* Mumble tap dances while he walks on ice. Tap dancing while wearing tap shoes, when you're on smooth surfaces, prevents you from slipping.
* Mumble came out of his egg feet first (as opposed to using his beak like birds normally do). Technically this means Mumble was born in the breech position. Breech babies tend to have a higher risk of having developmental problems.
* The tendency of overenthusiastic suitors to drown out a particularly desirable female in their attempts to woo her leads to a sort of Fridge Heartwarming moment when Mumble finally embraces his dancing; not only does his "heartsong" match hers perfectly, but ''he will never drown her out''. Rather than trying to convince her to accept a melody that isn't hers, Mumble provides an independent but perfect harmony that makes ''both'' of their songs more beautiful.
** Sort of applies to penguin courtship in general, since that's the whole idea of a heartsong.
* The rockhopper penguins speak Spanish because they're from South America. The elephant seals speak with an Australian accent because they congregate near the part of Antarctica that's close to Australia and New Zealand.

* The elders are all composed of older, mateless males. They are also shown as staying for the duration of when the incubation. Two problems. One, female emperor penguins have a longer life expectancy. Two, if a penguin has no mate, they just go back to the sea.
** Another problem is that there are more male emperor penguins in the movie. Due to the higher life expectancy, there is more competition between the females than the males for mates. Yet Gloria has a very large number of guys following her...
*** Gloria is supposedly a very desirable female because of her good singing voice.
** The elders double as priests. They are celibate because they are married to their faith/people. The entirety of the flock are their chick/egg.
** The elders are portrayed as a bunch of fascistic old religious fanatic stick in the muds. But their hostility toward dancing is rooted in both logic and survival. Mumbles was 'brain damaged' because Dad dropped the egg on the frozen ground long enough for him to freeze just a little. Dancing means moving feet. Moving feet are a threat to the survival of the egg for the same reason Mumbles almost died in, um, utero (eggero?). Eggs on ice lead to dead baby penguins. (IOW, they're 'prolifers' in a penguin kinda way).
* Here's a doozy for all the Tropers to think about--why didn't Mumble just learn to rap?
** Especially seeing as some other penguins from the first film such as Seymour rap instead of sing.
** Even rapping requires you to hold a tune. Mumble can't even do that much.
*** The entire point is that the penguins aren't ''really'' singing pop songs. The songs are TranslationConvention. When Mumble tries to speak to humans, all they hear are squawks.
* Mumble regularly swims while perpetually frozen in mid-molt. While molting, penguins are not waterproof, and thus unprotected from freezing water; swimming in that condition is deadly.
** Gets even more odd in the sequel, when the baby penguins point out directly that their fluff prevents them from being able to swim.
* Four of Gloria's suitors are singing Boyz II Men's ''I'll Make Love To You''. And unlike ''Boogie Wonderland'', they're not singing a chorus for someone else's heart song, they're all singing their own heart song. The same heart song. Are some penguins just naturally polyamorous...?
** One of the suitors was taking the lead in that moment. (-solo- I'll make -group- love to you) I would assume it was his heart song while the others were backing up their wingman.
* The African penguin in the exhibit speaks in a [[CreepyMonotone creepy monotone]] and repeatedly calls Mumble "Dave". Perhaps his name is [[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey Hal]]?
** Even the hallucinations of Mumble's family start calling him Dave. Mumble doesn't question it, as he's also lost his mind by that point. It's a really unsettling side effect of being in an enclosure instead of in the wild, and tragic that even the humans who want to help still end up causing some harm.