[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Audrey's incarnations every 27 years make more sense with the reveal that she leaves the Barn to [[spoiler: recharge her supply of the PowerOfLove]]. The people whose memories she absorbs are lonely people, looking for a place to belong. Audrey Parker was an orphan with a troubled past. Sarah Vernon was a nurse looking for direction in life. We don't know as much about Lucy Ripley, but most accounts imply that she was compassionate and creative. She becomes people who are looking for love, and when she finds it, [[spoiler: she goes back to the Barn to give it back.]]
** [[Literature/{{It}} What other King entity]] that we know about who shows up every 27 years?
* Why was Max Hansen trying to kill Vince? [[spoiler: Well duh! Vince is the head of the Guard. If they're as bad as Dwight says and as we've seen, Max might have been perfectly justified in doing so.]]
** Alternately, given that Max was [[spoiler: a member of the Guard, the conflict might have been started when Vince threw him out]].
* Why are there Troubled people all across the country? Because [[spoiler: previous Audreys have sent them to safety - away from Haven, The Guard, and others.]]
* Claire, a talented shrink, fails to get Ginger Danvers to warm up to her. She shrugs it off as not being a child psychologist. Which is fine until you realise that it doesn't fit her characterisation to that point at all... and then you realise that she's almost certainly Arla by then.
* Lexie seems like a really annoying character: trashy, abrasive, and kind of dim ([[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and she hates pancakes]])...until you realize [[spoiler: that Audrey is just pretending to be Lexie so she isn't forced to kill Nathan. Of course she'd make Lexie as different from Audrey - and as unappealing to Nathan - as possible.]]
* Duke kills [[spoiler: Ben Harker]] with a gun, in order to not get any blood on him and trigger the adrenaline rush. He did not want it to feel good. Not even a little bit.
* The Barn being a punishment makes sense, now that [[spoiler: we know a little more about Mara. A sociopathic person, creating Troubles for fun and because she thought she was better than everyone else, she's locked into a cycle of rebirth where she must learn to make personal connections and to love and be loved. She lacked compassion as Mara, and each of her incarnations since have been compassionate people. It's an attempt to rehabilitate her by exposing her to the things she didn't have.]]
* It makes sense knowing that Audrey has to [[spoiler: kill the person she loves]] to end the Troubles given that she originally [[spoiler: was Mara who is in love with William when they both started the Troubles.]]
* In the Season 4 episode titled "The Trouble with the Troubles" in the Trouble-free Haven, Dave Teague has hair. In the finale, you find out at some point in the past, [[spoiler: sometime before the events of the series, Dave opened the door to the Other World and was dragged through it.]] this event may have caused his hair loss.
* The last thing William says to Lexie before she exits the Barn is that she'll emerge as the person she most wants to be. [[spoiler:He was expecting Mara.]] She emerges as Audrey. [[spoiler:And while Mara plays up her sociopathic supervillain shtick to the hilt, she does seem to have a weakness for Nathan and Duke.]] Ergo, the person [[spoiler:Mara]] most wants to be ''is Audrey.''
* A minor recurring note in the first season is Audrey's lack of fashion sense. At first glance it's just a character beat to show that she's a single-minded career woman, but it makes even more sense when you realize that any memories she might have had of how to dress flatteringly are tied to a completely different body.


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* FridgeHorror can be found from almost every episode, but a very triumphant example for me comes from "Sketchy". Yes, the artist could erase faces. But take things a step further... What if she, say, redrew them? As something monstrous and terrible? Could she reverse aging? And what if she drew a map of the US? Where major cities like LA and New York, with MILLIONS of people living in them, are just dots. Dots that could fit under the eraser of a pencil......
** She would first have to go into space to do that.
** Pretty much any mostly harmless (ie non-malevolent) troubled ends up with a fate like this. For instance, the guy with the living shadow has to live, for the rest of his life, locked in darkness inside his locked house. And he's around forty so it's not like he's going to die of natural causes any time soon.
*** The only good news about the living shadow guy having to live in total darkness for the rest of his life is that he's conveniently - so conveniently - blind.
** Then there is the guy who can make whatever he's reading become reality. Sure, the episode ends on a happy note with him reading a story about a cute bunny to his baby son, but God help us all if he ever takes up Lovecraft...
*** He ends the episode reading a story about a cute bunny... and people nearly dying of scarlet fever!
*** Both of which could be averted by him listening to audiobooks and not finishing the story in question.
** Or the handyman that can make everything he fixes come to life. He can never leave Haven because if he does, all the stuff he repaired (including boats, heavy machinery, various appliances, and cars) go on a homicidal rampage.
*** Not to mention he can't have any sort of relationship since that also causes the machines to get jealous (and homicidal). You can almost feel his despondent realization (you can certainly see it) of the fact at the end of the episode when Nathan and Audrey leave him in his workshop surrounded by the machines.
** How about the musician whose music not only turns the insane, sane, but the sane into super strong, severely pissed rampaging townies. Give the man a loud enough amp and he can turn whole towns into a souped up version of ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater''.
*** What will happen when the Troubles end and he realizes that he can't cure his wife, William, and Howard anymore?
** Dwight's 'bullet magnet' ability first manifested while he was serving in the army in Afghanistan. One can only imagine the horror during a firefight when every bullet turned toward him.
*** You think that's bad? Season 5 reveals that cannons count toward bullet attraction, as an unlucky ancestor of his found out. Imagine taking one of those to the chest.
* Based on the information Vince and Dave give in "Sins of the Father", if the heroes can't figure out a way to stop this process, then when the Troubles end, Audrey will disappear for another 20-30 years. She will return looking exactly the same, but with a new identity and with no memory of Nathan and the others.
** "Stay" confirms this!
* What will happen to Wesley when the Troubles end? Will the alien ship disappear, while he's in the vacuum of space?
** If whatever force empowers the Troubles and the afflicted has a finite range, it may have already happened.
*** It's been confirmed that the Troubles, or at least the Troubled live all over America. There may even be people worldwide. Reality warping troubles react strangely when the person finds out about it though.
*** One supposes if it depends on the Trouble power to maintain the reality warp. If the warp is more or less self-sustaining on some level, Wesley might survive in some fashion that he subconsciously justifies (put in stasis).
* Skinwalkers. Chameleons, okay, sure, they just copy your appearance. Skinwalkers ''skin'' you and wear your skin. Imagine what has to occur for someone to even discover they can do that, whether willingly or under impulse by the Trouble.
** And now you don't have to imagine. Your skin ''melts off''. So you always have to wear another's skin, because walking around skinless is hardly an option.
* Jeanine from "Reunion": Although she's managed to survive on nothing but cake for two or three years now, eventually her enforced diet will cause her to have health issues and kill her. It's already caused her to gain weight. If not malnutrition, diabetes will be a death sentence. In the meanwhile, imagine her dental bills.
** It's implied that, since her trouble began at a wedding and she's found a love interest by the end of the episode, things will be all right for both of them.