would be interfering with the reproduction process, which is what Eridan does when he hopesplodes the Matriorb.
** Could you say he is [[ADateWithRosiePalms spilling seed]]?
** [[http://bladekindeyewear.tumblr.com/post/40681915358/they-got-the-void-player-with-a-pumpkin-where-did Hope tends to be represented by such things on a regular base]].
* In a sick way, Eridan's murder of Feferi makes sense symbolically. He sees her as having taken hope from him when they broke up, so he wanted to take life- Feferi's aspect- from her.
* Fans caught on to the symbolism during Eridan's betrayal and Feferi's death, but a Prince can also destroy ''with'' Hope. Because of his false hope that Bec Noir would spare him if they joined forces, almost everything was destroyed.
** The death of the Hero of Space resulted in the impossibility of an inhabited universe and [[CameBackStrong her revival]] made it possible for her to get the Matriorb back, allowing the new universe to contain life.
** And the the only survivor was Sollux, the Hero of Doom. Eridan could destroy as long as he liked, but he could not destroy the doom that his session would face.
* The fact that the Life symbol [[http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/File:Lifeofficial.PNG kind of looks like a pair of tentacles]] make sense when you remember [[http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/File:Feferi_Lusus.png Feferi's Lusus]].
* Feferi's little marine zoo must attract a lot of predators. Large predators that Eridan can hunt for her lusus.

* Damara mainly speaks Japanese, and when you translate what she says into English, it's pretty lewd. Then, it hit me - Damara is a parody of people in hentai animes/Asian porno flicks.
* Why is Damara from a FantasyCounterpartCulture version of Japan? Remember Aradia's original characterization of being a StringyHairedGhostGirl, which usually is based on the Japanese cultural belief in the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onry%C5%8D onryo]]. (WordOfGod even made reference to Aradia being based on "every Japanese horror movie ever")
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005975 "Run, Aradia's ancestor! Run!!!!"]] Wait a minute... isn't she [[YouCantFightFate stuck]] in a StableTimeLoop which makes it a ForegoneConclusion that she'll [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005969 become the Handmaid]]? [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005979 Yes she is]]. 0_0
* The Summoner was a Rufio/Peter Pan reference. And what was the legacy he left behind? A world made up entirely of kids. A literal Neverland.
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* Kankri has sleep bags under his eyes, implying he has nightmares often. His post-scratch counterpart had visions of what Beforus was like. It's not unreasonable to assume that Kankri had nightmares of Alternia's bloody history like the post-scratch trolls all do. Similarly, it looks like A2!Mom Lalonde knew Roxy would eventually arrive, possibly due to some residual memory of the other Earth. (Maybe it's a Seer thing?)
** This edges into FridgeHorror when you realize [[CruelAndUnusualDeath how the Sufferer died.]]
* Kankri dismisses Porrim's concern for the status of women. Seems like a simple case of hypocrisy, but Porrim pointed out that on the surface (Lord English is still working behind the scenes) trolls are at least somewhat matriarchal. Thus, Kankri has some reason to think it's an unnecessary cause; he's still being a huge JerkAss and {{Hypocrite}} about it because Porrim has a legitimate cause, but there is some reason behind his thinking.
* FridgeBrilliance regarding the Sufferer: his last words were the Vast Expletive. One of the last things Jesus said on the cross? "My God, why have you forsaken me?"
** Kankri would likely have also forgiven them anyway as a passive-agressive jab. The very next thing Jesus says, and his last words before dying, were "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing."
* [[http://elanorpam.tumblr.com/post/73879127567/so-lets-talk-about-the-cult-of-the-signless Cancer trolls are essentially doomsday cardinals]], as the Sufferer's teachings imply, and cardinals are associated with the colour red.
* Karkat's ancestor aka the sufferer, is most likely troll jesus. Take into account that we, with our red blood, are more or less modeled in Karkat's image. In other words, he's an inversion of the Father/Son part of the Holy Trinity. Furthermore, after arguing with his past and future selves, he refers to them as "past and future ghosts," or to fit with the theme, the Holy Spirit(s). Oh, and by the way; "the disciple Jesus loved" was none other than John the Apostle.
** The Sufferer isn't the only Christ-related allegory character.
*** Sollux's ancestor, the Ψiioniic is Simon Peter. A close friend to the MessianicArchetype, who ended up dying in a torturous way.
*** Nepeta's ancestor, the Disciple, is Mark the Evangelist, whose personal symbol was ''a lion.'' Alternatively, she's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disciple_whom_Jesus_loved "The beloved disciple]], or Mary Magdalene, who some scholars claimed was Jesus' Lover/wife.
*** Kanaya's ancestor, The Dolorosa, is obviously Virgin Mary.
*** Equius' ancestor, The E%ecutor, is a combination of Pontius Pilate, the roman official who was pressured into carrying out Jesus' execution, and the semi-apocryphal figure Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus' side with a spear. (Only he shot the sufferer with an Arrow instead.) In fact, given his later HeelFaceTurn and name change, you ''could'' argue that he has some shades of Saul/St. Paul too.
** If you want to get more Biblical, think back to how John, the first guy we meet in the series, got into the Medium: he bit an apple that the first girl we met in the series helped him obtain.
** The same guy and girl who apparently must eventually hook up, at least if you believe a [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/storyfiles/hs2/scraps/MATINGDIAGRAMFORMORONS.gif horrible shipping chart made by an alien Jesus]], that is, Karkat.
** On a side note: even odds that his name turns out to be "[[BrickJoke Jegus.]]"
** How has nobody mentioned the biblical David and Jonathan? Jonathan was even technically the "heir," and while calling David a "knight" is a stretch, he was a warrior!
** Considering the parallels that ''aren't'' there adds a whole new layer to this. Jesus was both God and Man, proved that by rising from the dead, and that resurrection was one of the main reasons so many converted to Christianity. Now consider that had the Sufferer been an ancendent instead of a dancestor, he would have had a ''very'' good chance of making God Tier. His death was neither especially Heroic nor remotely Just, so had he been God Tier, he would have returned from the dead. And if he had returned, his religion might very well have flourished as Christianity did.
* Before the Sufferer ever had a chance to reach a single soul, the Dolorosa committed the original act of rebellion against Alternian society by saving him from certain culling. The pre-Scratch trolls with the biggest tendency to deconstruct the biggest tenets of their own troll society are Kankri ''and Porrim''.
* Her being a mage makes sense when one switches the u in her name [[KingArthur for an r]].
* There is a part in the constellation Leo being called the sickle, which represents the head and explains why the Leijons always have the Vantas family 'on their minds'.
* Porrim is the Maid of Space, that is, "someone who fixes space". She sees the problems of the notion that each gender has their own predetermined place (or 'space', if you will) and wants to fix that.
* A fan thoery that came from [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005407 Mindfang's diary]] was that the "slave girl" Mindfang summons was Kanaya's ancestor. According to [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005959 this page]] The Dolorosa (Kanaya's ancestor) was sold into slavery.
* Though it hasn't been revealed if Neophyte Redglare was blind or not, why would someone of a Nocturnal race need to wear sunglasses if she wasn't blind? Her lusus' eyes are as bright as the sun, That's why!
** Justice is blind.
*** Holy crap. The Goddess of Justice is always depicted with a blindfold...''it all makes sense!''
* With the recent update, it seems Aranea has been controlling Gamzee for unknown amount of time. Gamzee has been helping Cherubs and Leprechauns, and Aranea knows a lot about both species' romance and breeding habits. Where do you think she got the information from?
** FridgeHorror: Considering that Aranea [[MindRape "healed"]] Jake, who's to say that Gamzee running out of sopor slime wasn't what caused him to go AxCrazy, and that Aranea "fixed" him too?
*** Gamzee flips his shit before he could have met Aranea. At the same time, however, quite a few of the weird things he's done since then (breaking off his moirallegiance with Karkat, entering a kismesissitude with Terezi despite never hinting at having blackrom feelings for her) make a bit more sense if you think Aranea had a hand in it.
*** Indeed; Gamzee would have no reason to care enough about Terezi's eyes enough to bully her into fixing them, and he's not particularly witty under normal circumstances so why he suddenly KNOWS WH4T TO S4Y TO P1SS M3 OFF is a bit odd. Terezi also didn't give a shit about his opinion beforehand. Aranea, however, was raised to believe that she should help those that need it whether or not they actually want it, and knows people well enough to know what would make Terezi upset enough to heal her eyes. Failing that, she could have pushed Gamzee into using his fear manipulation powers to make Terezi react as if he'd said something really cutting when he hadn't, which would also partly explain why Terezi was such a mess - he'd been using his voodoos.
** Further horror; a moirallegiance is a romantic relationship based on intense psychological intimacy, and a moirail is supposed to calm their partner and fix their problems. Aranea switches off Gamzee's rage entirely against his will, and heals Jake when he specifically and repeatedly told her not to. By troll standards, is this rape?
*** This also means every Serket other than Pre-Scratch!Vriska has committed rape at least once, and that every quadrant has been done.
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* Kurloz's muteness makes plenty of sense considering he is essentially an exagerated Gamzee, after Gamzee went crazy his quirk became based on his voice fluctuating between speaking quietly and loudly so after Kurloz's "nightmare" he became mute and uses his telepathy to shout directly into a person's head.
* Kurloz is betraying the gang as Gamzee did, but in a much less blatantly violent manner. This might be just a difference between Alternian and Beforusian troll behaviour, but in addition, Kurloz was never addicted to sopor slime. Gamzee's rampage may indeed have been worsened by withdrawal.
* A likely unintentional example; ''Dualscar'''s sign is two jagged lines.
** No, that probably ''was'' intentional.
* The Dolorosa was killed by Orphaner Dualscar. The Sufferer may have already been dead, but Dualscar ''orphaned'' him.
* Her Imperial Condescension's aggressive girliness is deliberately done to annoy Lord English, as we all know how Caliborn feels about all things feminine. Possibly as the only form of rebellion she's capable of, possibly so that he'll pay as little attention to her as possible (thus allowing her to plot against him in relative peace), or probably both.
* It turns out The Condesce had access to various psychic powers such as [[TheBeastmaster controlling animals]]. Now one must think how much of the trolling/jerk-like actions of God Cat were ''really'' because of her using those abilities.
** In a way, God Cat is also forced to serve ''Lord English'' as well. He's that bad that other First Guardians are powerless!
*** But wait, isn't ''Jade'' part First Guardian/Dog?
*** I think the abilities only extend to full animals or won't work on someone who is part human/troll (especially a god tier player).
*** It has also been suggested that the Condesce has all the powers of the Troll Ancestors. If this is the case, she has the Sufferer's ability to remember the pre-scratch Alternia, from before it was made a murderland. She just doesn't care.
*** If Meenah is anything to go by... it's not that she doesn't care. It's that she finds the idea of the Empress being the "first servant of her nation", as in obligated to help and aid every troll who needs it, boring and unbearable.
*** Oh, the Condesce's powers were very much usable on Jade...
* Take the word "Batterwitch". Now replace the b and the w. You get... (wait for it) WatterBitch, otherwise known as Water Bitch.
* "Betty Crocker" has the same number of letters in a typical Troll's name, with one letter shifted to her last name.
** There is a species of fish called the "betta".
** Betty Crocker cooks food. Fish can be cooked in a crock pot.

* Doc Scratch seeks death after summoning Lord English and ending the universe, but he needs help. Why? Because, [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005512 as his creation shows,]] he's an omniscient, omnipotent prankster. Comedy is easy. ''Dying is hard.''
** And the reason Scratch flipped out on Vriska? She was using, essentially, himself to fight himself. [[TimeyWimeyBall Then he blew himself up.]] Sort of.
* So why did Doc Scratch prod Rose into checking the cue ball and going grimdark? Even after she recovered, she was surrounded by a blackout that kept the trolls and anyone else from reading her future or that of anyone near her. In other words, it prevented anyone from realizing what The Tumor actually does until it's long too late.
* Doc Scratch says [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005520 here]] that he is a soldier in a war of one bullet fired. Which bullet? The bullet fired by Spades Slick at Snowman that kills her and destroys the Troll's universe, summoning Lord English.
* Here's a thought... the Green Sun was formed when the Troll's Universe was destroyed, thus everything inside it would be obliterated and non-existant. But then where are Doc Scratch, his clock, and part of his building surviving that the Doc's body could become Lord English? Simple. A POCKET Universe. The cueball-headed Doc was Scratched.
* As of the act 5-6 Intermission, we learn that Doc Scratch really is an ''excellent host.'' Falls emphatically under FridgeHorror, as well.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/storyfiles/hs2/scraps/DIRKTHISISuS.gif uu's gift]] to [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006975 Dirk]] becomes NauseaFuel HiddenInPlainSight after remembering troll reproduction. At first, it's a CrowningMomentOfFunny, showing how bad an artist uu is. But, imagine the squiggly lines as the outlines of puddles or liquids, [[BrainBleach color coded to represent the genetic materials of the involved participants.]] In uu's mind, Jane and Roxy are "enjoying each other's company," and Dirk and uu are "getting friendly," by [[DontExplainTheJoke mixing each other's...fluids inside a bucket.]] ButWaitTheresMore ...how many people saw the squiggles, and thought troll reproduction instead of bad artistry? If you saw the former, then good for you getting an InJoke based on a subtle ShoutOut. If you saw the latter, however, and just realized the Squick HiddenInPlainSight...[[FunnyMoments here's to forgetting what you want to forget.]]
* uu finds normal nonsexual romantic things to be despicably attractive. When UU explains cherub reproduction, we learn that it is normally violent and confrontational. So, for a cherub, the kind of things uu likes would actually be despicable and scandalous.
** Except there's absolutely nothing indicating this, uu isn't a troll, and he considers hand-holding to be risque so he likely wouldn't even DREAM of that? His later drawing to Calliope shows that he really is ''just that bad'' at drawing figures.
** It is more likely a display of cherub reproduction- the figures look like snakes.
* uu says that when Calliope dies, he will paint everything with her blood. Now remember the Felt Mansion.
** It gets worse he mentions he will write his words with her blood. Remember who else is known to write in lime green (or "felt") text? Lord English.
*** Even worse after meeting the doomed version of Calliope who never got to know the Alpha kids and somehow mustered up the courage to kill Caliborn before starting the game, just as he did to her: she types in his blood colour as well.
* Take a good look at Caliborn's Cruxtruder when he enters. The time shows his symbol in two parts: ~U. It resembles ~ATH code. His timer is saying Caliborn will enter his session at the end of the universe...just like how Lord English enters at the end of a universe.
** Caliborn's sign represents a man holding a snake, so it could also mean that the snake (Caliborn) has escaped its handler (Calliope).
* Why did Hussie hide the [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ACT6ACT6.php?s=6&p=008168 cartridge]] in the Caps Lock capsule? Because Caliborn would never turn the caps lock off, at least not intentionally!
** Except Caliborn ''isn't using'' Caps Lock; he's holding down the shift key, because Caps Lock is [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=007380 "A TRAINING KEY FOR RETARDS"]]. It works anyway, because it never occurs to him to turn it '''on'''.
* The most recent updates described Caliborn's mission in his game session: he has to conquer fifteen planets, one after another, by knocking them into a black hole. It may be obvious to most people, but take a look at the planets and think about it. What is he, albeit on a cosmic scale, actually doing? He's playing pool.
* With the revelation that the server that summons Lord English is in fact the clock that controls his immortality, his summoning ritual finally makes sense. The honk HONK code infused Doc Scratch with a portion of Caliborn's DNA so when Scratch died it caused Caliborn's immortality clause to kick in and revived him where the DNA was!
* After his summoning, Lord English locks himself in a sarcophagus. He wears a Cairo Overcoat. A Chicago Overcoat is slang for a coffin. So a Cairo Overcoat would actually be an ''Egyptian coffin.''
** If you look closely, the sarcophagus ''is'' his Cairo Overcoat. It's a reference to the innocuous doubles of ''Webcomic/ProblemSleuth''.
** Not just that, it's a reference to [[Webcomic/ProblemSleuth Mobster Kingpin]]'s (imaginary) vessel, the Chicago Overcoat. He eventually becomes Demonhead Mobster Kingpin. And what is Lord English? A demon.
* Considering the comic's theather-esque style (with acts, intermissions, etc.), it's quite fitting that Lord English ''breaks a leg'' shortly before his debut.
* Caliborn states to Jake that his title is the Lord. [[CaptainObvious If it wasn't already obvious, this appears to be more]] {{Foreshadowing}} to him becoming [[BigBad Lord English]].
** Contrasting the Lord, the Muse is the most passive class possible. What's more passive than spending the entire duration of the game dead/dormant?
* So, Caliborn's whole Saw pornography game was pretty ridiculous at the time, right? But consider this: according to the green man himself, all relationships among his people are "dictated by the miracle of hatred." In other words, Cherubs ONLY have Black Romance. Possibly as a foil to us humans only having Red. Red romance runs counter to everything he knows about what's natural and right. So, when he contacted a human and asked for Red pornography... yeah, that was culture shock. And completely natural from his standpoint.
* Caliborn is described as having undergone a negative instance of CharacterDevelopment, since by killing his sister be cheated himself out of properly maturing for his species. He grew up into what is essentially a PsychopathicManChild whose actions have also ruined the course of the game, itself a metaphor for ones own character arc. The point of a normal session is basically to mature in a positive direction so one can create a new Universe and finish playing. Cal completely broke this, he became an emotionally immature gamer who forces everyone to comply with his playstyle, ruining their experiences with the game. An interpretation of the ending is that he's now stuck in a time loop where he does this forever while everyone else actually completes the game and gets to move in with their lives. Lord English and Cal can be interpreted as a BasementDweller StopHavingFunGuy.
* In Lord English's [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005981 infamous]] AltText, his initials are the only letters that are solid black instead of flashing in several colors. Considering LE enters the trolls' universe right after Snowman is killed (and all the other Felt members have already been offed), it makes sense..
* I guess you could say English was [=*=]GlassesPull[=*=] [[IncrediblyLamePun made from Scratch]]. [[MemeticMutation YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!]] And then there's that possibility of him having a connection to Betty Crocker...
** On that note, in pool, English means to put a spin on the cue ball. "Putting a spin on" means "give a new interpretation or meaning to".
** So if Doc Scratch was [[BodySnatcher hosting]] Lord English, you could say he was already here?
* tICK t0ck 8R8K [=H34DS=] honk HONK: It made no sense originally... however, it turns out to be foreshadowing Lord English's arrival.
** The honk HONK voiced by Lord English and included in his code has spawned numerous [[EpilepticTrees Epileptic Trees]] about Gamzee being Lord English or being related to him. HOWEVER, if you think about it, the whole thread of the "honk HONK" theme can be traced back to Lord English. Doc Scratch is an agent of Lord English, and was ''responsible for guiding the development of troll society in this iteration of their universe.'' In now-familiar circular paradox space fashion, it could easily have been Doc Scratch who planted the seed of honk HONK in the first place, after which it grew into the rule of Subjugglators on Alternia, which led to Gamzee's madness, which led to his scrawling of the honk HONK code, [[FridgeHorror which led to...]]
*** It seems it wasn't as much of epileptic trees to be related when he's later seen to father Caliborn and Calliope.
*** Lord English actually IS Caliborn, not his father. Their father is a completely unrelated cherub which has little mention in-story. Gamzee's madness was also due to Dave sending the video of the ICP, but he would not have been angry about it had subjuggulators not been portrayed as killers, rather than happy, miracle-loving juggalos.
*** Preeeetty sure the troper above you was talking about GAMZEE being a father to caliborn and calliope. As in he tried to raise them.
*** Cali is not a paradox clone, so Aranea wasn't just talking about Cherubs in general not being meant to play, but to Cali as an individual (or two individuals after a few minutes) as well. This would also explain why his birth was orchestrated with the Scratch, by creating a universe where a location was found and Cali's birth would not fail due to a lack of planets. [[ConvenientlyClosePlanet It's not exactly easy to find one.]]
* Lord English is finally revealed in Intermission 2. So guess who shows up when Act 6 Intermission 2 rolls around?
* Recently we've learned that Caliborn, Arquius, and half of Gamzee had their souls trapped in Lil Cal. This explains many, many things.
** It explains how LE is so STRONG.
** It explains the spontaneous honking.
** It explains why Lord English possessed Doc Scratch's body.
** Lil Cal holds the soul of Arquius. a mixture of Equius and Dirk's Auto-Responder. Doc Scratch was made from Lil Cal via ecto-biology shenanigans. This explains why Doc wanted a Megido as a henchman and makes the fact that he is insanely abusive to her all the more creepy.
** And the "Mental Breakdown" flash makes it clear that [[PhraseCatcher Lord English was already there]]. ''[[ParanoiaFuel For the whole time]]''.
* How one can destroy Lord English? By exploiting bugs and glitches in the paradox space, which basically is the entire game. What has Caliborn done recently? He stuffed a bunch of candy corns in the cartrige. What happened then? The game started glitching severely. Caliborn is Lord English. He is basically ''killing himself just to show his superiority in spite of the narrator''.
* Remember when Caliborn was said to represent the people who hate Homestuck? Now, combine that with the possibility that he's Lord English. Lord English murdered Hussie and is now destroying dream bubbles. He is essentially striving to destroy everything in the Homestuck universe. Think about that for a moment.
** Jossed. The third intermission of Act 6 reveals that he's hunting down Calliope's dead dream self, who is one of the few people capable of taking him down.
*** However, Caliborn is killing many of the trolls because Calliope would not stop talking about the trolls. This is like how many people will hate Homestuck and Homestuck fans because they talk about Homestuck so much.
* Remember Caliborn's FreudianSlip about the girl on the "How to draw manga" book and his sister? It sounds vaguely incest-like, but of course he would liken her to Calliope: cherubs look for other cherubs who remind them of their lost siblings when they mate!
* Kind of a sillier one, but Doc Scratch is a puppet, right? And he explodes when Lord English is born from him? That can only mean one thing: LORD ENGLISH IS A FIDUSPAWN.
* UU speaks using British slang. British, which is often used synonymously with "English." Perhaps this was her way of hinting the connections we now know exist... Or maybe it was just brilliant foreshadowing that most readers missed.
* UU reveals her name to be Calliope, a Greek muse. Foreshadows her title of Muse of Space!
** Another Greek muse is named Urania. Probably doesn't mean anything, but interesting to note.
** Interestingly enough, Urania is the Muse of Astronomy.
* Also concerning the muse Calliope, her role was the muse of epic poetry. Calliope writes fanfiction! Plus, each Greek muse had an emblem. Calliope's was a writing tablet. What's one of UU's most treasured items? Her drawing tablet.
** Homestuck is quite the epic.
* Regarding the types of fanfiction she writes she seems rather embarrassed about some of her work which in other circustances like she has written some self-insert [[RuleThirtyFour "Lemon"]] Fics. Considering how her brother, and her species in general, view romance she might be refering to the more "softcore" type stories otherwise known as [[IncrediblyLamePun Limes]].
* When Calliope plays chess with uu, the pieces keep disappearing and she accuses him of eating them. Considering they share a body, not only was Calliope losing pieces of her chess set, but she was also ending up with little pointy chess pieces in her stomach!
[[folder:Cherubs-General/The Cherub Siblings]]
* When you think about it, cherubs are really, *really*, extinct. Calliope/Calliborn/LE are/is the same person.
** Actually, no one said there aren't any Cherubs in other galaxies.
* Possibly a ShoutOut but the cherub players are heroes of time and space, have a 11 based tic, and wear bowties. Now look back at the source of the "Bowties are cool" meme and remember he was the [[ArcNumber 11th regeneration]] [[Series/DoctorWho of a well known time traveling hero from outer space.]]
** Not to mention that in [S] Act 6 Intermission 3, Caliborn was confirmed to be a Lord of Time.
* Karkat's text color is the average of Calliope's and Caliborn's. Calliope is similar to Karkat's caring side, while Caliborn is similar to Karkat's angry and annoyed side that he usually shows. Caliborn has the same blood color as Karkat, whereas Calliope has the blood color that he ''would'' have if he wasn't a mutant. This all seems like FauxSymbolism, right?. Well, Cancer is the '''4'''th Zodiac sign and Ophiuchus is the '''13'''th Zodiac sign in some systems. ArcNumber much?
* It's mentioned that cherubs were never supposed to play Sburb. Turns out there's a very logical reason for that. Cherubs will never have another of their own kind to play with, and playing Sburb solo breaks the game on multiple fundamental levels.
* There's a recurring chess motif, and Vriska thinks of herself as TheChessmaster who's been manipulating the kids and trolls. There are 12 trolls, and four kids. How many pieces are there on one side in any given game of chess?
** And the Felt consists of the 15 gang members plus Doc Scratch, making another set of 16. And Doc Scratch and Vriska play chess against each other!
* Aradia's SGRUB title is Maid of Time. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005382 Here,]] she states she is [[IncrediblyLamePun made of time.]] Ha ha.
** Heir (Air) of Breath? SEER of Light? Even Knight of Time could be taken with a second meaning.
*** Breath of Air and Time of Night.
** Heir of Void: Void of Heir (Air). Possible foreshadowing of Equius's manner of death.
*** Just stopping by to say that's absolutely brilliant.
* Why does [[BlandNameProduct Trollian]] work with the kid's AIM-esque Pesterchum? Because Trollian allows the user to combine several IM accounts, AIM included.
* In the latest update, Karkat calms Gamzee down by shooshing him and patting his face and the two are established as moirails. Now, way long ago, we got to see Nepeta's shipping wall, where there was a picture of Gamzee and Karkat as moirails, with Gamzee touching Karkat's face. Nepeta noted that it's still plausible, but that the [[ForeShadowing roles will have to be dramatically reversed.]]
* Post-scratch troll society is extremely different from the pre-scratch version, but post and pre scratch Earth are almost exactly the same[[note]]The Condesce's interference nonwithstanding, as she was completely independent of the Scratch.[[/note]]. Most people attribute this to Doc Scratch, but there's another reason - in Alternia[=/=]Beforus, the Ancestors arrive thousands of sweeps before the Players. In the Earth sessions, the difference is 500 years at most.
** Besides, the pre-scratch kids ''already are excellent players''. The only reason their session was doomed was Vriska's interference (aka predestination). Other than that, they've all managed to reach God Tier within 24 hours - of all the trolls it seems that only Vriska did, then Aradia and Gamzee, but only after the end of the game proper; [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome Dave and Jade bred the perfect frog]] within the same amount of time, while trolls ultimately did not do it properly at all; they initiated the Scratch and then ''all survived''. There was simply no reason to change anything else. [[{{Irony}} Unlike the trolls, they already were good enough]].
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005971 On this page, it says that the Handmaid and the Condesce are the last two trolls alive]]. But what happened to God tier Aradia?
** [[NeckSnap The Condesce happened]].
** "The last two trolls alive" almost certainly means the last two trolls in ''that universe''. It's been established that Sgrub is a separate universe from Alternia, and that timelines of separate universes are non-parallel. Comparing chronology between universes is meaningless. Doc Scratch, of all people, would understand this.
*** This also indicates that the fight would take place in the Alternian universe, not Alpha!Human. Helmsman is dead.

* Sopor slime’s name may be derived from the word "sober", given their similar pronounciation and opposite meanings.
** Or the word soporific, which means "tending to induce drowsiness or sleep."
* The scratch is supposed to be like a deal with the devil where the session will be reset with things changed to make the players more ready to play the game. The post scratch troll universe had Doc Scratch making troll society into a violent society to prepare the trolls for Sburb. In the post scratch human universe The Condesce makes life harder for Jane through constant assassination attempt as well as Dirk and Roxy due to her conquering of earth making them more suited to take on the game.
** The assassination attempts likely came from [[FridgeHorror Alpha!Mom and Alpha!Bro]]. A human has the same lifespan as the caste Karkat would have been, so the Condesce would just have to wait a few decades before Jane would die naturally.
*** The Condesce also shows a slight hint of remorse at GameOver!Jane's [[KarmicDeath Just death]].
** The alpha humans were Nobles. Not Heroes. The beta humans are still the Heroes of the alpha session because it's a [[UnwinnableByDesign Void Session]].
* "There Once was a Man from Trolltucket" would be exactly as offensive to its native audience, but for entirely different reasons.
* John is, for the most part, TheHero of the story. Someone who opposes the hero is usually an antagonist. Karkat is, functionally, a counterpart of sorts to John. In the zodiac, what is the sign "opposing" Cancer? ''Capricorn''.
** Can also work on a different level, considering recent events involving the Capricorn Troll and Karkat…
* The song used in [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006386 this animation]], [[{{AwesomeMusic/Homestuck}} apart from being awesome]], actually has in-story significance: as [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006678 a recent update]] reveals, the pre-Scratch versions of the troll Ancestors have managed to avoid [[RetGone fading away along with their doomed timeline]], lingering on to become key figures in the Alpha Session [[TitleDrop Even In Death.]]
* The Signless and the Summoner are analogies to Suffragists and Suffragettes respectively.
* Vriska and Tavros are NotSoDifferent! They both have deep self-esteem issues, they just deal with it in different ways. Vriska hides her insecurity by acting overbearing and lashing out at people; Tavros finds it difficult to assert himself in social situations, and when he tries, [[CrazyJealousGuy goes]] [[EntitledToHaveYou overboard]]. Neither of them know what self-confidence really is, and each can be considered reversals of the other (JerkWithAHeartOfGold-BitchInSheepsClothing).
** Of course they would seem similar to most people. Vriska is a Sociopath, and Tavros has Asperger's Syndrome. Practically the only way to know these are different things is to know someone with one disorder and to actually have the other one yourself.
* When the kids and the trolls arrive in the Alpha universe, the trolls take up the six mythological roles that the kids haven't used. We have: a Mage of Doom, a Bard of Rage, a Thief, a Sylph, a hero of Mind, and a hero of Blood.
* John and Karkat are both considered [[LargeHam hammy]] and [[ValuesDissonance sick]], both for opposite reasons.
** Karkat wields a sickle. His human-equivalent in ranking would be the Untouchable, or if we're using Europe, the Serf. Both can't get jobs outside of farming. John wields a hammer. His latest actions put the alpha timeline back together by removing any impurities in the events.
* I know this may be the wrong area to talk about this, but it needs to be addressed. Many fans know that the trolls follow a 6-6 naming rule. Who else has a similar name pattern? [[TrollingCreator Andrew.]]
* Why does Dad Egbert love baking cakes so much? His mother is Jane Crocker in the Beta session. Jane, as we all know, is the heiress to the Betty Crocker fortune.
* [[http://imreadingthishomestuckthing.tumblr.com/post/21287822418/in-the-beginning-the-light-of-our-hope-was-lost THIS]].
** Nanna died first though.
*** But not before Grandpa left her alone to deal with the Batterwitch while he went on adventures.
* Somewhat Fridge Horror but has anyone ever noticed that the kids' Guardians' eyes are never shown, and the ones that do show them have the same eyes as the ghosts, and their meteors had nothing to absorb the landing like an old lady or a horse? Not to mention the fact that Grandpa Harley's eyes look identical to the dead off-shoot John's even when he's 'alive'. A possible answer is that since Lord English, the only character to ever kill a ghost, has First Guardian Powers, and the kids' Guardians deaths could all be traced to someone with First Guardian powers. (John's grandma from the reckoning which was started by Jack/ Dave's Bro in a fight with Jack/ Rose's mom along with John's dad from Jack interrupting them and Jade's grandpa from a shot that Bec redirected)This begs the question: Is ghost killing a Lord English exclusive, or a First Guardian power?
** And if this is true, then that gives Bro's fight with Jack some fridge logic too. Since Dirk's (B2 Bro) title translates to 'destroyer of souls' and Jaspersprite is half eldritch princess, that would make Bro vs Jack the prince of heart vs the princess of heart.
* One of Jadesprite's many, many problems is that she cannot stop seeing the Green Sun, an experience that is apparently painful. Why don't the other First Guardians have this problem? The other Guardians ''[[EyelessFace don't have eyes]]''.
** In fact, First Guardians are specifically engineered NOT to experience this: the only difference in appearance between Bec, Earth's First Guardian, and Halley, the dog he was cloned from, is a lack of eyes, meaning that the DNA code applied to Halley that gave him the First Guardian powers also removed his eyes.
* While rereading the comic I came across the conversation between Kanaya and Jade. They were talking about the fact they were both Prospit dreamers that awoke rather early in life. Kanaya explains that Doc Scratch showed up one day and she awoke on Prospit very early. Kanaya then remarks Jade was lucky she didn't have an influence like that in her life. BUT being a Doc Scratch was First Guardian and awoke Kanaya's dreamself, it seems plausible that Bec, a First Guardian, might have been responsible for Jade's early awakening.
* The Green Sun has twice the mass of the universe. To create it, two universes had to be destroyed.
* Why is the Green Sun green while its components are red and blue? Because it couldn't be created until both the universes were destroyed. If you take a picture and remove red and blue from it, the only colors remaining will be shades of green.
** Fun Factoid: When one looks at a nebula or a star with just the eye looking into a telescope, it will appear green, because the only spectral lines we can see are oxygen, the green lines. Sun is just another way of saying "star".
* Consider the crowning of Peregrine Mendicant as Queen of Exile Town. It may seem like a simple AwesomeMomentOfCrowning, but if you recall in the past, PM managed to infiltrate the throne room of Derse (the Dark Kingdom) and ''survived'' to complete her task. With the Skaian ChessMotifs in mind, PM was a pawn that made it to the opposite side of the board and got [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_promotion promoted into a queen.]]
** This [[http://starspiritgate.livejournal.com/347090.html fancomic]] spells out just how well PM's adventures fit the 'chess pawn' theme.
*** It also makes sense, because the Medicant is a pawn at the time, which means that she can't do anything to those that are behind her, so the droll when pickpocketing her will succeed no matter what because that's how chess is played.
*** Pawns can only move forward until someone before them comes into a space diagonal to them.
* WV presses the tab key. It unlocks a secret trove of Tab soda. HilarityEnsues. Then he presses the Caps Lock key, and... unlocks a book on etiquette? WHAT ON EARTH DOES A CAPS LOCK KEY HAVE TO DO WITH ETIQ--
** [[LateToThePunchline Ooooooooooooooh!]]
** And when he activates it again the capsule locks.
** The joke is actually a bit simpler than that. WV has been typing in ALL CAPS before hitting the Caps Lock key, so he almost gets a double dose of etiquette.
* A {{Tearjerker}} sort of FridgeBrilliance is [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002602 this page]]. Learn WV's origins and come back. Yeah. Pretty much everything he does is much HarsherInHindsight.
** More precisely, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002608 this page]] has its own [[ColonyDrop depressing significance]].
*** Now I'm sad and angry at the same time because of Hussie's amazing foreshadowing skill...
* In the ending of the Act 5 Flash, PM puts on the ring and is as strong as Bec Noir. She then teleports into the Troll's universe to fight and, hopefully, kill Bec Noir. What's brilliant? It's a postal worker fighting a dog.
* Way back in the beginning, AR's hatred of [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003002 illegal pictography]] and [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003008 illicit amphibian idolatry]] seem to be just because of his personality - but he's a Dersite, so of course he hates any mention of frogs!
* When WV tries opening a can with his teeth in the base, it is shown that his teeth are made for chewing things like plants. He eats a pumpkin, a plant, some... Uranium? Green Chalk? Why would he do that? Simple: Both are green, just like plants! That is also why he eats the pages of the book-paper is made out of plant matter.
* PM and [[FanNickname Bec Noir]] are ''dogfighting''.
* When the Wayward Vagabond drew the planets of his session on the wall of the capsule, he was ''[[LiteralMetaphor literally]]'' [[PaintingTheMedium Painting The]] [[IncrediblyLamePun Medium]]!
* How did PM override Bec's loyalty in [S]: Collide? ''She didn't''. Instead, she [[LoopholeAbuse found a way to use it as an advantage]]: Bec's objective is to keep Jade safe. In knocking Jade out (itself fridge brilliance, as she could easily have just killed her but didn't because her Bec self wouldn't allow it) and attacking someone she knows is a threat, she ''was'' trying to protect her, or at least could rationalize it that way.
* When "Di" Strider MST's Jane's book, he puts a note next to the name "Anna" and says that it would be a good name for Jane. Who was Jane known as before the scratch? Nanna!
** Specifically, the name was Anna *Harley*
* Dirk Strider's new fetch modus requires that the items in a column has to rhyme. It's also filled with different types of orange soda. The word "orange" is also infamous for being unrhymeable. Given the obsession for irony that both Striders share, there is no way that wasn't intentional.
* "XY" is chromosomic because X and Y are chromosomes.
* "RK" is diluvial (pertaining to floods) because it's the last two letters of [[TheArk Ark]]. It's obvious in hindsight, but it's not something that's easy to figure out.
** Which ties in with the fact that majority of Dirk's apartment is submerged, and that he's a lone vestige of life in a flooded world, just like the Ark was.
* Why is G Cat not loyal to any one member of the Alpha Session? Sure, G Cat is... well, a cat. But also because the Alpha Session ''lacks a Space player.''
** And on that note, the Beta kid's terrible prototyping combo made their session unwinnable. The reason why? Bec threw himself into it just to protect Jade. GCAT most likely never will or would.
*** In fact, GCAT would probably be Dog Tier Jade's natural enemy same as Jaspersprite.
* Nanna Egbert and Grandpa Harley both lived and died years before the events of Act 1, when Beta!Mom and Beta!Bro are still alive. ''Jane and Jake live years before Roxy and Dirk.''

* Calliope tells us that the two obligatory aspects in a SBURB session are Space and Time; all others are nifty but optional. [S] Dirk: Synchronize and [S] Dirk: Unite prove exactly HOW essential those aspects are to a successful game session. The (Void Session, Post-Scratch) B2 game lacks native Space and Time players. It takes Dirk one ThanatosGambit, one rocketboard, two robot helpers, two corpsesmooches, three non-linear space/time transportation devices, and three or four [[CrowningMomentofAwesome crowning moments of awesome]]...all to solve a displacement problem Jade and Dave could have fixed with almost no effort.
* The ShipTease with Alpha!Lalonde and Jane's dad can be attributed to Beta!Lalonde and John's dad being in a relationship as well.
* Jake just accidentally killed a fairybull. He feels just awful. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004952 Does this]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004953 remind you]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004954 of anything]][[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004955 ???]]
* It should've been obvious that the letter in the mailbox was a trap, since it's taking place on 11/11, Veteran's Day. ''Mail isn't delivered on Veteran's Day''.
* A long way back Dave had [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004727 this]] conversation with Equius, implying that Bro's training had made him too powerful to properly wield a normal sword, causing them to break under the stress. Now, [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006418 what is the only weapon Dirk/Bro has ever used?]]
** Even better is what happens to both their weapons by the end of the series. Dave ultimately ends up with another Caledscrath that he never gets around to breaking, whereas, as of [S] Collide, Dirk's "unbreakable" katana gets shattered. A fitting end to the Irony Masters' weapons.
* The people trying to assassinate [[TheUnfettered Jane]] could possibly be B2 [[TheSmartGuy Rose]] [[LaResistance and]] [[JerkassFacade Dave]], attempting to kill The Condesce's heiress without realizing she's unaware of The Condesce's true nature. While that's not FridgeHorror enough, Roxy - Rose's ectobiological mother - almost kills Jane herself by causing her computer to explode.
* When Jade asks her magic 8-ball if it's John's birthday, she takes its answer of "not exactly" as a reminder of what a cheap piece of garbage it is. Looking back at this page after learning about ectobiology, we realize its prediction was as wrong as it could be; it is EXACTLY John's birthday (as opposed to the mere anniversary of his birthday).
** You can't forget that it's also a tongue-in-cheek joke about the date in the story compared to the date the update happens on. For the majority of the story, it has always been April 13, 2009. So, it's his birthday, but also, kind of not.
** There's also the fact that the Incipisphere is described as a place untouched by the flow of time in the kids' universe and as a Timeless Expanse. It's because of this that Grandpa Harley's exploits in the Medium are possible.
* Recent updates are a call back to Jade's fantasy of being a wolf, only now told from WV's perspective, and in the form of Serenity's flash speak. Remembering the final line makes me worry for Serenity.
** Or Vriska, which is more likely since she actually is described specifically as a weird bug. Scratch did say she wouldn't live to see the silver lining.
** And its in morse code.
* Terezi [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003424 specifically states]] that it is the job of the Exiles to repopulate the player's planets after the Reckoning. This appears to have happened successfully on Alternia, with Spades Slick and the Midnight Crew having "made this town what it is" despite it being "nothin' but a bunch of dust and rocks" beforehand. On Earth, however, three of its five Exiles have been brutally murdered and the survivors are off-planet seeking revenge (or building more towns out of tinned food products). This means that, failing a biologically viable group of sentient beings landing on Earth, either through accident or design, ''our home planet will never be repopulated.'' Goddamnit, Hussie.
** Not only will Earth not be repopulated, but the universe has come to an end!
*** Our universe had cancer anyway. It was screwed out of the Forge.
** When the WQ had her landing on earth revealed it showed that she had brought several of her people with her so they may have lived through the entire ordeal, after all the WQ, WV, PM, and AR all survived without much in however long they had been on Earth.
* At the beginning of Act 1, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=001901 John lacks a pair of arms,]] and you, the player, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=001905 command him to retrieve arms from his chest.]] Out of sympathy for his lack of arms, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=001906 you move the cake off his magic chest using your mouse, signified with the hand icon moving the cake.]] However, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=001907 retrieving his arms reveal John holding his FAKE arms with his REAL arms.]] Now, say as a player, you never played this game called Webcomic/{{HomeStuck}}, and never issued commands to retrieve his arms. [[FridgeHorror Would he be forever armless without your command?]] No, he always possessed arms; it's the character design that makes John look armless. The FridgeBrilliance arrives though when you realize the hand icon that represents the mouse could also represent his pair of hands moving the cake onto the bed. Compare that to the FridgeHorror of being John and witnessing a cake fly off your chest after hearing voices recently command you to retrieve your arms...shudder.
** There's also a bit of FridgeLogic in place, as you later find the Exiles can only type—there's no mouse on WV's terminal.
*** Mouse Keys.
** Also, you could say his arms were on the chest. They were attached to his chest all along, even if they weren't visible.
* Draconian Dignitary got the jump on Dave on twice. In Act 5, Dave finally returns the favor.
* John is wearing a spade shirt when Karkat discovers him. Dave is wearing a heart shirt/bib when Terezi discovers ''him''.
* At one point, Dave finds a disturbing comic on his Bro's computer, where Rolf somehow kills Animal. What makes it especially disturbing is that they're ''WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies''. So, why use their Muppet baby selves and not their regular Muppet selves? Well, anyone who watched that cartoon growing up might remember the theme song, specifically these lines:
-->When the world looks kind of weird and you wish that you weren't there,
-->Just close your eyes and make believe, and you can be anywhere!
** What happens with the SBURB/SGRUB players? Their homes are transported to weird worlds, and when they fall asleep, they wind up somewhere else.
** I dunno if this is appropriate, but: [[http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?24118-Cheerfulbear-PLAY-ME WAY NSFW]] (just delete this addition if it doesn't belong, but it is the source of that comic Dave found)
* In Seer: Descend, most of the books you read on the shelves were non-sense. However there were one that now made sense. It was a book on a theory that with some adjustments, the Queen's Ring of Orbs fourfold could be modified to add more orbs to it, to which is immediately dismissed by Rose as nonsense. This is, however, instead an instance of DevelopersForesight now that Act 6 is in the post scratched session.
** Or it refers to the trolls' session and their 12-orb rings.
*** I always thought the rings of each session always are supposed to have as many orbs as there are predestined prototypings to happen/have always happened (weird time shit and Skaia's interference is to be thanked/blamed for that), which only leaves the post-scratch session?
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006716 Andrew's death scene]] seemingly exists only for only one purpose: to bring closure to a Formspring RunningGag about him marrying Vriska, which subscribers to the [[DeathOfTheAuthor DOTA philosophy]] will likely ''never bother to find out about.''
* Thinking too much about cyclical timelines and Skaian visions brings up serious questions of whether there's any sort of free will at all in the game.
** Free will does exist, it is just that the characters have knowledge of the future that ends up motivating them to do the acts that appear inevitable. See Vriska's need to involve herself in Bec Noir's creation: she sees John inexplicably fall asleep at his computer when about to prototype the doll, and decides to involve herself by putting him to sleep herself. The fact that she has used her powers to interfere with the kids' timeline feeds back into her own timeline, creating the events that entice her in the past.
* When Aradia found Li'l Cal, Dad's wallet modus was within...with some blood on it, and seeing as how in the present timeline is is currently held by John...
** Maybe Dad had a backup wallet, like a sensible person.
* Why did little Dave wear a heart bib? Because [[FridgeHorror BRO MADE IT FROM MAPLEHOOF'S HIDE]]
*** The Post-Scratch counterpart to Bro, the one who made the bib and presumably bought Dave's heart shirt, is a Hero of Heart.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005981 This update]] is a CallBack to [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004048 that update.]] Following that snap, [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004049 Sollux falls asleep.]] Now, [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005981 this]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/sbahj.php?s=6&p=005982 update]] uploaded about 2 to 3 in the morning, could signify [[NowILayMeDownToSleep time for the Homestuck audience to go to sleep due to being up too late,]] or attempt an ArchiveBinge [[FridgeHorror in the new Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff CSS]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/sbahj.php?viewlog=6 from the beginning.]]
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005770 This page]] shows four of the kiss-ressurections in the comic so far. The titles match. On one hand, we have the ''Seer'' of Mind kissing the Page of ''Breath'', while the Heir of ''Breath'' kisses the ''Seer'' of Light. On the other, we have the ''Knight'' of Blood kissing the Sylph of ''Space'', while the Witch of ''Space'' kisses the ''Knight'' of Time.
* So we're told that no matter what players may do, the Light Kingdom will ALWAYS fall and the Dark Kingdom will ALWAYS initiate the Reckoning... but why? Because if the players were ever to ''avoid'' the Reckoning, their paradox clones can't go to their home planet to become them -- a paradox which would naturally lead to a [[FateWorseThanDeath doomed]] [[TimeCrash timeline.]]
* Something's been bugging me about how Andrew Hussie seems so familiar, what with his habit of being playful, MoodWhiplash, FanDisservice and [[{{Jossed}} Jossing]]--holy crap he's the webcomics equivalent of HideoKojima!
* Many aspects of the comic, such as {{Stable Time Loop}}s, RPG elements, and four chosen heroes, can be seen as an elaborate parody of VideoGame/FinalFantasyI.
* The timing of the latest albums, [[http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/album/the-wanderers The Wanderers]] and [[http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/album/sburb Sburb,]] could fit here. Consider the Wanderers album released in July [[ScheduleSlip as possibly the one meant for June,]] and its theme around the Exiles CrossingTheDesert in a HeatWave. Either way, the album works well as music for the hot months of summertime! AND, the Sburb album is a collection of piano music that could fit well detailing the beginning to ending of the players' conflict in Sburb. If this was meant as the official July release, it could work well as AwesomeMusic played along with a fireworks display in celebrating the Fourth of July!
* Another possible link between Jade, the Witch of Space, and Jake, the Page of Hope: Spes is the goddess of hope.
* Doc Scratch [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005527 says]], "I am an immortal entity with a large cue ball for a head, and no biological means of reproduction." That means Cal isn't anatomically correct.
** What does it imply that you believed otherwise until you read that?
*** Remember Bro's ''other'' puppets?
* Lord English and all his affiliates are [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green green]], according to Wiki/ThatOtherWiki a number of artists and poets associate that color with TheDevil.
* Isn't it nice that all the characters we knew and loved are at least guaranteed a reasonably nice afterlife? And it's secure as long as the Horrorterrors are around to provide the bubbles. The same Horrorterrors who were last seen asking for rescue. You may panic now.
** On the subject of the Horrorterrors needing rescue, Rose, Dave and the surviving trolls are on the trolls' meteor base in the Furthest Ring traveling at nearly light speed, with Jack Noir in pursuit. Jack's at it again.
** Now we know precisely why they are asking for rescue... and that the afterlife is not so secure as we thought. [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=007161 AND HE IS ALREADY HERE.]]
* Consider this quote from Doc Scratch for a second, "Each dark pocket, in time, will be filled." Depending on how this is pronounced, this could either be [[TheChessmaster referring to how Scratch uses the kids/trolls to achieve his own agenda]] or [[TheOmniscient a prophecy of the Scratch fixing everything up in the two sessions]]
** Also there are 12 trolls + 4 kids = 16 (the number of pieces in a chess set). The prior may apply here.
*** The trolls and kids as one side of a chess board actually makes a lot of sense. You have two Heirs as the King and Queen, and Knights as the Knights, obviously. The Witches have been acting a lot like Rooks throughout, doing critical work on the sidelines we never really focus on (Jade corresponds with her penpal, Feferi makes dream bubbles). That leaves the Seers as the Bishops and everyone else as pawns.
*** The game started out as chess, then Jack took over and the rules started to bend closer to cards, eight players working as chess tokens may set the game right again. Probably 4 Derse dreamers and 4 Prospit dreamers, so Sollux really was doomed from the start.
*** It could also support my whole "Doc Scratch is the one who gives the commands" theory: he's the only one who really has the power to control the player but he can't be controlled himself.
*** Three possible readings of the quote: 1. Each dark pocket (in Doc Scratch's knowledge) will eventually be filled. 2. Each dark pocket in the flow of time (all the incomplete time loops) will be filled. or 3. Each dark pocket (of a pool table) will be filled (all billiards-themed characters will die).
*** Snowman must not die - because if the eight-ball is potted prematurely, both players lose!
*** Snowman dies in Cascade. In concurrence with this, the trolls' universe is destroyed.
*** If you remember from [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/cascade.php?s=6&p=6009 [S] Cascade]] (assuming you've seen it), Slick killed all the other members of the Felt, and then Snowman.
*** He didn't kill Clover.
*** Likely why Lord English was able to die; as Slick had sort of joined scratchs side when he killed snowman. Their team pocketed the eight ball prematurely,losing them the game.
*** Correct me if I'm wrong... but aren't there 16 balls on a pool table, as well? If you include the cue ball, that is. It probably means something.
*** Since doc scratch is pool themed, it's also a reference to the fact that in pool you fill the pockets on the table
* The lack of updates for a few days now since [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005702 5/27]] might actually be brilliant. Currently, the audience is witnessing two story perspectives-the main screen where updates are usually posted, and the web site banner on top with Homestuck's narrator-for-now Doc Scratch getting ready for his guest Spades Slick. The last posted update has the guest, with his weapon, bonking the PhysicalGod narrator over his head. Now, how is this action relative to lack of updates? Remember the second half of Act 2 when the audience is introduced to WV, who seemed very hungry and had not eaten for a long time yet had enough energy to wander the Desert Wasteland in search of food and wind up in that chamber? As WV and SS are of the same species, it's possible for Slick to do nothing but bonk Doc's head for a couple of days without rest or food in a feeble attempt to crack his skull. AND Doc might not mind letting Slick do this for two reasons: One-He's a PhysicalGod; days could pass like minutes to him, and Two-Doc's a SmugSuper, he could be ALLOWING Slick to hammer him nonstop with his horsehead club for [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005519 a couple days,]] just to make [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005520 this result]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005521 more humiliating]] to Spades Slick. In other words, SS is holding up the narrator Doc Scratch from narration!
* Let's not forget that somebody made a '''[[http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b392/Eyes5/DSC05225.jpg real]]''' Lil Cal. And given that Lil Cal's existence in a given universe means that it will make whatever universe appear in become a living nightmare, it effectively means that, within the context of ''Homestuck'' canon, whoever made it is an UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom [[ApocalypseHow of the highest level]].
* Why is Jake the same shade of green as Lord English? Because Jake learned hope from Grandma English, who demonstrated hope by changing the meaning of English (most likely stealing his color), and Lord English is basing his on two instances of [[HopeSpot false hope]]: Jake, and Calliope.
* Uu is a cherub; according to troll mythology angels are used to usher in the end. This is a double entendre, for a possible origin of Lord English and the narrative end of Homestuck.
* UU and uu have specific shackles that only they can unlock and Calliope wears her brother's on her left leg, meaning uu wears his on his right. Remember how Lord English doesn't have a [[LifeOrLimbDecision right leg]]? Also each has a color spiral above where the chain connects with the wall and Calli has a Lime green spiral while her brother's is "Candy" red since [[WordOfGod he is based on Jigsaw]]. The spiral seems to match the swirls on a cherub's face which may be implying the [[BizarreAlienBiology cherubs]] can change blood color. Lord English has been shown to have red blood and matching cheeks. As an added bonus watch the intermission that showed Lord English and read the opening code considering uu's symbol consists of "U" and "~".
* Alright, so Calliope's dreamself is dead and Caliborn seems to have taken control. No big deal, Roxy knows how to wake her up and her soul's floating around in the Dream Bubbles now. Except Lord English just went into a Dream Bubbles and destroyed everyone there...
* uu/UU's tag represents Uracil replacing the T in DNA. So by logic, TT (TimeusTestified) may be in more danger of being 'replaced' by uu. Remember the conversation Calliope and Dirk had about Prince of Heart translating to 'Destroyer of Souls'? And how Caliborn wants to *destroy* Calliope's *soul*?
** It gets better. Remember how Dirk said that he doubted he'd be destroying any souls unless he became a "cartoonishly evil sorceror"? Soon afterwards, Lord English arrives to destroy a bunch of souls in the dream bubbles. Remember what was in his hand?
* Doubles as Fridge Horror: Calliope and undyingUmbrage make a point behind their universe being dead, or dying at any rate. Kernelsprites are attracted to the doomed and deceased.
* We all know that Lord English was already here. We all know Caliborn is Lord English. We know Caliborn has been searching for Calliope to finish her off. Now take the time to remember the form that she took when she visited Roxy's dream to tell her about the Quest Beds. Caliborn was already here, but so was Calliope.
* Li'l Cal is a juju. Jujus origins are untraceable. We know Li'l Cal exists because of a causality loop which means he exists because he exists. Sort of like a law of physics or even a fundamental flaw in the session/universe. The notion that he would spring from the void even makes sense, if the void refers to Paradox Space, Since Paradox Space is basically fate. The creation of Jujus goes in line with the idea of fundamental flaws in sessions dooming them. It could even be considered a reverse of the gaming abstraction idea in the sense that a few bad lines of code create random glitches in reality. Heck that could even explain all the callbacks to different "games" like Problem Sleuth and Jailbreak; straggling lines of code not properly removed before release.
* Li'l Cal is a Juju that can be used to hypnotize a person who gazes into its eyes. Why does this never happen before Act 6 Act 5 Act 1x2? Because both boys it winds up entrusted with always wore ''shades''.
* The Felt album. Listen to all of the songs, then listen to them in [[http://www.youtube.com/user/Mewchu11 REVERSE]]
** [[LateToThePunchline Care to clue me in?]]
** They're full of [[SubliminalSeduction backmasking]] and samples that have been slowed down or sped up. The album is about a group whose gimmick is ''time manipulation''.
** Also listen to [[http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/track/time-on-my-side "Time on My Side"]]. Then listen it 4/3 (=> 413) [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAWT5y3AeOM faster]] (WARNING: Any love for the original song may fucking pirouette off of a cliff. You have been warned.)
* All of the members of the Midnight Crew correspond to one side of the troll romance, which also has to do with the symbol they represent.
** Why is ''Hearts'' Boxcars such as avid Tavros/Vriska shipper? Because he has a heart fetish!
** Why does ''Spades'' Slick hate everything? Because he represents the "kismesis" side of the romance, visceral hatred.
** Why is ''Diamonds'' Droog always trying to convice Jack NOT to kill everything? He represents "Moirallegiance".
*** Also, 'Droog' is a Russian term for 'friend', which is the closest human approximation we've got for moirallegiance.
*** In addition to that, "droog" is often used in ''Literature/AClockworkOrange'' among a group of teens for their gang members.
** Why does ''Clubs'' Deuce stop the fight between Liv Tyler and WV? Because he acted like a "Auspistice" between those two.
* After Jack becomes the Sovereign Slayer, he's referred to as an Ace to fit with the poker-card theme. In Blackjack, an Ace and a Jack beats a King and a Queen.
** He could always beat them. A [[IncrediblyLamePun Blackjack]] beats every other hand.
* Why does Jack become a Spade? It may have something to do with his friendly yet hate-filled relationship with Karkat (and EVERYONE). Although Karkat does not feel the same way.
** I think it's more that during his time as Jack, he's playing up his difference from the chess motif by referencing a blackjack motif (Jack NOIR= Jack Black= Blackjack), whereas by the time he's Spades Slick, he's just one of the suites forming the midnight crew. His chance to be the Ace had come and gone.
* Most likely, when you saw [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005449 this page]] you thought to yourself, "Wow, what an out of character thing for an omnicidal maniac to do." But, when he put on the ring, he prototyped himself with all the first tier sprites, specifically John's Harlequin. So, he did it because he's part clown.
** "Wow, what an out of character thing for an omnicidal maniac to do." I thought that it had [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003065 already]][[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003203 been established]] that Jack is a bit of a CloudCuckoolander?
* In the past, Bec Noir has tried to teleport to wherever John and Dave are and kill them. In a way, he succeeded. Recently, it's revealed that he also tried to kill Jade by this method, but couldn't bring himself to do so. So what about Rose? We haven't heard from her in a while...
** Except that we know that [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005201 she's still alive when the Rift happens]].
*** Actually no, we most certainly do not know that. Her timeline and her timeline alone specifically goes black long before anyone else's does and no one can explain why.
*** The reason Rose's screen goes black is because she pretty much just went grimdark. Vriska said that she couldn't see John when he flew into the Blackout, which is the same reason Kanaya can't see her. It's too dark in there.
*** A way of interpreting this last thing is that if the time windows can't see Rose, neither can Noir.
*** Well, from [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004637 this page]] we know that Rose is still alive at some point in the future, and from what Dave says it sounds like it's pretty close to the full 24 hours. But we don't know exactly how the timeline aligns.
* Spades Slick hates clocks and all matter of things to do with time. Who ends up stopping his counterpart Bec Noir in his tracks? The Maid of Time.
* When confronted by a prototyped PM following Cascade, Jack immediately falls in love. Although he has been shown to respect her, this is never even hinted at before now. What changed? Why, [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003179 her species.]]
* Spades Slick's obsession with [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005523 scottie dogs]] is HilariousInHindsight considering his counterpart Jack Noir's final form once Bec is prototyped.
* According to Hussie, the Midnight Crew Intermission was supposed to allow the readers insight into the mind of the comic's main villain, initially revealed to be the Beta Session's Jack Noir. With Lord English being played up as the True Final Boss and a more major villain overall in Act 6, the above statement began to seem like a red herring... and then [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ACT6ACT5ACT1x2COMBO.php?s=6&p=007721 THIS]] happened. If that update means Lord English is actually : Jack Noir possessed by Caliborn's soul, rather than an older Caliborn himself, Jack Noir may end up being the main villain of the story two times over, and Hussie's statement is still truth. Even if not, hey, Jack's still gonna be a major player from the looks of it, so that's probably gonna be good enough.
** Also, this was the first time Lord English was mentioned in the comic.
* Bec Noir only seems to be concerned with killing. He's kind of a one-dimensional character, isn't he? Maybe that's because he's only 4-dimensional, to his counterpart's 12.
** That idea falls apart when you realize that counterpart was never prototyped. Spades Slick was exiled before he could get the Queen's Ring.
* The conversations the kids and trolls have with each other are shown exactly, because they're typed - the logs are automatically created. The Midnight Crew's speech is paraphrased in the frame captions because they're communicating via radio, and no exact record is made.
* Crowbar is the only member of the Felt who can keep all 15 of them together. His hat is shaped like a triangle.
* I never understood why God Tier people got those lame hoods...Then I realized, they were attaining a literal [[StealthPun godhood]]!
* Andrew has stated that Derse represents Destruction. Ironic then, that two Dersite Dream Selves and Derse's moon help ''create'' the Green Sun. Or maybe not, because two universes are destroyed by beings empowered by the Green Sun (the first universe Bec Noir destroys directly, the second universe Doc Scratch destroys by proxy - with Spades Slick firing a bullet that's probably ALSO Green Sun empowered.)
** Probably more relevant is the fact that Alternia/Beforus's pink MOONS, as there are two of them, one larger more visible and a smaller one orbiting the first, ostensibly resemble another planet of similar coloration (Hint: It's Derse)
** It is possible that Derse represents creation through destruction; the death of their king and queen creates a new universe. Therefore, Prospit would be destruction through creation; Jade's current form may reflect as much, as does John's task of locating the Tumor. The second part is the weak link, I will admit, but the former matches wonderfully.
* Eveyone's IM handle is initialed with an A, C, G or T - like in DNA.
** The Calliope and her brother's IM handles are UU and uu, respectively. U replaces T when DNA gets transcribed into RNA. RNA only has a single strand, while DNA has a double strand
** The name of the Alpha timeline's Bec counterpart? GCAT.
** The whole DNA letter theme-naming becomes even more significant when you realize the idea behind Sburb is to create new universes. DNA is the basic code for life, so ''of course'' they're in all the chumhandles!
* Why can the "player" hop from character to character at a whim in the main story? In chess, you can move any piece with somewhere to go. Why does the perspective change randomly in the Midnight Crew Intermission? In cards, you can only play the hand you're dealt.
* I was impressed with the versatility of the word "scratch" and all the relevance to story in some way.
** 1. It refers to the billiard term, "Scratch" or to put the Cue Ball in a pocket. It makes an apt name for certain Cue Ball themed villain. Plus in billiards when a Player scratches, they lose their turn and the next player begins their turn. This is similar to how when a scratch is preformed in the troll world the Players and Ancestors switched roles. The Ancestors scratched and lost their turn, now it the other Players' turn.
** 2. It refers to the action of "scratching" a record, which is moving the needle across portions of a record to make an odd sound. Interestingly, doing so moves to a different part of the record which is kind of like moving through time.
** 3. It refers to scratching a CD. Scratches on the surface can cause a number of misreads and various other problems. In a way, a scratch on a CD is like cancer to the CD. Sometimes its fatal and sometimes a doctor can cure it. The trolls screwed up the kids' session is similar to how Terezi scratched the game disk.
** 4. It refers to "starting over from scratch". "Starting over from scratch" is a phrase used to describe having to start over with absolutely nothing. Where "starting over from square one" means going back to the beginning in the same condition you are now, "starting over from scratch" refers to something even more extreme. To use a board game as an example, "square one" would mean you get sent back to the start square. However, "from scratch" means you would need to start a whole new game. This parallels the fact that once the Scratch happens, the current players aren't sent back to the start of their journey in order to try again. A whole new game session begins with new players.
** 5. It can also refer to "making from scratch". This is a phrase used to describe building, making, or creating something without using any part that is already partially done. This phrase is used in cooking or baking. If you were baking cookies, you could buy all the ingredients needed and make them from start to finish and bake the cookies from scratch or you could buy a package of Betty Crocker's Cookie Dough and use that as a starting point as several of the ingredients are already mixed together and half the work is done for you.
** 6. Scratching Out. A term that used to mean deletion or removal of something from something else. IE Scratching an item of a list.
* With the revelation that The Scratch is a hard reset of REALITY and that if the kids want to survive they need to jump ship to another universe (like, say, the Troll Session). The fact that Bec Noir arrived in the Troll Session with an arm covered in blood can inspire this. (since the Trolls and Kids are implied in the first conversation of the act to come up with a plan to do exactly this, they'd all be in one place...)
** It's scarier if you assume they do somehow make it. So they're in the trolls' session, possibly searching the veil for the right meteor that their friends are on. Do they find it? Well, Gamzee had to get a hold of Zillyhoo somehow, right?
** Considering the EOA5, the original comment here saying "if the kids want to survive they need to jump ship to another universe" is brilliance itself...
* Recent updates reveal that Betty Crocker wasn't human. However, it should ''already'' be known that she was [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Crocker never a real person to begin with.]]'
* How does one get rid of glitches in a game cartridge? [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=008258 By blowing on it.]]
* Back in the beginning of Act 6, en route to the Alpha session, Rose says the plan is to make the "void" Alpha session viable by replacing its core, Skaia's Battlefield, with the one Jade stole from the Beta session. Long story short, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somatic-cell_nuclear_transfer this is how cloning works]].
* According to WordOfGod, all of the ships are canon. Just Hussie being a trolling creator, right? WRONG! Homestuck encompasses many different universes and timelines, meaning that given the Many Worlds Interpretation, all pairing combinations could indeed be canon in at least one of them.
* Remember that update on Andrew's Formspring where [[http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40585720/Combined_Formspring_Web_Aug-28-2011.htm#mspadventures197489823865410924 he tried CS5 before returning to CS3?]] Know how he mentions having "a ton of pertinent files open all the time so I don't have to spend as much time rooting around for stuff?" [[http://mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005715 These]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005716 spoiler-ish]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005717 updates]] may be a Meta example of one way the story unfolds-[[YouShouldKnowThisAlready mining past images]] for [[CaptainObvious use later in present updates,]] with these updates a CallBack of a past TearJerker concerning Karkat and Terezi.]]
** Regarding the above mentioned eventual callback, the other Seer and Knight are equally likely to recreate this scene. Look how easily those pictures can be edited, Terezi's shades could easily replaced by Dave's pair.
** Finally, Andrew may have commented on [[http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40585720/Combined_Formspring_Web_Aug-28-2011.htm#mspadventures192553069316180507 his real life delay for a few days]] [[http://mspaintadventures.com/scratch.php?s=6&p=005688 here,]] affecting the suddenly succintly slow pace of the story.
* Some of the songs in [[http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/album/homestuck-vol-8 Vol. 8]] have a DoubleMeaningTitle.
** [[http://homestuck.bandcamp.com/track/drift-into-the-sun Drift into the Sun]] refers to Rose and Dave undergoing their suicide mission to explode the Green Sun, using Derse’s moon as a vehicle. Alternatively, a drift, [[http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/drift?show=0&t=1320008079 defined as a mass of matter,]] in this case Derse’s moon, is turned “into the sun” thanks to the Tumor.
** The bonus song, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6e2XacZSIs Black Hole/Green Sun,]] refers to the Tumor's detonation as a black hole and supernova into the Green Sun. However, at the end of [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/cascade.php?s=6&p=6009 [S] Cascade,]] when the song ends, Jade, John, the planets, and her cruiser plow through the Fourth Wall, leaving a black hole behind as their point of entry and escape.
* There are 4 Sburb players in each session, and each of their names has four letters. The troll were initially going to have two teams of six players, and they all have two six letter names.
* How many people here knew that a becquerel is a unit of ''radiation'' before reading Homestuck?
** Or that Irradiated Steak is a product you can actually buy?
*** Or that Irradiated Salisbury Steak is a health item you can obtain in VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas?
*** The tagline for that trope is alarmingly apt: "From where you're kneeling, it must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck. But the truth is... the game was rigged from the start.". When you consider other elements of play within that game as listed on the trope page, such as gambling/Casino, Dog and God (!), A courier (!), and the list goes on...
*** FridgeHorror: Radiation causes cancer. Or in this case, [[ILoveNuclearPower gives it god-like powers]].
* Close to Valentine's Day 2011, we have [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005400 two characters]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005401 on]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005402 a]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005403 date]], AND [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005407 a steamy fanfic]] from one of the troll's ancestors. [[WebVideo/BadMovieBeatdown OMFG, COINCIDENCE.]]
** Now, near St. Patrick's Day, we have the Felt being revealed as being from a race of Leprechauns. Hussie is damn good at this.
** The last update for the year 2010 was "Lab: Drop". The lab in question is a giant ball situated on a thin spire. Happy new years, everybody.
*** And then come the beginning of 2012, [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006312 it]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006313 happened]] [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006314 again.]]
* Look at brainwashed God Tier Jane and Grimbark Jade side-by-side. A girl with a red hood and a big, bad wolf... remind you of anything?
** ''And they were both Grandma.''
* The Beforus troll session was screwed from the beginning because their session contained no ectobiological lab, meaning that the only way for them to come into existence was for them to have come from the other side of a Scratch. But the same is also true of the Alternian troll session and the Pre-Scratch human session. Both of those contained Doc Scratch, one of whose components is Arquiusprite. And since Arquiusprite was created in the Post-Scratch human session, things would inevitably conspire to force the humans to scratch their session.
* Davepeta is a combination of a Rogue of Heart and a Knight of Time. The Heart Aspect gives the ability to connect with people, and also relates the soul to a heart motif. The Time Aspect allows you to reverse time to fix your mistakes with knowledge from doomed timelines, including reversing death. Knights also weaponize their aspect to benefit themselves. And with that, the {{Undertale}} shout out makes perfect sense.
** Additionally, remember what happens if you complete a Genocide run in Undertale? You have to face an incredibly difficult boss, and even if you win you [[spoiler:render any future non-Genocide runs completely unwinnable.]] Guess what Caliborn did.
* There's some incredible similarities between Aradia and Dave. Both had an interest in old dead things. Both type in red without capitals or punctuation. Both are heroes of Time. Both have a subdued personality due to the violent actions of somebody close to them.
* Both the A2 and B1 universes are destroyed because of the actions of Jack Noir/Spades Slick and the Black Queen/Snowman. Jack Noir is depicted as an ace. The Black Queen is depicted as an 8 ball. The name of a hand with two black aces and two black eights in poker is the "Dead Man's Hand".
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